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Empanada Types in the Philippines

By Noel Salazar / May 30, 2022

Hello, there! Do you love empanadas like us? Out of the blue, did you know that there are different empanada types in the Philippines? That’s right! You may have experienced, say, the Ilocos empanada, but there’s also an empanada type that is a sweet dessert.  Read on as we discuss what empanada is, and the […]


How to Serve Fruits: 10 Creative Ways!

By Noel Salazar / March 5, 2022

Hello, The Bailiwick Academy blog readers! Do you love fruits? We do too! And with so many to choose from, you might find yourself wondering how to serve fruits in a more interesting way. You know, for variety or for a change. Well, not to worry. Read on for a few ideas on how to […]


Silvanas: A close look at these delicious treats!

By Noel Salazar / September 9, 2021

Don’t you love eating silvanas? We certainly do! What’s not to love about them? These sugary treats are a favorite of Filipinos, both young and old. That’s why today, we’re going to take a quick, closer look at silvanas! Let’s get to it. What are silvanas? They are supposedly the smaller versions of sans rival […]


Ways To Look Your Best

By Steph Cueva / May 6, 2021

Competition is real … and fierce! We have to keep up or else we are going to be left behind.  We perfected our ensaymadas, hopias, pan de sals, kimchis and cakes, so, what’s next? Do they look enticing in pictures? How about you? Do you look presentable when delivering your goods? Meeting up with clients? […]


Beyond The Ordinary with Mayen Orido

By Steph Cueva / April 8, 2021

Cakes that defy gravity? Is that a bottle…oh no, it’s a cake! Ooooh, that bag is expensive…wait, it’s not a bag…it’s a cake! I’m sipping my coffee and eating the mug too! Whaaaat?!!! Are these cakes for real? Yes, they are! As real as you and me. Meet Mayen Orido. She’s the female powerhouse that […]


Chef RV Manabat: The Bailiwick Academy Spotlight [Updated 2021]

By Rambo Sinfuego / December 9, 2020

If you’re going to eat a dish made by Chef RV Manabat, it’s guaranteed to be delicious. When it comes to food or even just a recipe from Chef Manabat, it’s definitely amazing! But who is Chef RV Manabat, exactly? RV Manabat is a well-known name in the culinary scene, especially in baking. Don’t get […]


Different types of Ganache

By RM Javines / May 6, 2018

We published a blog called “the different types of icing” as well as a post called “Whats the difference:Compound vs. Couverture chocolate”. We were able to touch a specific kind of icing as well as an application for couverture chocolate- the Ganache.  Now we will delve deep in this special kind of icing. Chocolate obviously […]


How to start and succeed in Amigurumi

By RM Javines / April 8, 2018

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting stuffed yarn creatures. The word is a combination of the Japanese words ami (knitted) and nuigurumi (Stuffed doll). It has gained recent popularity due to the Kawaii (cute and adorable) culture Japan has brought to the US and the rest of the world. Now that you […]


A basic guide to Pinoy Breads-Part 2

By RM Javines / April 1, 2018

Here’s the continuation of the guide to Pinoy Breads.   Kababayan This sweet and small gong-shaped morsel as been the stape of our afternoon snacks for generations. Kababayan translated to “my fellow countryman” and the bread resembles the straw hats our filipino farmers wear. Mamon These circular, chiffon-like bread takes a lot of forms but […]

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