Student Spotlight/Wins: Breads and Pastries

Interested in baking bread and pastries?

You can do it – just enroll in one of our classes and get started!

If you need more inspiration, read about these successful bakes of various Bailiwickers who used our different breads and pastries classes!

Student Spotlight: September 4, 2022

“Freshly baked Kababayan for our snacks tomorrow. Matutuwa na naman ang mga klasmeyts ko sa dala kong baon!”

Ms. Emma’s classmates are so lucky to be able to taste the Filipino old-time favorite Kababayan she learned from Chef Jimbo de Panadero’s Kababayan class!

Student Spotlight: September 11, 2022

“Our kababayans here are excited to taste these breads, which is soon available in Filipino store here in Stockholm, Sweden 😍😍😍”

Some hot Hard Monay and Starbread are waiting for some Pinoys in Sweden!

Thanks to Ms. Ludy and the #onlinecookingclass Pinoy Pasalubong by Chef Jimbo de Panadero, a lot of Filipinos are going to happy!

Student Spotlight: October 2, 2022

“Naka gawa din ng croquembouche sa wakas underbaked yung first baking batch pero successful naman sa second try. Super sarap at sobrang perfect ng recipe ni Chef Miko.”

Ms. Olivia finally had time to try the Croquembouche class of Chef Miko Aspiras.

The first batch was underbaked, but like a true #BailiWinner, she didn’t give up.

And on her second try, success!

Student Spotlight: October 16, 2022

“…I made a XXXL Artisan Ensaimada with Pecorino Romano Cheese. The parents can’t decide what cake to order from us, so I suggested that their son’s favorite is Artisan Ensaimada, make it as cake.

It’s really big and good for 12 or more servings.”

Ms. Ludy’s idea is amazing! 🤯

If you can’t think of a cake, why not go with a giant ensaymada instead? ♥️

This came from the recipe in Chef Joey Prats’ Artisan Ensaymada class

Perfectly baked, moist, soft, and most of all, FLUFFY.

A true #Bailiwinner!

Student Spotlight: October 30, 2022

“Scene stealer last night!”

“Proud to be a Bailiwicker

My heart is full from all the positive comments I received Akalain mo yun nagawa ko lahat yan!! Andami ko pa gustong gawin kaso malapit na akong mapilay

Grabe andaming mga Sharon Cuneta! Yung busog na pero di sila papayag na di matikman lahat kaya may mga baon pa pag-uwi

Salamat Ms. Grace at sa magagaling na Chefs! Thank you Bailiwick!”

Ms. Marinel recently shared her bakes for one event.

We spot Bars and Truffles at Special Pinoy Tarts – classes of Chef Chona Garcia Laureta.

And many more – can you name them?

Because Ms. Marinel bought a lot of courses, she was able to produce a lot for her client. A lot of people were impressed as a result.

She’s amazing at combining classes, turning them into one big dessert buffet!

People even took some of her offerings home – it was that good! 🥰

Ms. Marinel says she owes it to all the amazing chefs of The Bailiwick Academy.

The fact that was able to do all these and made a lot of people happy makes her a one true #Bailiwinner!

Student Spotlight: December 11, 2022

“Just sharing po the online class of @Ms. Chiqui Ortiz-Dingkong … Keto Classic Bibibingka… my share for our early Christmas Party…  Thanks so much po for the class Ms. Chiqui & Bailiwick Academy…”

Ms. Mary recently shared this at the TBA Student Lounge.

The only thing we can say is that her officemates are very lucky!

Not only do they have a lot of this holiday treat that’s a Pinoy favorite, but they can also indulge in it guilt-free too.

This is a true #Bailiwinner story indeed!

Sabi nga ni Ms. Mary, this class is worth enrolling in.

Student Spotlight: December 18, 2022

“Lubos na pagpapasalamat to all our mentors na sumagot nang walang paltos sa aking inquiries. Sa mga kabaranggay na walang sawang nagbigay ng tips to make this first venture a success.

Bagama’t pumalpak ang Hopiang Baboy crust, only few pieces of custard mamon were successful, need to make another batches of Dates bars, I forgot the frustration when the client rush came nang di pa kami nakakapaglabas ng display eh halos naubos nah! Nataranta ang dalaga ko

May fans na agad ang ERaisin Loaf, Custard Mamon and ang walang kakupas-kupas na SB, Pandesal, Luscious dates, brownies, cheesebars and PIAYA

May prospective clients din akong nakuha.

Finally, Makakapag~SALONPAS at KATINKO nah

Hangsakit sa binti

P.S. Nangamote ako when the japanese buyers asked me from which place PIAYA originated.

Ang product name plates which the provinces were written, di ko pala nai-display

Tarantahing panadera ihhh”

​Because it’s December, it means it’s the start of the bazaar season!

And si Ms. Maria experienced one recently in Japan!

Even if she felt at first that things weren’t going her way…

She was pleasantly surprised that she immediately got fans for her various products such as Custard Mamon, Brownies, and European Raisin Loaf!

She even got prospective clients… even if she couldn’t really explain what Piayaya is made of. 😅

Aside from Ms. Grace and the TBA instructors, she credits her fellow Bailiwickers in the Student Lounge for helping her out with all the questions she has…

Which is why she had a successful bazaar experience.

That makes not just her, but all of us, #Bailiwinners, agree? 🤩

Student Spotlight: January 1, 2023

Kahit nasa malayo ako. Umaarangkada ang FruitCake na naiwan sa bahay sa probinsya. Nasa doctor ako 2 weeks na for my lupus check up here in Manila. Pero ang Fruitcake nasa sorsogon pero still order keep on coming. 

 Thank you Ms.Grace and Chef Chona Garcia Laureta.

Basta Bailiwicker kahit saan dalhin laging handa sa anumang pagsubok at pakikibaka.

Merry christmas mga kapatid 

Wala akong ibang bentables kasi may sakit kundi fruitcake lang.

This will be all out on dec 23 – Sold out na po. Nakaka HAPPY lang po 

Sabi nga “TIWALA lang”.

Galingan lang natin kasi taon taon for sure may order tayo nito.

Repeat customer is a valued customer 🥰”

We feel that this is the best post to start the year to encourage you, even if 2023 is just starting. 🥰

Imagine that at the time of this posting, Ms. Jennifer was in Manila getting a check up for her lupus.

And even if fruitcake was her only product for sale during Christmas…

Orders kept coming…

To the point of her fruitcakes getting sold out! 

It’s a great reminder not to doubt what you’re doing at The Bailiwick Academy.

Like she said, do your best, and you can be sure that you’ll get repeat customers – even if you don’t have a new or different product offering, they’ll still buy from you!

Just believe!

And that attitude and the reminder makes her our first-ever #Bailiwinner this 2023!

Student Spotlight: January 8, 2023

“My bilog bilog Petit Four for New Year’s Eve dinner. It’s a mashed úp dessert using Chef Miko and Chef Joey recipes and techniques. I baked marbled buttery cakes (ube, matcha green tea and black sesame) and decorated my petit four using the techniques from the BBC master class. Two master classes na sulit ang binayad ko.”

Ms. Olivia is truly a #Bailiwinner: she combined the techniques and recipes of Chef Miko Aspiras and Chef Joey Prats!

And the end result?

Circular desserts to bring in good luck for the New Year! 😍

As Ms. Olivia said, the master classes she enrolled in were super worth the money.

Have you explored ways of combining your different TBA courses and coming up with delicious outputs?

If not, you can start this 2023!

We’re excited for you to pos what you come up with in the TBA Student Lounge!

Student Spotlight: January 15, 2023

“Putong Pinalutaw at Dinuguan! Dahil walang wag-wag na bigas, I used Ox Head Jasmin Rice. Panalo sa lasa ndi lang sya mabuhag-hag! Yan ang comment ng mga abangers ko… Kaya maghanap ako tom ng murang bigas dko lang alam kung saan ako makahanap. “

The Kakanin Espesyal 2 class of Chef Chona Laureta had just come out, but plenty of Bailiwickers are already posting their delicious outputs in the Student Lounge, like Ms. Olivia!

She was missing an ingredient since she’s located in Toronto, but she made do with a substitute…

And she got rave reviews from her “abangers”!

Chef Chona called Ms. Olivia a first honors student, and we wholeheartedly agree!

It’s really different when you’re an action taker.

That makes Ms. Olivia a true #Bailiwinner!

Student Spotlight: January 22, 2023


Flex ko lang po my output on #kakaninespesyalpart2

Special pasasalamat po to chef Chona Garcia Laureta, Ms. Grace B. Parazo at sa lahat po ng TBA.

Worth it po ang hardwork nyo chef at ang paghihintay po namin sa class nato. Nasarapan po ng husto ang aking tagatikim  “so good” daw. Dati po isang tikim lang siya but this class hindi po isa lang, nasundan pa po ng dalawa he he! Ako na lang po ang nagsabi ng enough na 

Lalo po akong na-excite sa next batch~> putong pinalutaw at kutsinta

While the 5th anniversary happenings of TBA were ongoing, Ms. Cray wasn’t stopping with her creations!

Aren’t they gorgeous? 😍

They’re not just good to look at – they taste pretty good to, according to her taste testers.

The best part is, even if she doesn’t have a puto moulder, that didn’t stop her – she just used whatever moulder she had to shape her creations.

That makes her a true #Bailiwinner, agree?

Student Spotlight: January 29, 2023

Hi Everyone ☺️ gusto ko lng po magpasalamat : Una kay God dahil ginamit nya ang TBA para matuto ako mag bake at magkaroon ng income – yun pangarap ko na makapag luto ng Ube Jam na NAPAKASARAP – natupad na 😋

“Salamat at hindi na ako mag sasayang ng ingredients kc nahanap ko na ang the ONE ”

– Thank you din po Ma’am Grace

Dahil sa TBA anniversary voucher at Birthday voucher na binigay mo ma’am, na enroll ko ito salamat sa mga Encouraging words ma’am – you always motivate us not give up on our Dreams, God bless you

– Thank you din po sa mga Mababait na chefs, legit at apaw sa tips ang mga classes po!

– Thank you din sa mga admins and classmates laging andyn to help ,

More Blessings TBA!

#ubejam Thank you chef Joey ❤️

Ms. Elvie’s post was so touching! 😍

Imagine, TBA was the instrument to fulfill her dream: making ube jam of her own and generating income from it!

Her gratefulness is making our hearts burst out of pure joy. 🥰

Thank you Ms. Elvie, our #Bailiwinner of the week!

It’s messages like these that motivate us to keep on going. 

Thank you for letting us know that we’ve helped you greatly – from our classes, to our vouchers, and even our motivational posts!

Student Spotlight: March 5, 2023

“Chef Jimbo cheese bread and chef Joey ube. Ube cheese bread”

This is what we like seeing from Bailiwickers: combining recipes for new creations!

And that’s exactly what Ms. Ameerah did. She combined Chef Jimbo Panadero’s cheese bread class with Chef Joey Prats’ Ube class, and made some delicious ube cheese bread!

Her creativity and playfulness with recipes make her our #Bailiwinner this week! ❤️