Online Class: How to Make Salted Caramel Cake

What is with Salted Caramel that it took the world by storm?

It is in all sorts of pastries and desserts. ice cream, macarons, cakes, brittles, nougat, creme brule and other form of sweet.

What sorcery is that?

Why hello caramel!

Let us begin by getting ourselves acquainted or re-acquainted with the beloved caramel. In just my opinion, other than chocolate, we are very much familiar with caramel. Well not in a way that we can identify different sweets with caramel in them but we have tasted or even seen them but may have no idea that it has caramel in them.

So what is caramel? Caramel is made by heating sugar. The word caramel was derived from the Spanish word Caramelo, which means candy.

From caramel comes different heavenly concoctions. When mixed with cream it becomes caramel sauce. Now mixed with butter, cream and vanilla you can make Toffee and of course why we are all here, Salted Caramel.

Enter Henri Le Roux

Where did Salted Caramel come from?

Salted caramel is not a recent invention by modern alchemists nor is it a classic recipe. It was made by Henri Le Roux more than 30years ago

Henri Le Roux is a chocolatier. He learned from his father who was a famous pastry chef. He studied at COBA in Switzerland which was the only candy school at the time.

When he went back he spent time with ice cream and creams. But he wanted to stand out and searched for a new product. Since he was in Brittany, France he used what was accessible, salted butter.

After testing, he finally came up with his Salted Caramel. It was an unexpected success. News traveled fast because of word of mouth.

It was that good! Imagine the speed on how the news broke out without Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

He now runs a very successful global chocolate company named Maison Le Roux.

Why is Salted Caramel so addictive?

Have you tasted salted caramel flavored cakes, ice creams or anything with it? Once you have started you can’t stop. The saltiness cuts through the rich caramel. Your taste buds do not tire and ask for another flavor.

Apparently, its addictiveness has caught the attention of researchers as to why.

The research led by University of Florida, found out that we get high! Well not exactly high but it was like taking heroin. This is because our brain releases heroin like chemicals called  endogenous opioids when we take in something sweet, salty or fatty. All of which are found in Salted Caramel!

Now you know where to get that high!

Get that high, from your own kitchen!

Yes you! You can whip up your own addictive salted caramel cakes.

Imagine that luscious salted caramel on top off an amazing chiffon! You not only ensure the freshness but know what you put in your table.

Why not learn how to make Ms Bam’s famous Salted Caramel Cake?

Ms Bam Piencenaves is a well known baker and cake designer in the Philippines. She has made cakes for different occasions for celebrities, runs her baking studio named Custom Cakes by Bam and does workshops hosts several workshops on her studio and one of them is her famous Salted Caramel Cake.

The popular workshop is now available online! Watch the preview below.

See below on what you can learn from her online class.

Here is Ms Bam Piencenaves at her studio “Custom Cakes by Bam” where she does her workshops.
You have to start the cake with the best chiffon. Make the fluffiest and tastiest one for your Salted Caramel.
She will teach you how to get the right consistency to get it perfect every time.
All that mixture will turn into thet chiffon soon!
We also got you covered on the decorating part. Learn how to make Italian Meringue Buttercream, also called IMBC.
Just like here as she is explaining and showing how to check your mixture.
Every step of the way we check for consistency. We want this to be perfect!
We got to keep on working on that mixture but we  must also learn when to stop.
Now that you know how to make the buttercream, let us pipe some flowers like these scabiosas.
And some more! Learn how to do the techniques on piping chrysanthemums.
Of course, Ms Bam teaches how to make Salted Caramel. It is not just caramel and salt, no sir!
Get the right mixture and proper procedure and get liquid gold!
Look at that lovely finish! We are not done yet! Remember the flower decors we did?
Let us prepare first the cake by adding some of those buttercream for basic calligraphy piping.
Here she’s teaching how to arrange the flowers. Now this will make a great celebration cake wouldn’t it?
Time to put on some leaves.

Check out the comments of the students who took the class.

Made this cake for my friend on her 59th birthday. Ang sarap at nagustuhan ng mga bisita. Sobrang perfect ung chiffon cake nya. Thanks to Chef Bam sa mga techniques na binahagi nya. Thanks din sa Bailiwick academy for the online courses nila. God bless 

Mary Grace

 Made this cake yesterday at masaya akong nagawa ko ng maayos agad! Super yummy! super soft ng chiffon! Noon ko pa gustong matutunan ang pag gawa nito kaso nga lang wala ako time makaattend ng ws… at good thing nagkaroon ng online…super happy ako at grabbed ko agad…ung step napakadaling sundan…napakaclear ng explanation ni Miss Bam.

Aireen Sarmiento

Im so happy i bought this class. This is the Best Caramel Cake Ever! I made this for my son’s birthday and they all loved it! Super soft and fluffy chiffon.


This is the best caramel cake I have ever tasted! I am so happy I signed up for this class. Easy to follow.


I followed the recipe step by step and got wonderful results! I have been wanting to take this class but due to my location, I couldn’t. This makes it easier. I can watch the videos over and over again. The instructions are easy to understand and follow! I hope to get more classes here soon! Please add more classes. 

NJ Vieira 

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