Fourth Anniversary of The Bailiwick Academy + What to Expect in 2022

fourth anniversary the bailiwick academy

Hello there! Were you able to catch our fourth anniversary celebration last Monday?

As I sit here and type this, I have to admit that I still can’t believe that The Bailiwick Academy is in its fourth year. It means this business my husband and I founded on an idea of spending more time with my family while being able to learn how to bake is still going strong! 

It just makes me go, “WOW!”

And before anything else, I’d like to thank all of those who are continually supporting TBA, especially our dear Bailiwickers. Without you, we wouldn’t have reached our fourth anniversary. 

And now, since I’m feeling a bit sentimental, I want to take a look at some of the things that happened in 2021. Join me in this little trip down memory lane, would you?

Before our fourth anniversary – 2021!

Yes, 2021 was our third anniversary (obviously, haha!) but despite that happy occasion, COVID-19 was still looming over all of us. We thought that come 2021, things would be a bit better since cases were down and the government relaxed protocols. Sadly, numbers started to go up again, and we faced another lockdown when March came around. 

After that lockdown, things were (again) starting to go back to normal. 

Then the Delta variant of COVID-19 entered the country and things got worse, since it meant more lockdowns and more restriction of movements, even with the vaccination rollout. 

On our end, it was so frustrating having restricted movements. How were we supposed to film classes that you Bailiwickers wanted and needed? And as much as we wanted to, we couldn’t hold live events or meet and greets. 

And of course, with the lockdowns came a lot of mental health issues, overwork, and too much thinking. We weren’t spared from lack of income because of the pandemic, and with it came self-doubt, delays, and bouts of us thinking if we were still doing the right thing. We also faced many external challenges, like the rise of new competition, doubters, and so much more.

But we knew that it was exactly because of the pandemic that people still needed what we offered. 

We founded The Bailiwick Academy with the idea of helping people find another source of income in the most convenient and affordable way possible – and it was something that we would continue to do. That’s why despite our doubts and fears, we pushed through.

And that’s why in 2021, we made the following improvements to TBA – all for a better experience for you!

We gave you additional guidance and support.

Knowledge Base

the bailiwick academy fourth anniversary

Because we want to help you find answers to your questions per class quickly and more efficiently, we added the Knowledge Base to your Dashboard. The Knowledge Base is the place to find answers to your frequently asked questions. 

But that’s not all! It’s also a place to find tips and reminders for classes you are enrolled in! Access it anytime under the HELP and SUPPORT section.

And because we’re continuously adding classes and questions and tips, this will always be updated.

Thanks to the Bailiwickers who contributed to it!


If you looked at all our classes before on the website, you might have been overwhelmed by the number. It might have taken you a while to find the class you were looking for!

That’s why on our website, we added categories:

the bailiwick academy fourth anniversary

Choose from Arts and Crafts, Baking, Beverage, Business Support, Cake Decorating, Cooking, and Music!

And if you think there are even better ways to categorize the classes, do let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

We wanted you to be heard.

Speaking of hearing from you, my dear Bailiwickers, we want you to know that your opinions matter very much. And that’s why we love reading your reviews about our classes, whether on our Facebook page:

Or on our website itself!

And because we really appreciate your support for our classes by sending us your brilliant ideas to make TBA better, we’ve been giving away vouchers for every review you make of our classes. And as announced last August, these review vouchers that have been issued from March 2021 are now valid for one year!

So if you haven’t made your reviews yet, do it now!

Even before our fourth anniversary, we wanted to keep celebrating your achievements.

Do you know what makes the TBA team (and especially me of course) really proud? It’s when you, our dear students, achieve a lot thanks to our classes! You’re so industrious, getting all your hands on different classes, all because you want to make your lives better and achieve more.

And not only do we want to brag about you to the rest of the world via our social media posts, we’d also like you to have certificates to represent your accomplishments! The certificates also have signatures from our instructors, so you can rest assured that they’re legitimate, and the instructors themselves are certifying you finished their classes.

You can see them in the Certificates of your dashboard.

Bear them proudly, Bailiwickers!

We added more payment options.


We realized that despite the many payment options on our website, Gcash is still one of the most convenient for plenty of Bailiwickers. That’s why we integrated the Gcash payment option in our website!

If you haven’t watched the video yet regarding this, click here. Make sure you’ve joined the The Bailiwick Academy Student Lounge!

Installment options

And because we know plenty of you out there want to enroll in our classes, but can’t afford to pay in one go, we added installment payment options for your convenience. It’s not only for our classes; you can apply installment for your purchases in the TBA shop too!

Read about our various installment options here!

Before our fourth anniversary, we wanted to make TBA bigger!

We’re sure you’d agree that more people have to know about TBA. And because we also want to have more reach to help even more people, we did a media launch!

It was hosted by DJ Suzy of Magic 89.9, and we invited members of the media as well as mommy influencers to an afternoon of baking. 

the bailiwick academy dj suzy

They learned to make my recipe of choco peanut butter bars. It was an afternoon full of fun and fellowship with fellow moms.

fourth anniversary the bailiwick academy

We also teamed up with Hanabishi and Mega Global for two events for LazMall!

We hit plenty of views, all thanks to your support! Without you, we wouldn’t have reached the views we did on those two days.

We celebrated your successes with you.

Whenever our dear students apply their learnings from our classes and take that next step. For example, Bailiwicker Rex had this to share:

And Bailiwicker Ludy shares her positive results after taking classes, too:

Bailiwicker Jackie has even opened her own store in Canada:

It just makes our hearts swell with so much pride. And it warms our hearts knowing that we’ve really helped change lives.

We treated you like family (and we still will!)

Speaking of heartwarming, we love how you Bailiwickers celebrate the wins of your fellow cooks and bakers. 

Like when Bailiwicker Kathleen won the Hanabishi Airfryer Oven:

fourth anniversary

And you all poured out nothing but congratulations for her.

fourth anniversary

And whenever students have questions, you all do your best to answer their questions. Like when Bailiwicker Malou had a question about the ingredients of Chef Jimbo’s egg pie class:

And many of you answered her right away.

And we really appreciate it when you share your own individual techniques with other students, like Bailiwicker Marilou:

fourth anniversary the bailiwick academy

Thank you Bailiwickers for also taking up our mission of helping your fellow home cooks, mommies, daddies, and bakers.

We also love, love, LOVE how you are just so thankful and grateful to us!

fourth anniversary
fourth anniversary

All your words just encourage us more to keep doing what we’re doing – and to be even better.

What comes after our fourth anniversary?

So with all the amazing things that happened despite the pandemic last 2021, do you think we can top them this 2022?

You can bet that we’re going to do nothing but try!

New look for our website

Our goal is to have an even bigger and better TBA for our dear students. For example, we have already updated the look of our website:

fourth anniversary the bailiwick academy

Affiliate program – on its fourth anniversary and still going strong

And, we’re also going to continue our affiliate/referral program for you to achieve even more earnings and abundance. It’s our reward for students who are spreading the word about TBA. Learn while you earn!

Check out your student dashboard for help on how to activate it.

New things coming up

Last 2021, we already added four new instructors to our roster: Angel Llamanzares Martinez, Chef Miko Llamanzares Aspiras, Chiqui Ortiz Dingcong, and Chef John Cu-Unjieng. You can bet that this year, we’ll be looking to add even more top-quality classes taught only by the best chefs and minds! You’ll have even more resources to level up!

More events

We hope COVID-19 will become endemic soon so that we can see all of you face-to-face. Meeting you all online is great, but we’re sure you’ll agree that meeting each other in the real world is so much better! Just keep an eye out for our future posts!

More gifts for you – even before our fourth anniversary!

If you noticed during our fourth anniversary event, we gave away anniversary vouchers! Did you see it in your dashboard?

fourth anniversary

But not only that, we asked you to update your birthdays in your profile… so you can get your TBA birthday vouchers!

fourth anniversary

Get a class at 30% off – all on us! It’s valid for the whole month of your birthday ONLY, so make sure to use it before the month ends!

Final Thoughts

fourth anniversary the bailiwick academy

I’m excited for what 2022 will bring to The Bailiwick Academy and to your Bailiwickers. I hope you are too! Again, thank you all. Without you, we wouldn’t have reached where we are today.

Hopefully, by our fifth anniversary, we can all celebrate in person! In the meantime, just keep on visiting our Facebook page, the Lounge, and the website for new developments – especially your favorite: sales!

See you inside our classes and The Bailiwick Academy Student Lounge!

P.S. If you’re reading this and you’re still on the fence about signing up with us, don’t let yourself experience FOMO! Enroll now at any of our classes at The Bailiwick Academy!

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