Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 10 Things Dads Really Like!

a father being surprised by his daughters with a gift and a card on father's day

Last month we gave you gift ideas for Mother’s Day. For this month (and this blog post), since it’s the time of the year for the men in our lives (this coming Sunday, June 19), we’ll be talking about Father’s Day gift ideas! 

We know it can be hard to think of a gift because no one gift will fit all dads. Don’t worry: you won’t be giving anything that looks like it came from any Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2021 or any other year that’s already done.

Whether you’re wondering what to give your husband, your father, your grandfather, a soon-to-be-dad, a pet dad, or any other father in your life, we’ve got you covered! We even have ideas for gifts for dad who wants nothing (spoiler: not true at all). 

Let’s get to it!

What can I gift my dad on Father’s Day?

father's day gift the bailiwick academy

You might be thinking “what’s the most popular gift on Father’s Day?” just so you can give the same thing. But like we mentioned above, no one gift will fit all dads. So what do you get a man for Father’s Day? 

Here are some ideas:

  1. A Father’s Day gift for his collection
  2. Something related to his hobbies
  3. Something he should experience
  4. Time with his boys
  5. A Father’s Day gift of a delicious meal
  6. Something to read
  7. A Father’s Day gift of some quality time
  8. Some alone time
  9. Something he can use
  10. A Father’s Day gift that will make him cry (in a good way!)

Let’s take a look at each one.

A Father’s Day gift for his collection

father's day gift dice collection the bailiwick academy

There are many reasons why people have collections.  It can be because they want to connect to their childhood, thus collecting toys, or because they find fun and relaxation in the activity, like stamp collecting.

So as a Father’s day gift idea, why not give him something that can add to his collection? Search on Facebook and you’ll find plenty of groups related to what he collects, such as:

And if you think he collects weird stuff, you’d probably be surprised at how many others share the same hobby when you start searching!

Something related to his hobbies

the bailiwick academy man making a model plane

What does he like to do in his spare time? Does he play golf or basketball? Does he like to build model airplanes or do photography?

Well, why not give him a Father’s Day gift that will help him out with his hobbies? If he plays golf, buy him new gloves, golf shoes, or even simply a hat. 

If he’s a Star Wars nut, why not buy him a lightsaber or a Jedi Master costume?

Does he want to dabble in photography or videography? Well, you can enroll him in The Bailiwick Academy’s Mobile Food Photography or Basic Cinematography.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, especially if his hobby IS expensive. But you can bet that they’ll appreciate the support!

Something he should experience

two people skydiving the bailiwick academy Father's Day Gift

Gifts don’t have to be something physical all the time. If the dad in question is an adventurous dad, why not let him experience activities like surfing, skydiving, or even flying an airplane

Of course, it doesn’t have to be something extreme. You can easily treat him to a restaurant he’s been eyeing for a long time, or just take him to something he will experience for the first time ever. 

And if he’s a stay-at-home kind of guy, maybe he’d want to experience bread-making. You can make him take one (or all, LOL) of The Bailiwick Academy’s bread classes taught by master baker Chef Jimbo.

You can be sure that this Father’s Day gift is something he won’t forget anytime soon!

Time with his boys

men on bicycles the bailiwick academy

When he wants to spend time with his male friends, it’s not because he doesn’t like you or his family anymore. He just wants to spend time with his friends who he may not have seen for a long time. Plus, it’s actually good for his health – something we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

So if he just wants to go biking or racing on his motorcycle with his friends, just let him. He’ll be back, happy, healthier, and grateful. Isn’t that a good thing?

A Father’s Day gift of a delicious meal

father's day gift the bailiwick academy

Have you heard of the John Adams phrase, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? It’s still famous ‘cause it’s true! Men LOVE to eat!

And if you’re the cooking at home kind, you’ll love the selection of the classes of The Bailiwick Academy! They’re sure to satisfy the stomachs of dads, such as: 

After that, finish the meal with one of the cakes of our Special Celebration Cakes class – perfect for celebrating the day.

(And if he’s still not satisfied, maybe some Divine Doughnuts to add as a sweet snack?)

Enroll at The Bailiwick Academy to get started on making these scrumptious dishes as delicious Father’s Day gifts!

Something to read

man reading a book

Does he like to read? You’re in luck! There are plenty of bookstores – all you have to do is find the genre of what he likes to read, and you’ve got a gift for him!

For example, if he’s naturally funny or likes corny jokes why not give a quirky Father’s day gift of a book of dad jokes

Even better, find out if he’s currently hooked on a series. You know, like Harry Potter or something? Buy him the succeeding books so that he can keep finding out what the story is  – he will LOVE you for it!

A Father’s Day gift of some quality time

man and woman laughing looking at an ipad quality time

Sometimes you’re too busy being a mom and working to be a wife. The same goes for him – he’s too busy being a provider and being a dad to spend time with you. But remember that dating one another is important in a relationship.

That means if he’s too busy or whatever to plan time with you, why not do it for him? Send your kids off to your parents (if you have any), then just catch up with him. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy – what matters is that you’re together.

Just show him that you enjoy listening to his stories and spending time with him, whatever you end up doing. That will be one of the best things you can ever give him.

Some alone time

Father's day gift the bailiwick academy

Did you know that dads need alone time? Sometimes, they just need time to not do anything, or do something that they want to do for themselves. Let them.

On Father’s Day, just give them the gift of letting them do whatever they want to do whatever they want, whether it be sleeping in or just lying on the lawn the whole day. Trust us: it will recharge them mentally and emotionally. And don’t all of us need that, anyway?

Something he can use

men's clothes

If you can’t think of anything unique for a Father’s Day gift, why not just be practical and give him something he can actually use? It’s a simple gift, but let us tell you: dads APPRECIATE practicality. 

If you can’t think of anything unique for a Father’s Day gift, why not just be practical and give him something he can actually use? It’s a simple gift, but let us tell you: dads APPRECIATE practicality. 

And at least you don’t have to think too much about it. It can be clothes, a handkerchief, socks, a belt, a pen, a necktie, power tools, or even a brand new razor.

A Father’s Day gift that will make him cry (in a good way!)

Father's Day Gift

Okay, so what exactly is something that will make a dad cry in a good way? It could be a collection of photos of your family experiences, or maybe a surprise video of people greeting him Happy Father’s Day. 

It could even be something you made for him, something so personalized that it will touch him deeply. You know him best, so try to achieve that!

Take note that he will only cry if he’s the crying and emotionally-touched kind. And of course, just because he didn’t cry doesn’t mean he didn’t like the gift!

Thanks for the list, but really, what’s the best gift for Father’s Day?

Still can’t decide? Still thinking of meaningful Father’s day gifts?

Okay, here’s the answer. It’s actually a very easy Father’s day gift.

Do you know what it is?

It’s the same thing Ms. Grace mentioned when she wrote about Mother’s Day gifts.

It’s simply showing appreciation for that father. 

No matter what you give him, as long as it’s from the heart, and it’s something you really thought about, then we promise he will appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of his heart.

And with that, let’s end this with a greeting: Advanced Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! We hope you have a good one!

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