What Dads Really Want: Unlocking the Secrets to Making Father’s Day Special!

what dads really want the bailiwick academy

If you’re reading this on June 13, 2023, you’re five days away from Father’s Day! It’s almost time to honor the amazing fathers in your lives… but what do dads really want?

While it’s easy to just celebrate Father’s Day by going to the store to buy your dad socks, tools, and other traditional gifts, why not find out what he and other dads actually want? Keep reading for some things they’ll actually enjoy and appreciate receiving! The answers might surprise you too, as contrary to popular belief, material things aren’t just what dads appreciate. 

(Although, yes, they’d probably like the latest Jordans or a PS5 set).

Let’s dive in, shall we?

What Dads Really Want: Appreciation

what dads really want the bailiwick academy

Most dads don’t express themselves well, but you know one thing that they’d like to hear? That they’re appreciated and that we’re thankful for their love, guidance, and support.

It validates their hard work and makes them feel loved and respected. When fathers know that they’re appreciated, they’re going to continue investing in their families. They’re not going to stop trying to become the best dads they can be. 

And yes, you don’t have to think of a physical gift to show that you do appreciate them. Just hug them, tell them that you think they’re the world’s best dad, and that’ll do the trick. If you’re not going to be with them on Father’s Day, just give Dad a phone call. Tell him you appreciate him and all that he does.

But if you do want to give him an actual gift, it doesn’t have to be grand. Notice what he likes doing for his daily routine and what he would need. For example, if he trims a beard a lot, get him a new set of beard trimmers.

Believe us, these simple gestures will make dads feel noticed and will go a LONG way.

What Dads Really Want: Being Able To Sleep In And Take Naps

sleeping dad

You might think that the best way to celebrate Father’s Day is to take your dad out and eat outside. But believe it or not, your dad might just want to take the day as an excuse to not do anything but sleep! 

Think about it: fatherhood can be physically and mentally demanding. Dads have to work, take care of kids, run errands, think about paying the bills, and so on. They’d welcome a day to not do anything, have some peace and quiet, and not get out of bed.

And if you think about it, dads need to rest anyway for better health and so they can recharge. So if you’re scrambling for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, giving him this can not only make for a very unique Father’s Day celebration, but it will also make him very grateful. Who doesn’t want to be able to decide when to wake up, right?

What Dads Really Want: Quality Time

what dads really want quality time

Another thing a large percent of dads want for Father’s Day is quality time. They’d rather spend time with you and the rest of the family instead of getting a gift–isn’t that sweet?

Of course, you might not enjoy the activities he likes doing, such as going to the home depot. But indulge him anyway. Suggest other activities after, like playing a game with the family or simply just walking in the park together.

Whatever you end up doing, just know that your dad will appreciate it. The important thing is that he’s with his loved ones.

What Dads Really Want: To Hang Out With Their Friends With No Guilt

In the Philippines, there is a common idea that when men hang out with their friends, they are being lazy or solely focused on drinking and seeking romantic encounters. While some men may engage in such activities, it’s important to understand that many men–who also happen to be dads–simply want to spend quality time with their male friends and catch up over a few drinks.

It’s crucial to challenge this stigma. Dads, just like anyone else, deserve the opportunity to enjoy genuine camaraderie and reconnect with their friends. They should be made to feel guilty for wanting to hang out and have a good time. Building and maintaining friendships is essential for their well-being and happiness.

So as a Father’s Day gift, why not encourage and support them in nurturing these relationships? Even better, tell him to invite his friends over and just let them do their thing. While they’re there, serve up a juicy steak for each of his visitors. It’s another unique gift that will be loved!

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What Dads Really Want: Time For Themselves

In our article about gifts for moms, we mentioned that one of the best things we can give is alone time. The same applies to dads!

Think about it: with the demands of everyday life, even dads would welcome a time when they could just do whatever they wanted. It could be just to exercise, watch whatever, catch up on the latest developments via a news app, or use their cleaning brushes. And the best part would be if no one interrupted them!

Alone time or solitude lets dads take care of themselves and their mental well-being. It also lets them pursue their interests or passions outside of their usual responsibilities. It can be relaxing–so why not let dad actually experience it, even for a day?


Can I just buy an expensive gift for my dad on Father’s Day?

While an expensive gift such as the latest Android phone or high-end portable Bluetooth speakers can be appreciated, consider your dad’s preferences and desires. Material possessions may not always be their top priority. Dads often value emotional connections, quality time, and acts of appreciation to celebrate Father’s Day instead of getting gifts.

What if my dad doesn’t express his desires for Father’s Day?

So, what to get your dad for Father’s Day when he says he wants nothing? Well, if he can’t say anything specific, pay attention to their interests and hobbies. You can also talk to your mom or anyone they’re close to so that you can get insights and suggestions.

All he might really want is one of the latest meat thermometers or to watch a local ball game. You never know, right?

Are there any traditional Father’s Day gifts that dads appreciate?

On the top of our heads, the usual Father’s Day gifts are neckties, handkerchiefs, and socks. Other gift ideas are custom watches, sports-related clothes, or tickets to events they like. Remember that while thought and effort count, try to still get a gift that aligns with their interests. That way, you can be sure your dad will like it!

Is it necessary to celebrate Father’s Day only on the designated date?

If you love the dads in your life, you should definitely celebrate Father’s Day. But there’s no rule that says you should only celebrate them then. If you want to show them love and appreciation throughout the year, go for it!

After all, the essence of the day is to honor fathers–why not do it every day?


Father’s Day is a time to celebrate and appreciate the incredible dads in our lives. While gifts for dads are nice, what dads really want goes beyond material possessions. Remember, it’s the meaningful moments and genuine appreciation that dads cherish the most. 

And by understanding what dads really want, you can create a memorable Father’s Day celebration that will leave a lasting impact.

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