Is Cake Keto? [and Other Keto Cake Questions 2022]

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“Is cake keto?”

You might be wondering about that very important question if one, you’ve been told to start keto by your doctor or your nutritionist, and two, you love eating sweet, sugary cakes.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the usual cake batter for any cake flavor is not keto.

But here’s good news for you: if there are keto dessert foods, if there are different kinds of keto bread and keto meals, then there’s definitely such a thing as keto cake! And thanks to a lot of keto-friendly ingredients on the market these days, you’ll get plenty of flavors and cake recipes that you can be sure you’ll enjoy on your keto diet.

Let’s take a closer look at keto cakes, shall we?

What is a keto cake?

A keto cake is pretty much a cake. The difference between a keto cake with other cakes is that you don’t use traditional ingredients like flour. What is keto cake made of, you ask? Well, as mentioned above, keto-friendly ingredients such as almond flour, coconut flour, unsweetened chocolate chips, cocoa powder, coconut milk, heavy cream and so much more. 

Most importantly, what makes it keto is that its net carb is low compared to the usual cakes. Carbs are practically zero in any keto meal, and keto cakes are not exempted from that fact. 

Does it have sugar?

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The answer is no. Brown or white sugar is not used on keto cakes. Nor do you use sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. Instead, the cake is sweetened with a sugar substitute like powdered sweeteners (Equal Gold or Stevia), or monk fruit. They’re sweet, but they’re sugar-free!

What cakes are keto friendly?

Any cake can be keto-friendly, as long as its ingredients are legit keto-friendly ingredients. It doesn’t matter what flavor it is (i.e. cheesecake, avocado) or how many cake layers it has! Remember, there are ingredients that can never be keto-friendly, like bananas. So before you eat any supposed keto cake, remember to research! You can also ask your nutritionist or doctors for a complete list of ingredients that fit your new diet.

Does it taste good?

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If you’ve ever tasted anything keto before, we’d be willing to bet that you weren’t happy with it. For example, one bite might have left you wondering why do keto desserts taste so bad? Or why is my keto cake grainy? Or even just why don’t they taste good? If you check out this Reddit thread, you’d find others like you who are wondering the same thing and are looking for keto desserts that actually taste good.

Well, according to Keto.Global, most keto desserts don’t taste good because of the lack of ingredients, like sugar and flour. This particular lack, plus a change of ingredients (because you’re using keto substitutes, right?) may cause desserts to have a distinct flavor, texture, and look that aren’t necessarily appetizing. And some ingredients also have a more chemical taste or a bad aftertaste.

To fix this, what you do is basically to find the right balance of substitute and ingredients. It’s that simple. You might have to do a lot of experimenting but you’ll eventually find the right balance. Or you’ll have to try out a lot of keto stores. Once you find the store or bakery with the desserts you like, just keep buying there. Problem solved!

Is keto cake healthy?

If you’re a cake fanatic, you might be wondering, “How much keto cake can I eat?” Is there an amount where you can be considered to have eaten too much keto cake? 

Well, like we mentioned in previous blog posts about keto food, we’re not doctors or nutritionists. And the keto diet definitely has some unpleasant side effects. But we do know that because of the little to no sugar content of keto cakes, it’s definitely helpful for controlling your blood sugar content while still tasting something sweet.

And as for the amount of cake you can eat, the only thing we have to say about it is that too much of a good thing can be bad. Remember, you’re going on a keto diet to help you lose weight. But if you still eat too much food, you may be preventing your own weight or fat loss.

In short, we recommend you keep eating keto cakes as a treat. And again, consult your doctor or nutritionist!

Can you make a keto cake?

Now you might be wondering if you can just make your own cake instead of having to Google “is there a keto bakery near me.”

Well, the answer to that is yes, you can – with The Bailiwick Academy

We’ve just recently released new classes by Ms. Chiqui Ortiz Dingcong, and they’re all about making keto cakes!

Keto carrot cake

Carrot cake is one of those classics with plenty of different cake recipes. With Ms. Chiqui’s keto carrot cake class, you can enjoy the classic and stay on your diet! It’s low-carb, sugar-free, and has moist crumbs and delicious cream cheese frosting.

Keto red velvet cake

Here’s another favorite (and low carb) cake with cream cheese! And rest assured that with the recipe you’re going to learn, you’ll produce a moist, fluffy keto red velvet cake with the perfect balance of sweet and tangy!

Keto chocolate cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? Whether you’re having a slice as a snack or you’re getting a whole one as your birthday cake, chocolate cake is always welcome. And when you enroll in the keto chocolate cake class, you’ll be able to produce one that’s moist, fudgy, luscious, and stick-to-your-teeth delicious! And yes, it’s low carb and free of regular like the two cakes.

With these recipes, we promise you won’t be Googling “why do keto desserts taste so bad” – guaranteed!

But why not learn all recipes for these low carb cakes?

Each class mentioned above costs Php1295. So if you multiply that by three, you get a total of Php3885. 

But because The Bailiwick Academy is behind you in turning your passion into profit, we packaged each keto cake recipe in one class! Check out our Keto Cakes class!

That’s right: Learn not one, not two, but all three guilt-free keto recipes by Ms. Chiqui. Not only will you say goodbye to the days of dry and tasteless sugar-free cakes, but you’ll also be able to cater to a brand new market of people looking for keto desserts, like these people in Singapore!

And we can tell you right now, you’ll be able to sell these cakes at premium prices.

Speaking of prices, you won’t get this class at Php3885. Instead, you’ll get it at a very discounted rate of only Php2995, AND you’ll also get a bonus recipe for Keto Condensed Milk! What a deal!

If you’re starting keto for the first time ever or just discovering keto, what better way to start than by learning and indulging in these keto cake recipes, right? You’ll be off to one sweet (but sugar-free!), delicious beginning!

What are you waiting for? Enroll in The Bailiwick Academy today!

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