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As you read this, it’s already Christmas of 2021. So before anything else, a Merry Christmas to all of you, especially our dear Bailiwickers! And now, let’s get to the meat of this post. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than our dear students attaining bakery success or business success. That’s the best gift we can ever receive! It only means that the hard work we do in producing our videos, and all the instruction that our chefs do, are all worth it.

And because we’re proud of our students, we love to share their wins! We’re featuring one of them today, Rose Cardwell of RC Cakes and Pastries, based in Cainta, Rizal. Read on and get to know Rose and how enrolling in The Bailiwick Academy (TBA) helped her make her home-based bakery a big success.

Who is Rose?

Rose has been interested in baking and cooking since forever. She graduated with a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. She also took a culinary course at a well-known school here in the Philippines. As you can figure out, she has always had the passion to learn some baking skills and turn her passion into a business.

Rose with her husband and one of her two children

How did her The Bailiwick Academy journey start?

Because she really wanted to start a baking business, she kept looking for ways how to start one. Then she came across TBA through social media. However, she didn’t enroll right away. “I was a bit hesitant simply because I’m thinking if this will be a good investment of time and money,” she confesses. But eventually, she did push through with signing up, and she was so glad she did. “Since I realized that I can watch and do the course at my pace and my own time, I enrolled. Plus, I have lifetime access to all my courses! I realized it’s worth the money.”

bakery success the bailiwick academy
Rose watching one of Chef Miko’s classes at the comfort of her home

Rose also describes TBA classes as all easy to follow. “The instructors are very engaging too,” she gushes. “I am pleased that I can send all of my questions to the TBA chefs. They are also more than willing to answer all my questions related to the courses that I enrolled in.”

Her first two courses were the Artisan Ensaymada class and the Flaky Gourmet Empanadas, both by Chef Joey Prats. “After I finished watching those videos, I was so proud of myself to be able to come out with perfect outputs,” Rose shares. “I let some of my friends taste my cooking and they all gave very good feedback. They encouraged me to start selling.” That led to her weekends being packed with orders of both ensaymada and empanadas.

bakery success the bailiwick academy
Rose with her empanadas and ensaymadas

How does TBA differ from other schools or cooking academies?

Even though Rose has already had experience with different chef instructors and other schools, she found some online courses she took expensive and also not engaging. “There are some that are way cheaper, of course, but the output isn’t all that interesting; it will be hard to sell your outputs,” she says. “Also, with other schools, you won’t be able to consult the chefs personally in case you need help with the steps or ingredients.”

For her, TBA was still a cut above the rest. “The Bailiwick Academy has great and high caliber chefs. They are so generous and wholeheartedly share their expertise,” Rose explains. “All instructors really encourage the students to dream big and explore. There are a wide number of choices of classes to choose from this school. I appreciate that plus, I can tell that each course is well studied and developed, so each one really stands out in the market.”

Rose sharing her experience with our Art of Edible Flowers class and TBA instructor Chef Mark Kevin Reyes

How has TBA helped her achieve bakery success?

Rose credits TBA for really kickstarting her bakery success. “After I learned some baking skills and perfected some recipes from my courses at The Bailiwick Academy, I started selling cakes and pastries,” she says. “I started in 2019. My best sellers are ensaymada and empanada.” Her business is now also officially DTI registered.

bakery success the bailiwick academy
Rose’s business’ logo

Of course, she didn’t stop at just those two products. “During the graduation month of the year 2020, my best selling cake was the Salted Caramel, one of Chef Bam’s classes.”

I also got the opportunity to serve food during a prom party. I presented a dessert buffet!” she exclaims. “And since that one event, I got more calls for orders of bread and desserts.”

bakery success the bailiwick academy
Rose’s products at a prom

Rose doesn’t only use her TBA skills for business, though. “All the cooking classes TBA that I took up became my family’s favorite menu for special occasions and for special weekend dinners,” she relates. “I have also done cooking for gatherings with friends, and they’re all hits!” Because of that, she and her family now barely eat outside or order food deliveries. Her family would rather have her cook instead.

No need to eat out or order food for Rose’s family, thanks to The Bailiwick Academy!

And because Rose’s goal is really to develop her baking and cooking skills, and to level up her menu to be able to compete with established brands, she is really thankful to TBA because she feels like her skill have really leveled up. “I have become more confident in creating products. I have also learned to explore, to invent, and to modify recipes without fear.”

bakery success the bailiwick academy
One of Rose’s creations: a twist on the salted caramel cake

Aside from cooking and baking skills, how else did Bailiwick help her achieve bakery success?

Rose credits TBA for more than just developing her skills. “Because of the classes and the encouragement of the instructors, I have learned how and where to sell my products. I now constantly challenge myself each day,” she relates. “When I lie in bed at night, I allow my imagination to think of how to have the best products in succeeding days. I challenge myself to learn and level up all the time by trying to create show-stopping cakes and pastries, whether in taste or in presentation.”

Rose has also learned plenty for her business. “I overcame the fear of competing in the market. I now confidently set the price on my products simply because I know I’m selling premium products.” And at the same time, she makes sure to not break the trust students place in her. “Now that I’m selling premium products, I make sure to keep my integrity by always using the best ingredients and by making sure my work area is clean so that my products are always safe to consume. Trust is hard to build, and happy, returning customers are the key to bakery success.”

bakery success the bailiwick academy
One of Rose’s happy clients

What are her goals for the future?

Rose is not one to rest on her laurels. She plans to keep adding new recipes to her arsenal, as well as continually improve her skills. “One day, I want to mentor others in baking,” she shares.

Rose’s class purchases during the recent TBA sale

Enroll in The Bailiwick Academy to achieve your own bakery success!

Rose recommends enrolling in TBA if you want to have a successful bakery business. “Enrolling in TBA is a great way to learn both baking and cooking, as well as other practical stuff. I love the humble and very down-to-earth chefs!” she exclaims. “They are very approachable. I also love the courses being offered and the passion of the people behind TBA. They make sure to listen to the needs of students and come out with some webinars that are very practical and helpful.”

More of Rose’s cake work, all thanks to The Bailiwick Academy

Were you inspired by Rose’s story? We definitely hope so! If you’re interested in attaining your own bakery success, sign up with us now. Check out these benefits:

bakery success the bailiwick academy

Signing up is free, plus you get a Php500 sign up voucher, which you can apply to the first class you enroll in. Isn’t that great?

So what are you waiting for? Join us now at The Bailiwick Academy!

*Some answers were changed for brevity and clarity.

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