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For Cake Decorators, Pastry Shop Owners, and Baking Enthusiasts...

Craft Exceptional Cake Designs from Scratch
with Chef Marc Kevin Reyes

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Adorn Your Next Cakes with Stunning Decorations

Whether we like it or not, customers perceive the value of our cakes based on how they appear.

If it looks common or too simple, they’ll think it doesn’t taste that good.

But if the cake decorations look stunning, almost everyone assumes it tastes great.

So it’s no longer enough to just bake delicious cakes. You must know how to decorate it, too.

That’s where Chef Marc Kevin Reys can help.

Chef Marc is a sugar flower specialist who creates realistic sugar flowers. He was the Cake Artist for massive celebrity weddings such as Iza Calzado, Moira, Kryz Uy, and many more. 

A Few Samples of Chef Marc's Sketches that Came to Life...

You Can Start Sketching Stylish and Sophisticated Cake Designs Too!

In as little as two hours...

You can gain the skill to sketch and design stunning cake decorations. 

❌ You don't need to be an artist...

❌ You don't need prior sketching experience...

❌ You don't even need to be a "creative"...

All you need is the willingness and determination to learn. 

And of course, a qualified teacher. 

That's where Chef Marc comes in.

Chef Marc Kevin Reyes is a Sugar Flower Specialist and Innovator. He has designed hundreds of cakes for celebrities and influential people.

That's not all. Chef Marc’s creations have also been featured in numerous magazines all over the world.

If you want to know exactly how he designs and decorates his cakes from start to finish, then I’m inviting you to this special event called...

Sketch, Style and Bring Your Creations to Life…

Create Elegant Illustrations and Stunning Perspectives for Cake Presentations to Clients

Learn how to sketch, visualize, and size various cake illustrations and perspectives for client presentations — plus costing basics and how to style and assemble your creation in real life.

The event will happen on April 29, 3-5PM, Kenny Rogers Eton Centris.

In this two-hour class, Chef Marc will talk about…

🎂 Warm up sketch and hands motion
🎂 Idea creation and style
🎂 Discussion on sizing, perspective, styling the cake
🎂 Drafting and sketching process
🎂 Color theory

🎂 Presentation of design
🎂 Styling and assembly demo on real cake and sketch

You’ll Also Receive the Following Bonuses…

✨ Bonus #1: Soft copy of (2) two cake recipes.

✨ Bonus #2: Unlimited access to the recorded live class video at The Bailiwick Academy.

✨ Bonus #3: Organized compilation of classes in your student's dashboard.

✨ Bonus #4: Continued support from the instructor.

✨ Bonus #5: Complimentary snacks.

✨ Bonus #6: Raffle to win a lootbag from Chef Marc’s sponsors.

✨ Bonus #7: Raffle to win an actual designed cake by Chef Marc.

At the end of this workshop…

✔️ You can confidently sketch your designs from scratch…
✔️ Sketch designs perfect to your customer’s wants and desires…
✔️ Increase your cakes’ perceived value increases overnight…
✔️ Sell your cakes and decorations at a higher price…
✔️ Get more compliments and praises from clients…

But most importantly…

You Can Start Sketching Cake Decorations that Immediately Stand Out From The Crowd…

There are many well-designed cakes in the market today.

But there are only a few who know how to sketch beautiful designs and present them to clients quickly.

And not just that…

If you check online, only a few teach how to sketch cake decorations from start to finish.

And if there are free videos, they’re either not step-by-step or too generic.

When you apply everything you’ve learned, you can’t be easily copied.

You will be unique.

You will be sought-after.

You will be in-demand.

If you want that, then I invite you to join the training. 

We’re Only Accepting 30 Students…

Chef Marc is an amazing teacher who wants to make sure everyone learns from his training. 

Aside from the live demonstration, Chef Marc asks, engages, and every now and again, checks each participant’s sketch. 

Since this is only a two-hour training, he can’t possibly check 100+ sketches. We decided on a number that’s not high and not that small. 

We ended up with 30 participants. 

It’s a small number. Chef Marc can teach, entertain questions, and won’t go over extended. 

You can get one of the first 30 spots by clicking the link below:

You Can Join This Exclusive Event for
Only P1,999

You missed out!

Here's what past students are saying about Chef Marc...

You Can Join This Exclusive Event for
Only P1,999

Who is Chef Marc Kevin Reyes?

Marc Kevin Eusebio Reyes, A Sugar Flower Specialist and Innovator, Owner of Magara Sweets / Makerey Cakes and Pastries, located at Bambang Malinao Pasig City.

The Cake decorating and baking career started with one cake that was hand painted with flowers, which caught attention of one company making him Head Pastry and Cake Artist. This is where he first conducted classes on Gum paste Flowers side by side with massive wedding cakes for some Celebrities such as Iza Calzado, Moira, Kryz uy and many more. 

While working, he studied short courses on Culinary and Pastry from his school and started taking courses from international Cake Artist.

Eventually he started his own business that focuses and is known for textured cakes that are completely adorned with beautiful edible florals and botanicals.

If you want to see demonstrate how to create an edible flower from scratch, click the link below

chef joey prats the bailiwick academy
You Can Join This Exclusive Event for
Only P1,999

Are you interested to join but can't make it on April 29, 2023?

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