Rex Cabellon: Finding Success From A Bonus Recipe

Living abroad is by no means easy.  Life is always hectic and full.  Juggling a twelve to sixteen-hour  job and parental duties coupled with no helpers is no easy feat.  But as entrepreneurial Pinoys are, we always find ways to earn extra on the side no matter how busy we are.  Mr. Rex Cabellon is no different from the rest of us. How significant was The Bailiwick Academy to his success?

Working as a Nurse Aid in a nursing home in Canada, he has his hands full already with the demands of the job.  However, baking has always been a passion of his and he decided to pursue this as a side job.

Rex Cabellon

Rex’s Baking Backstory

Rex has shown interest in baking while he was still living in the Philippines.  He attended some workshops but they didn’t really make an impact on his baking skills. 

Rex moved to Canada to search for greener pastures fifteen years ago.  He would attend workshops while on vacation in Manila.  He really was serious in improving his craft. 

Rex also spent a lot of time experimenting with recipes and techniques he got from the internet. He started giving out his baked goods to his friends and he was selling a few cakes here and there. Until one day an opportunity fell on his lap.  This was also about the same time that he discovered The Bailiwick Academy.

As Fate Would Have It

He saw this as a blessed coincidence. It was fate. It was meant to be.

Rex was invited to showcase his baked goods in a fair. He wanted to do well and he knows that his techniques needed some improvement. He admittedly enrolled in a class because he realised he needs help in improving his baking techniques. 

At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised that The Bailiwick Academy gave him not just the  proper techniques but better recipes as well. 

Recipes that have been tried, tested and perfected by well-known and seasoned chefs. 

The chef instructors were also very supportive and encouraging.  To his amazement, Rex sold out his very first fair.  His baked goods literally flew off the shelves and he was done in just half a day!

That was just the start. 

Work And Baking

Today, Rex has a registered business! And this was made by hard work, sacrifice and sheer determination. His Dessert Plus by Rex took Saskatoon by storm. And soon to conquer Regina, the Saskatchewan capital. Indeed, Rex is going places!

His weekends and some days in the week are brimming with orders of cakes and breads.  He wants to accommodate more orders but a one-man team can only do so much. With a full- time job and family duties, how does he manage to do all of these?

His answer is simple: TIME MANAGEMENT. 

For starters, he opens slots for pre-orders on certain days and weekends. 

This way, he will be able to budget his time from  prepping his ingredients, baking, decorating, folding boxes and other stuff he needs to do.  He even allots time for sleeping and unexpected emergency runs to the grocery!

Moreover, he times his baking in such a manner that he can bake his cakes while his breads are proofing. (Check out some baking classes )

Very efficient, don’t you think?  He also has perfected a system with how he washes his baking tools while more products are still in the oven and some are in the mixer!

He does the prepping, baking, decorating, packaging and washing all by himself. 

Best Sellers Learned From The Bailiwick Academy

It is quite common that fellow Filipinos yearn for some good ‘ol Pinoy delicacies, Rex’s baked goods have been picked up by a local restaurant in Saskatoon, Canada. 

An entire shelf was allotted to him so he can showcase his products. Among his best sellers are Siopao, Pan de Coco, Spanish Bread and Ensaymada.

He is proud to say that all of his best sellers were learned from The Bailiwick Academy. These don’t really last long on the shelves of the restaurant.  That’s how in demand his baked goods are!

Shelf in the restaurant

Custard Cake Love

We have talked about Rex’s best-selling products. But his Custard Cake deserves a special mention. It is super popular in his local  community and within The Bailiwick Academy’s global community as well.  He even earned the nickname “the Cum Laude of Custard Cakes”! 

His version, some would teasingly comment, parang “nagpa-derma”. They are referring to the super smooth and blemish-free custard on top of a perfectly baked chiffon cake. 

And guess what? This recipe is a bonus recipe from the Irresistible Silvanas class. How wonderful is that? Rex turned something free to a best-selling product!

Custard Cake from Irresistible Silvanas

His Success and The Bailiwick Academy

Despite his success, Rex remained humble and hardworking. He encourages and helps his fellow Bailiwickers by patiently answering their baking related queries on the community page. He even made a step- by -step guide on his technique on how to achieve his beautiful Custard Cake.

Admittedly, Rex owes most of his success to The Bailiwick Academy.  He learned the proper techniques that weren’t on Youtube or Google.

More than 75% of the baked goods I make are from The Bailiwick Academy!”

He also learned and realised that “pwede na” should not be the norm but rather aim for perfection.

He has these to say to newbies and aspiring bakers.

“ My failed attempts prompted me to do better. The word “palpak” is motivation for me. If you don’t succeed on your first or second attempt, don’t stop! Don’t quit! Sayang ang inumpisahan. Be patient. Huwag magmadali.”

Patience, hard work, determination and The Bailiwick Academy are the components to Rex Cabellon’s success.  

Watch the rest of Rex’s story here:

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