Jackie Isip: From Unemployed to Lady Boss

Many Filipinos aim to work overseas for a better life.  Jackie Isip is no different from the millions of Pinoys who are hoping to settle in a different country to find better financial security and better education for their children. Her hard work and prayers paid off as she was able to relocate to the Great White North aka Canada.

Jackie Isip

While in Canada, she was happily busy with her job as a Personal Care Worker and her family but she had to stop working when she had her baby.  However, when Jackie was ready to go back to work, a still unknown virus brought the world down to its knees. Later known to be COVID 19, this virus spread and quickly turned into a pandemic. Jackie unfortunately  had a hard time looking for a job.  But tenacious as she is, she decided to enrol in IT classes with hopes that she could be adept in this industry and land a job.  

Discovering Her Passion

Maybe it was fate that brought Jackie to this building to enrol in an IT class because  this is where she saw a lot of beautiful cakes on display in a cake shop in the building.  She was wide-eyed and mesmerised!  Jackie immediately went inside and inquired for cake decorating classes.  Fortunately, they were offering classes. Without batting an eyelash, she enrolled and finished a short cake decorating course. 

But she wanted more! This was when she knew  that this is the path she wanted to take.

As with all newbies in this field, she scoured the deepest alleys of  the internet for recipes and cake decorating tutorials.  She found a lot of them on Youtube and Google. She started her journey into baking and cake decorating. However, most of the recipes and video tutorials were hit or miss.  Sometimes the recipes turn out great but more often than not she needed to tweak and experiment to achieve better results.

Jackie’s Baking Journey and The Bailiwick Academy

Through word of mouth, Jackie slowly gained some clients. She would bring some of her baked goods as gifts to her friends as trial for her products.   Her products were good but she knew she could do better. 

As her passion for her new craft grew, her quest to be better also intensified.  She joined baking groups so she could immerse with fellow home bakers and was able to learn a slew of techniques and ideas. Still, she wasn’t entirely satisfied.

Until one fateful day, she found The Bailiwick Academy on Facebook.

It immediately sparked her interest.  She explored The Bailiwick Academy’s website and she was happy to find baking and cake decorating classes. Without hesitation she enrolled in Timeless Cake Rolls by Chef Jimbo.  She chose this class because there was shortage of fresh cake rolls in her area. She decided that offering freshly made cake rolls would be a good idea.

After enrolling and watching the class, she discovered that she can definitely still improve her skills and techniques. She also learned new ones. So, she enrolled in more classes.  She noticed that her baked goods really did improve a lot in taste and presentation.  For instance, her bestselling Ube cake went from good to spectacular!

Jackie’s Ube Cake

And what’s more…her cake rolls became a huge hit! Her product line also expanded. She now offers ensaymadas, custom cakes and other pastries which she also learned from The Bailiwick Academy. The pandemic did not hinder Jackie from achieving success.  In fact, she became so busy she now considers this as her full time job! More of her baked creations can be viewed on her Facebook page, Jackie’s Creative Cakes and Sweets.

Chocolate Cake Roll
Mocha Cake Roll

 Sometimes, Jackie gets so busy she would be working for 36 hours straight!

What’s even more admirable?  She is doing all these while taking care of an eighteen month old baby!  Amazing, isn’t it?

Custom Cake by Jackie

Why Pay?

She is very proud to say that most, if not all, the recipes of the baked goods she is offering she learned from The Bailiwick Academy. And she has this to say to all naysayers who think that a paid class is a waste of money:

“…free recipes and tutorials are not comparable to the classes of The Bailiwick Academy. You gain a lot of knowledge, the correct techniques and useful tips. It helps a lot. The chef instructors are all professionals and highly skilled. My skills have improved greatly. Ever since I took up classes at The Bailiwick Academy I never went back  to Youtube.  Also, the fee is so worth it! When I enrol in a class I don’t think of the money I spend. The classes  pay for themselves. Because of The Bailiwick Academy,  I don’t need to look for a job anymore. “

And for everyone who is new to baking, Jackie has 3 Ps for you. Patience, practice and persistence!

“I never dreamed to be a baker and cake decorator. Don’t be afraid, just take the risk. You’ll have a hard time at first but once you get the basics don’t be afraid to explore … and fail. It is when you fail that you learn a lot. Don’t give up and keep on trying. Practice, practice and more practice! Just keep going. I should know because I’ve been there.”

Do you want to be like Jackie and be your own boss? More tips from Jackie here:

What are you waiting for?

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