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How to produce CREATIVE Videos that look Professional without Breaking the Bank!

Do you have any of these problems when it comes to videos?

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    My Video Blogs look too much like they were home videos.
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    My Friends don't want me to take their picture/video because they say I don't know how to take one.
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    My Travel Videos don't look enticing for people to feel my experience in a different place. 
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    I want to market my business better through videos but I do not  know how.
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    I have an expensive camera but my videos still look like crap. 

Hi! My name is Jepster Togle, and let's make your videos look awesome!

I've been making videos since I was in High School in 2000 with over 10 years of experience in producing and shooting videos for a diverse range of clientele.

My Film Making Journey

As a graduate of A.B. Multimedia Arts, people often ask me why I decided to do videos despite a vast skillset. Honestly, it was overwhelming to have all these knowledge in multimedia that it became tiresome to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. 

My career began as a Multimedia Specialist. I did animation, motion graphics, video editing and jumped from one company to the other for four years not being happy with what I'm doing.  Then I came to become a college instructor in an international school in Metro Manila. At first I taught the basics of Multimedia then I was tasked in teaching Film Appreciation. That's where my fascination with making films returned. Along with that me along with students produced a short film and that's where my thirst to create began. 

I ventured into making wedding videos and been doing it for 9 years. I have been using my knowledge in video editing and my past careers and always looked back to my mentor's teachings. 

In making films, always ask why you're choosing a certain shot. Not just how.

This is a principle I have lived by in my entire career in making videos and shooting my own short films.  Which leads to my next principle.

"Know the language, not just the machine."

Entering into the video making business, having the latest gears, softwares, computers and cameras was essential. Admittedly, when I started my career, that's all that I could think of.  Various thoughts launched in my head.

"I need to buy the latest camera to make my videos look more cinematic and professional!"
"I need to buy the latest camera gears so that I would look more professional on set!"
"I need to buy a cinema camera so I could be taken seriously!"

Dear aspiring film/video maker, I know these thoughts are running through your mind right now. It ran through mine constantly, but you know what happened?

I ended up loosing more money than earning money and still my videos looked the same. I bought a lot of expensive cameras and equipment that become obsolete really fast. 

Later on, I came to a realization that rocked my world. 

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
- Benjamin Franklin

Despite investing in so much gears and equipment, I realized I didn't have enough knowledge to grow further. I thought that having all these gears would make me a better film maker. The thing is I knew how to make good videos, I knew how to operate these cameras and these gears, but I lacked the language which is the "why" in the world of shooting videos. And one of those languages my friend, is...


I've always thought that pointing your camera at what you want to shoot is all that's needed to create a good video. But boy was I wrong! So, I finally learned one of the languages of Film making, Cinematography.  

I initially watched documentaries about Cinematographers listened to their thoughts and I fell in love with the language! I watched video tutorials on Youtube from famous Youtube channels that specialize in creating short films for their content but it was not enough. I also enrolled myself in Cinematography classes and got to learn from people in the industry both international and local.

I was absorbing so much information and I finally applied it to my works and not only did my professional work improve but my personal works like travel videos now have a more cinematic quality to them! I even stopped relying on my expensive equipment and focused more on my "why" and no longer on my gears.  

The Basics of Cinematography

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    Like everything in life, your shot/image needs balance! Good composition does this for you.
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    For most cinematographers, light is their paintbrush. This is very true. With artistic lighting, you'll see a HUGE change in your works. 
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    Production Design

You don't need a Cinema Camera to Learn Cinematography!

Guess what? Majority of Cinematographers don't even own a Cinema Camera! 

When I decided I wanted to delve more into bigger productions, I bought myself a $3,500.00 Cinema Camera. It was "cheap" for a cinema camera but I used up a large chunk of my earnings just to get it. Guess what, my works still stayed the same.

 And now that camera is just a huge block of paperweight in my room doing nothing but gathering dust. Because the technology it had became obsolete in a matter of months. Camera technology moves so fast that return of investments are nearly impossible to achieve. 

"Technology changes incredibly fast, but people change very slowly." - Paul Adams

I was a massive gear head when I started out. I wanted the latest gear right here, right now. But Technology evolved so fast that I found myself spending more than what I was earning! I barely have any savings! But there was no improvement in my work. Thankfully, I'm no longer hyped with the latest gears, because now, I'm more interested in the latest knowledge and works of fellow cinematographers. 

Sana nalaman ko ito agad!

How I wished na may mentor ako noon na nagturo sa akin ng mga ito. At hindi ko pa kelangan gumasta ng sobrang laking halaga para lang gumanda ang gawa ko!

Yung tipong magpapakita talaga sa akin paano ko mapapaganda ang mga gawa ko ng hindi ako maglalabas ng ganung kalaking halaga. 

Kasama ba yan sa wish list mo?

Well, you don't have to go through all that anymore

because we have the perfect SOLUTION for you!

​Basic Cinematography ONLINE CLASS

We don't want you to get frustrated and spend too much just to be better. So we're going to make this smart and easy for you by teaching you the Basic Principles of Cinematography. I'm going to share with you industry used terminologies and techniques to produce great shots for your videos! Say goodbye to the home video look for your videos, it's time to get CINEMATIC!

Here's what you're going to get in this class...

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    The Basic Principles of Cinematography: Composition, Lighting and Production design. You don't need to have a DSLR or expensive camera to understand this class! 
  • 2
    Lifetime Access: Videos are pre-recorded so you can go back and watch the video over and over.
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    Discussion board: If something is not clear to you or you just want to comment on the class, you can do so through our discussion board. I will even be available to you for coaching. 

We really want to help YOU!

So for starters, here's a sneak peek at what you can learn in this class! I can't believe we're giving this for free!

Bonus Class: How to Light a 2 - person Interview

Interview sessions consists a lot of lights but in this class, you will learn how to light a 2-person interview even if you have limited equipment.

Basic Cinematography Online Class

Learn the Basics of Cinematography like the Different Camera Angles, Rule of Thirds, Use of Eye-Line and the 180 Degree Rule. Learn the various use of lights and the different setups like Upstage vs. Down Stage Lighting. Learn how Colors, Props and Practicals can vastly improve the production level of your videos!

PLUS (+)

Bonus Class: Lighting a 2 -person Interview setup

You'll get all of these for ONLY Php2000! What a steal!

Here's what I need you to do next...

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Jepster Togle


About the Instructor

Jepster Togle is an award winning Wedding Videographer. Aside from doing weddings, Jepster has ventured into Cinematography by shooting for various Online Web Advertisements. He is a low key film maker as his principle in film making is to make film making more accessible to everyone but still adding value to it through knowledge and education.  

Masyado namang mahal yan! Marami namang libre sa Internet!

Oo, tama ka, sobrang dami ng libre ngayon pag naghanap ka sa Internet. Madami na sila ngunit di lahat kumpleto o detalyado. Ang iba naman ay nakakalito at iba ay mali. Matapos mo mapanood ay bahala ka na. Halos walang support pagkatapos tulad ng mga tanong na maaring magkaroon matapos manood.

Sa kursong ito, nandito na lahat ng kelangan mo matutunan para makasimula ka sa pag-aral ng cinematography. Isang panooran lang. Mula lahat ang kaalaman at karanasan sa isang eksperto at bihasa na sa larangan ng videography.

With that price, I will just attend an actual Workshop!

Let me ask you this, saan location mo?

Kung sobrang layo ka naman, saan ka mags-stay para maka abot ka sa workshop ng maaga considering the traffic?

How much ang magagastos mo sa transportation papunta / pabalik?

Sinong maiiwan sa anak mo habang nasa workshop ka?

Nag take down notes ka ba? After mong umattend ng workshop,  paano na kung may tanong ka?

Mare-recall mo pa ba exactly lahat ng na discuss nyo during the workshop?

If you're really going to think about it. Mas makakamura ka dito dahil wala ng extra transportation expense. 

Hindi mo na problema kung sino maiiwan sa anak mo habang nasa workshop ka dahil pwede kang mag take ng class kahit nasa bahay ka as long as meron kang internet connection. Take the class ANYTIME kung kailan ka available and most likely, magagawa mo yan habang tulog ang baby mo!

Pwede mo ring panoorin ng paulit - ulit yung video at sabayan habang gumagawa ka with the help of the downloadable class materials. Kung may nalimutan ka namang part, pwede mo pang balikan click mo lang yung mga chapter na gusto mo. Hindi mo ito magagawa sa actual class!

Kapag may tanong ka naman tungkol sa class, pwede kang magtanong sa comments section at maaaring sumagot mismo ang instructor or kapwa student sa mga tanong mo.

Online Classes vs Actual Workshop

If you're still having doubts, here's a quick comparison between taking online classes with The Bailiwick Academy and attending an actual workshop. 

The Bailiwick Academy Online Classes

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    Take classes ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
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    Downloadable class materials.
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    Questions and answers can be posted on the comment section and can be back read.
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    Unlimited views of the video.
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    LIFETIME Access.
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    Videos are in High Definition (you can scale down depending on your internet connection)
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    Can be paused or go to the part you need until you understands.
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    No advertisements.

Actual Workshop

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    Needs to adjust to traffic, time and location.
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    Hard copy of the class materials. If it gets lost, it's gone.
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    You can ask questions real time. Sorry if you forgot the answer.
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    Work on the the items myself provided that it's a hands-on workshop.
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    Once the workshop is done, you can no longer go back and view the steps. 

Here's  What You are Going to Get

Learn the Basics of Cinematography like the Different Camera Angles, Rule of Thirds, Use of Eye-Line and the 180 Degree Rule. Learn the various use of lights and the different setups like Upstage vs. Down Stage Lighting. Learn how Colors, Props and Practicals can vastly improve the production level of your videos!

PLUS (+)

Bonus Class: Lighting a 2 -person Interview setup

You'll get all of these for ONLY Php2000!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S. Stop buying the latest cameras. This class will save you a lot of your precious time and money because what we are offering is the techniques used by professionals on any cameras! 

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