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Canva Beginner Questions, Answered!

By Grace Parazo / April 2, 2022

Hello, everyone! Have you read my blog post Top 12 Tools Every Online Business Owner Should Use? If not, you should! And if yes, you might have seen that I mentioned Canva. Have you tried it out? Do you still feel like a Canva beginner?  If yes, don’t worry! That’s the whole reason for this […]


Best Cooking Tips for Beginners!

By Grace Parazo / March 19, 2022

Hello, Bailiwickers and other readers of our blog! Did you find our last post (Leftover Egg White Ideas) useful? Well, hopefully, you’ll find this article useful as well, especially if plenty of you are beginner home cooks. I’ll be talking about the best cooking tips for beginners.  In my years of trying to be a […]


Baker in Japan: Bailiwicker Maria!

By Grace Parazo / January 1, 2022

Hello everyone! Happy New Year and happy 2022! Woohoo! Are you excited to take the first step in becoming an amazing cook or baker (or even both) by enrolling in The Bailiwick Academy? We’re excited for you too! And because we’re striving to always make things better for our Bailiwickers (like our baker in Japan […]


Bakery Success Story: TBA Student Rose Cardwell

By Grace Parazo / December 25, 2021

As you read this, it’s already Christmas of 2021. So before anything else, a Merry Christmas to all of you, especially our dear Bailiwickers! And now, let’s get to the meat of this post. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than our dear students attaining bakery success or business success. That’s the best gift we […]


Philippine Famous Festivals We Miss Attending!

By Noel Salazar / September 30, 2021

Do you know one of the reasons we hate COVID-19? Aside from pretty much shutting down the world and changing the way we live? It’s that it’s preventing us from doing any form of social gathering. That means a lot of Philippine famous festivals didn’t push through this year. And holding festivals in the country […]


How can You Make Money Online? [2021 edition]

By Grace Parazo / September 23, 2021

How can you make money online this 2021, you ask? Well, there are actually plenty of ways. (Just don’t ask us “How can I earn money without doing anything?” That’s kind of impossible.) If you are looking for ways to earn extra money or make as your full-time job, read this list. You’ll get a […]


Pinoy Christmas Party Food Ideas!

By Noel Salazar / September 1, 2021

As we say in the Philippines, “Ber months na!” And the Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas on the planet, so you know what happens as soon as the Ber months hit. You yourself might be putting up your Christmas tree already! And speaking of a Filipino Christmas, it is never truly a Pinoy Christmas without food. […]


Clearing Cache and Cookies: A 2021 Guide

By Grace Parazo / August 6, 2021

Whether you are a new student or you have already enrolled in many classes, this happens. You’re watching your newly purchased class, and after a while, you decide to get back to it tomorrow. Sadly, when you open your laptop or device the next day, the video won’t play! What should you do, especially when […]


How Can I Manage My Time Better?

By Noel Salazar / July 29, 2021

So you’re a home baker. You’re also a baking student, studying all the courses that you have bought here at The Bailiwick Academy. Add being a mom, a wife, and having a full-time job. The question is, what’s your daily schedule like? Do you get to have personal time? Are you achieving goals you’ve set […]

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