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Clearing Cache and Cookies: A 2021 Guide

By Grace Parazo / August 6, 2021

Whether you are a new student or you have already enrolled in many classes, this happens. You’re watching your newly purchased class, and after a while, you decide to get back to it tomorrow. Sadly, when you open your laptop or device the next day, the video won’t play! What should you do, especially when […]


Your Success and The Bailiwick Academy

By Steph Cueva / February 17, 2021

How to be successful in life? This is probably the most asked question by almost everybody.  To some, success means wealth, power and fame. Others may gauge their success when they  reach and fulfill their dreams. We all have different views on what success is and all these are certainly valid.  Well, simply because each […]


How to File Your Trademark in the Philippines

By Grace Parazo / May 30, 2019

Have you ever experienced doing dibs on the last fry on the plate? Registering your own trademark is much like having dibs on your own brand. It is a childish comparison but what if you had an idea you just thought of and another person things of the same thing, only at a much later […]


How to View My Purchased Online Classes?

By Grace Parazo / February 19, 2019

After purchasing a class from our website, here’s how to view or go back to your enrolled classes. We ONLY have streaming videos, they cannot be downloaded. So make sure you have a stable internet connection. 1. Sign in to your account at  After signing in, you should be able to see the orange […]


The Bailiwick Academy Vouchers

By Grace Parazo / February 4, 2019

Ways on how to get a VOUCHER: Get Php50 rebate voucher for every Php1,000. Make a review on classes that you’re enrolled in and get 10% discount on your next class. (Go to ALL COURSES and click on the individual class picture, scroll down and you will see the review box. Once you made a […]


Welcome Students

By Grace Parazo / March 23, 2018

I’d like to share with you a short story of a friend I know whom we’ll call Empoy. Empoy was working as a medrep for an emerging company that had HUGE potential. He was enjoying every bit of working for the company and was at the same time excited to see his first born child. […]


The Affiliate Program – How Does It Work?

By Grace Parazo / February 10, 2018

A world without access to education is dark. Our job is to increase the opportunities for people to share their knowledge and earn while doing so, and for students to be able to access these programs anywhere. You too can become a part of our network as an affiliate marketer to get more programs to […]


How Does it Work for the Instructors?

By Grace Parazo / January 24, 2018

At The Bailiwick Academy, we equip and empower our instructors to do more. Classes can be conducted right at home. Lessons resonate across a wider audience. Instructors are not limited to a rigid course outline. Diverse students may post comments, questions, or share relevant information. And there’s no need to facilitate the class time and […]


How Does it Work for the students?

By Grace Parazo / January 23, 2018

At The Bailiwick Academy, we want to help students achieve their full potential through the classes that we offer. So how does this work? Step one, log in to www dot the bailiwick academy dot com. We’ve optimized the site so you can learn from any type of device. Step two, search for a class. […]

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