TBA Success Stories

Wondering how TBA success stories go? Well, remember, we promised that when you enroll in our baking and cooking classes, your life will change for the better! You’ll upskill, impress your family and gain plenty of self-confidence while you learn at your own pace.

And most of all, you’ll be able to turn your passion into a profitable business. You’ll be able to build your own baking or cooking empire!

You don’t have to take our word for it though. Read through the stories of some of our successful Bailiwickers!

Rose Cardwell

tba success stories

Rose, a Cainta-based home baker, has this to say about enrolling in The Bailiwick Academy:

“Because of the classes and the encouragement of the instructors, I have learned how and where to sell my products. I now constantly challenge myself each day. When I lie in bed at night, I allow my imagination to think of how to have the best products in succeeding days. I challenge myself to learn and level up all the time by trying to create show-stopping cakes and pastries, whether in taste or in presentation. I overcame the fear of competing in the market. I now confidently set the price on my products simply because I know I’m selling premium products.”

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Rex Cabellon

rex cabellon tba success stories

Rex is a Canada-based Bailiwicker! He started out there as a nurse aide in a nursing home, but because baking is his true passion, he decided to start baking as a side job. How did it go for him?

Well, currently, Rex has a registered business: Dessert Plus by Rex, and his weekends are full of orders of cakes and bread. And all of his in-demand bestsellers came from the recipes of TBA!

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Jackie Isip

tba success stories

Jackie is a Canada-based baker. She started out as a personal care worker but lost her job because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That didn’t stop her from looking for success though, and because of that, she found out about TBA! This is what she had to say:

Free recipes and tutorials are not comparable to the classes of The Bailiwick Academy. You gain a lot of knowledge, the correct techniques, and useful tips. It helps a lot. The chef-instructors are all professionals and highly skilled. My skills have improved greatly. Ever since I took up classes at The Bailiwick Academy I never went back to Youtube.  Also, the fee is so worth it! When I enroll in a class I don’t think of the money I spend. The classes pay for themselves. Because of The Bailiwick Academy,  I don’t need to look for a job anymore. “

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Joanna Cabrera-Tabuac

Here’s what Ireland-based Bailiwicker Joanna had to say after she took various courses at The Bailiwick Academy (translated to English):

“I can now let go of my regular job because I earn double via baking! Dreams do come true!”


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Ma. Bernadette D. Kawasaki

Maria is a Bailiwicker based in Japan. How did our classes fare over there, you ask? Well, here’s Maria’s account about how the Japanese received her products:

“Japanese people are hard to please when it comes to desserts, bread, and pastries because they have the best here. But they always give my bread and cakes a thumbs up. My regular clients are always willing to shoulder the courier charge – they love what I make a lot! I think of their smiling faces every time I bake because I want them to feel happy when they eat my baked goodies. And thank God, they really are always happy. I know it because they send me thank-you messages every after delivery.”

And she’s feeling the love monetarily as well!

Continue reading Maria’s TBA success story here.


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