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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 10 Things Dads Really Like!

By Noel Salazar / June 13, 2022

Last month we gave you gift ideas for Mother’s Day. For this month (and this blog post), since it’s the time of the year for the men in our lives (this coming Sunday, June 19), we’ll be talking about Father’s Day gift ideas!  We know it can be hard to think of a gift because […]


Is Cake Keto? [and Other Keto Cake Questions 2022]

By Noel Salazar / March 25, 2022

“Is cake keto?” You might be wondering about that very important question if one, you’ve been told to start keto by your doctor or your nutritionist, and two, you love eating sweet, sugary cakes. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the usual cake batter for any cake flavor is not keto. But here’s good news […]


Leftover Egg White Ideas [2022 edition]

By Grace Parazo / March 12, 2022

Hello home cooks and home bakers! I’m sure that plenty of you – including myself – have encountered recipes that require the use of egg yolks. And while we like those recipes, those recipes also leave us plenty of unused egg whites. That’s why without further ado, I’m going to talk about leftover egg white […]


How to Serve Fruits: 10 Creative Ways!

By Noel Salazar / March 5, 2022

Hello, The Bailiwick Academy blog readers! Do you love fruits? We do too! And with so many to choose from, you might find yourself wondering how to serve fruits in a more interesting way. You know, for variety or for a change. Well, not to worry. Read on for a few ideas on how to […]


“Why should I take cake baking lessons?”

By Grace Parazo / July 8, 2021

If you like baking, the question “Why should I take cake baking lessons?” might be running through your mind. Well, you know one of the reasons why I took up baking classes? Well, one time, I was craving a particular cake flavor. I excitedly went to the bakeshop to purchase my sweet and delicious treat. […]


Learn The Art of Edible Flowers

By Steph Cueva / November 7, 2020

Edible Flowers are more than food and decorations on cakes, they are edible art! Making one seems intimidating but following my technique, cost-saving tips and guidance using printable modules will surely elevate and transform your flowers and cake decorating skills… CHEF MARC KEVIN REYES Edible flowers are making a mark in the cake decorating world. […]

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