What is the Difference Between Sweet and Savoury?

what is the difference between sweet and savoury the bailiwick academy

So we’re sure that you are all familiar with the term sweet. But are you familiar with the term savoury? Why are sweet and savoury associated with one another? What is the difference between sweet and savoury, anyway? Read on to find out.

What’s sweet?

Sweet is defined as having a pleasant taste, especially relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar. It’s basically any food that has the taste of sugar. Any sweet-tasting food falls under this category. And anything with sugar content usually tastes fantastic, like cakes. Sweet is also a pleasant taste. The sweetness can come from whatever sweetening ingredient the food may have. Examples of a sweetening element can be any type of sugar, or honey, or other sweeteners. 

Sweet foods are usually the food eaten for dessert. Sweets can also be eaten as snacks, like the different kinds of fruits, and are also traditionally associated with comfort. They are not eaten as meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner).  

what is the difference between sweet and savoury the bailiwick academy chocolates sweet ely salar
Chocolates from our class with Chef Ely Salar. These are definitely sweet!

So what is the difference of sweet from savoury?

Savoury, also known as umami – like sweet, sour, salty, and bitter – is one of the five basic tastes. But this particular basic taste sensation occurs with one or more of the other tastes. Therefore, the term “savoury” is also used as an umbrella term for non-sweet foods. Or it could also mean the opposite of sweet in the cuisine world. Other descriptions of savory foods are full of flavor, delicious, and tasty. Also, “savoury” and “savory” are interchangeable; they mean the same thing.

Examples of savory foods are meat, fish, and vegetables. Cooks prepare savoury dishes with a minimal amount of sugar and don’t focus on achieving a sweet taste. And if sweet foods are for indulging your sweet tooth, savory foods are the ones you eat to satisfy hunger.

corned beef brisket savoury the bailiwick academy chef gabby prats
This corned beef brisket is a savoury dish.

Can a food be sweet and savory at the same time?

So basically, sweet is sweet. Savoury, on the other hand, are all the foods that aren’t sweet. Like this person said on a forum, “When I go buy crepes, they come in sweet and savory. The sweet ones are the dessert ones, and the savory ones are more like entrees. I always figured savory was the opposite of sweet.” That’s probably why we all think the same thing too. Or that’s why that’s the general use of the term “savoury.”

But can a food item be both sweet and savoury at the same time? The answer is yes; there are sweet, savoury dishes. Sweet and savoury flavors often go together in the same dish. And usually, food that combines both tastes are the ones that make a party in your mouth happen!

What food is sweet and savory all at once? Well, take a look at potato chips. Potato chips have a version where half of a chip is chocolate. If you bite into one, you end up with a taste that is both sweet and salty. Other sweet and savory food examples are pineapple pizza, sweet and sour pork, and glazed carrots. 

chef rv manabat all natural meat processing the bailiwick academy sweet and savoury
Another example of a sweet and savoury dish is this chicken tocino from our class with Chef RV! It has a nice, sweet taste, but is salty at the same time.

Which is better, sweet food or savoury food?

Well, we all have different tastes. A better question may be to ask what is attractive to the palate at a particular time of the day. We do have different food preferences depending on our mood. No two people are alike; for example, you might prefer food with a salty taste if you get stressed. Others prefer food with a ​​sweet taste. In short, while the question, “What is the difference between savoury and sweet?” is asked, the answer isn’t a competition. You don’t have to make it sweet vs. savory. Instead, enjoy both types of foods! Your taste buds will thank you for subjecting them to varieties of pleasant tastes. 

barbecue steak the bailiwick academy what is the difference between sweet and savoury
If salty, tasty meats taste better with sweet barbecue sauce, why do you have to choose between sweet and savoury? Just enjoy them both!

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