Student Spotlight/Wins: Cooked Dishes

Do you have doubts about whether you can succeed in cooking dishes, especially if you’ve never cooked anything before?

Check out the different successes of various Bailiwickers using recipes from our different cooking classes and be inspired!

If they can do it, so can you!

Student Spotlight – August 21, 2022

Persian Night at Home

“Chicken and Beef Kebabs, Pita Bread, Hummus, Basmati Rice.”

Check out Ms. Queenie’s amazing Easy Persian Style Kebabs meal that she learned from the #onlinecookingclass of Sir Rodney Martinez.

Student Spotlight – December 4, 2022

“Happy Sunday/Monday Bailiwickers!

Sa tagal ng 5 araw na pag iintay eto na po ang HAM-on Ko, Pineapple Glazed Ham

Thank you po Sir Rodney at amoy palang binabalik-balikan na ng anak ko (hindi makapag intay eh may picture taking pa po)

Honey Glazed Belly Ham – nasa oven pa


Thank you po TBA! ”

It already feels like Christmas in Ms. Elaine’s house!

That’s because she has already tried Sir Rodney Martinez’ Delicious Glazed Ham class.

The smell alone was already making her child crave for this delicious meat…

And from this picture alone, we’re sure we’ll be doing the same thing if ever we were there too!

This ham is a #Bailiwinner indeed!

Student Spotlight – December 25, 2022

“All the works & preparations for this festive dish is definitely all worth it!

At first I was so intimidated; the fact that the first level of challenge is deboning a whole chicken which I haven’t done in my life of cooking.

But how can you say No to this show stopper dish for this holiday… specially this coming holiday has been everyone’s desire after the pandemic…and we want to serve very special meals to our family & friends.

I am so delighted with the taste of Chicken Galantina…it has all the criteria to be an Iconic Christmas meal.

There is a good balance of flavors.. and very versatile in the way we can serve it.

Thank you Chef Max JN for challenging us again.

This is the best way to end the year 2022!

Ms. Rose shared something that fits with Christmas!

At first, she was nervous in making Chicken Galantina…

Especially when she was faced with the idea that she had to debone a whole chicken – something she’s never done before!

But she thought about it and decided that she really wanted to serve SPECIAL meals to her family and friends…

Especially since it was a holiday!

And she was so glad she did – she was able to create Chicken Galantina and got a good balance of flavors for this iconic Christmas dish!

As she said, the end result was super worth it!

Indeed a #Bailiwinner story, agree? 😍

Kaya kung kinakabahan ka subukan ‘tong class na ‘to…

We hope Ms. Rose’s story inspires you!

Student Spotlight – February 5, 2023

Minsan mapapatanong ka sa sarili mo, “bakit ngayon ko lang sinubukan iluto ito?!”.

Hinintay ko kasi mag mura ang onions 😆😅

Huhu ang sarap po ng beef kebab Sir Rodney!!! Yung eldest ko na 6 y/o napa rice more please. 🤩

Sulit class talaga! 👌

#Bailiwinner Ms. Mia’s post in the TBA Student Lounge was full of regret…

Because she only recently tried Sir Rodney Martinez’ Easy Persian Style Kebabs!

Otherwise, she would have discovered long ago that it’s VERY DELICIOUS!

It was great for kids: even her 6-year-old child asked for more!

Better late than never, right?

Student Spotlight – February 19, 2023

My family all time favourite, BBQ is Life for Us! Kaya inabangan talaga at hindi na nagpatumpik-tumpik pa at mas dumami ang susunod na nakapila sa magiging paborito pagdating sa inihaw. Thank you for this class! Lagot na naman si Kanin 🤣

Asian Pork Liempo BBQ with Salted Egg, Tomato and Red Onion and Arugula Salad Mix

Chef Anthony, na-miss ko naman po ang favourite Atchara, sana all

Check out the work of our #Bailiwinner this week, Ms. Elaine! 

Our latest class, Sinugba Specialties by Chef Anthony Ang, just came out…

And she took action right away! 😍

Congrats Ms. Elaine – you’re legitimately one of the first to try these amazing recipes!

We really love action-takers here at TBA.

Student Spotlight – February 26, 2023

“Iba ang pagmamahal ng TBA. Consistent sa pagreremind sa lahat. Isa na dun ang reminder na gamitin ko na ang Anniversary voucher ko. I don’t want to put it to waste.

I was torn in carefully choosing where to use my voucher. At ito talaga ang nagwagi. I have been craving for this as our dear classmates have been posting na parang kulang na lang ilusot ko ang spoon para makakuha ako. Especially the works of Ms. Rose and Ms Agua and Ms. LotLag. Pagandahan pa ng bowls!!!

Iba to sa mga nakain ko na, even from “Pares sa R*”. Iba ang infusion ng flavors nito! So rich! Sarap!!! Yung mapapa.rice pa please ka pa. I cooked 1.7kls of this for family’s get together at simot…..

My search of the best Pares is over!

Sir Rodney Martinez, thank you for this worth the penny class!

Ms Grace, thank you for always giving us the best!

Ms. Rejema’s sharing in the TBA Student Lounge was so delicious – in more ways than one!

Not only did she share her appetizing output of Sir Rodney Martinez Pares! Mami! Class…

She even said that she has found the best Pares – and that this class is totally worth it!

After all, we at TBA did say we only want the best for our students…

So it’s really heart-warming to see that our efforts are paying off. 🥰

And speaking of tasty and delicious things, this Pares was SO GOOD, apparently, nothing was left after Ms. Rejema’s family gathering. 😁

Student Spotlight – March 12, 2023

“Ito na po ang ulam namin kagabi at kaninang lunch.😀Mabenta po kaya ubos lahat. Panalo po chef Max JN ang 3 flavors lahat yan approved pati sa kids. Next weekend daw ulit ganito ang ulam.😂Mabilisang photoshoot nalang po at may nakaabang na sa dining table. Natetense tuloy ako.😂 Why do we take pictures pa daw eh kakain na lang(kaloka!)🤣😂🤣 Thank you so much chef and also sa TBA sa mga classes dito na panalo lahat ang lasa.”

These wings made by Ms. Rochelle from Chef Max Nadin’s Just Wing It class look SO GOOD! 🤤

They don’t just look good: as Ms. Rochelle said, all flavors were approved by her kids! 

The kids were so hungry, they didn’t want their mom to take too long in taking pictures. 😅

They even wanted it again for the following weekend!

That’s definitely the mark of the creation of a true #Bailiwinner, agree?