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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How do I sign up?

Signing up is FREE! Just go to

  1. Type your first name.
  2. Enter your working email address.
  3. Read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you agree, place a tick mark on “I agree on the terms of service” and, 
  4. Click on SIGN UP! 

I already registered a few hours ago but I did not receive any activation link. What should I do?

Contact us thru our Facebook page: The Bailiwick Academy and let us know the email address you used in signing up in our website.

I clicked on the “Confirm subscription” button but it has an error of activation link is invalid. What should I do?

This means your account has been activated before. Please go back to our site The Bailiwick Academy, login with your email address and password. If you forgot your password, click on forgot password in the login window.

I do not have an email address, how can I sign up?

Unfortunately, we need a valid email address to sign you up. The Bailiwick Academy would require this as a security measure to protect its members and instructors.

What are the mode of payments?

The fastest way to pay is via Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, the system will guide you through the process of signing up or use the “Credit/Debit Card” option. 

We also accept online banking, over the counter (OTC), remittance centers (MLhuillier, Cebuana), bayad centers, SM Department Stores etc. thru Dragonpay Checkout. 

If you can’t find a payment option suitable for you, please contact us thru our Facebook page and we’ll do it manually.

How can I pay for a class?

Just go to and login to your account.

  1. Enter your email address used in signing up
  2. Enter your password. 
  3. Click “Login”.
  4. Select a class that you want to enroll in and click “ENROLL NOW”.
  5.  Proceed with the checkout using Paypal or your credit/debit card or Dragonpay checkout.

I’m outside the Philippines and I don’t have a Paypal account, can I still enroll in your class?

Yes. we accept credit / debit cards thru Paypal. You don’t have to register in Paypal if you don’t want to, just type in your credit / debit card details during checkout.

If you also don’t have any credit/debit card or simply don’t want to use them, contact us and we can do a direct deposit or remittance.

How can I download the videos?

All videos are accessed through streaming to your computer, tablet or ay mobile device. There is no option for video downloads. However, you can download the class materials / recipe used in the class.

How can I access the videos that I enrolled?

Login to your account and click on the button that says “Go to MY CLASS”.  Click this link to learn more.

How can I view the free videos?

To gain access to the free videos, go to ALL COURSES and enroll in that class. 

How long can I view the videos?

We want our students to master every skill that they are interested in. So you’ll get LIFETIME access to all the videos that you will avail at The Bailiwick Academy! 

I’m only available during weekends, how can I attend your classes?

All of our classes are pre-recorded. There’s no schedule. You can take our classes anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

How do I avail discounts in my classes?

You can get discounts through our rebate program, affiliate program and by making a review on our classes. Click here to learn more about our TBA Wallet.

I just paid for a video but I still do not have access to it?

Payments made thru remittance centers like MLhuillier / Cebuana etc and over the counter usually takes 24hrs. before Dragonpay confirms it. If after 24hrs. you still can’t see the class in your account, contact Dragonpay or contact us through our Facebook page The Bailiwick Academy or use the FB messenger button below.

The video takes time to play, what should I do?

This may likely be an internet connection issue.  You may want to try to change the video resolution. All videos are in HD and may need to be adjusted for slow internet speeds. On the video window, click on the gear icon for  settings, then select the best video quality for your connection.

I would like to pay for the class and give it as a gift for my friend, how should I pay?

Awww.. how thoughtful of you! 🙂 If you wish to give it as a gift. Ask your friend to sign up first then you proceed with the normal payment. After confirming your payment, contact us using the messenger button below so we could assign the class to your friend’s account.

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