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Are you looking for THE BEST ensaymada recipe? Wait... Ensaymada, or is it ensaimada? This popular pastry dish is almost available in every bakery found in the Philippines. Usually it is like as swirl of bread forming a disk shape topped with sugar and in some cases grated cheese. Modern version of these treat are made with cream cheese or with filling or topping.

It is not hard to imagine why it is a popular treat during merienda, or the Philippine version of tea. Soft bread topped with sweet icing or filling then saltiness of the cheese brings contrast to the flavor of the bread.

Buddy Valastro, The Cake Boss tried out our ensaymadas and other Filipino bread when he was here for the TLC festival. He tried the traditional one. He liked the sweetness of the bread and the saltiness from  the cheese. He considered the ensaymada as the best one he has tasted!

Now when he says it is off the hook, it must be that good!

How did we come up with such an amazing pastry? Why the different spelling?


If you search the web the closest one that would pop up is the ensaimada of Mallorca or also known as Majorca. Mallorca,  is sandwiched between the Balearic Sea in the north and the Mediterranean at the south. It is also at Spain’s East and had become its colony.

The entomology of the word ensaimada is quite interesting since “saim” means pork lard in Arabic. The traditional recipe for the Mallorcan ensaimada uses lard. The name ensaimada translates to bread made out of lard.

This may be due to the influence brought about by the Moors. Moors are Arabs from North Africa that conquered most of the Mediterranean including Spain.

The bread is made with flour, eggs, water, yeast and of course lard. The shape, although ours is usually made smaller has the same round and swirled shape such as ours.

The popularity of this bread grew as migrants from Mallorca travelled to South America and brought the recipe with them. The bread had found its way to the Philippines being a colony of Spain. We can even see some of the bakeries offer Ensaymada Mallorca which  I guess is much closer to the original recipe. I have never tried the original ensaimada from Mallorca.

We made the recipe our own to suit the taste and available ingredients in the regions such as butter, cheese available and even salted egg.

As time moved forward we had access to various ingredients and methods to cooking and baking. Our ensaymadas evolved from the simple butter or margarine and sugar toppings.

Here are some of the popular variations.

Classic. This is the swirled and shaped like a disk variation we have been talking about earlier as our version of the ensaimada.  One thing to add is the bread itself. It is described as dense and not puffed as other variations.

Bulacan. This version has Chinese ham and you might see some salted egg as well and topped with cheddar cheese. The bread itself is dense as well.

Pampanga. The Kapampangan has their ensaymada fluffier. Sort of in the middle of being bread like and fluffy. It is also capped with butter and cheese.

Modern. Modern twist has been added to the ensaymada. Incorporating various ingredients such as ube, cream cheese, chocolate and even nutella.

 Making ensaymada is no walk in the park. It may look simple but there are techniques that needs to be mastered to get the best tasting ensaymada.

Chef Joey Prats

Chef Joey Prats has elevated the ensaymada. He has used top notch ingredients and methods to make the pastry even more delicious than it is. Learn how to make them soft and fluffy. Exciting and delicious flavors: Parmigiano Reggiano, Classic Cheddar, Chorizo de Cebu, and Ube (Purple Yam).

His recipe has one of the lightest and fluffiest ensaymada topped with buttercream icing. The cheese cuts through the sweetness of the icing. The different flavors not only add a different dimension of taste but also texture completing the eating experience.

He has been doing live classes of his ensaymada for years and now due to popular demand he is bringing his knowledge online! For one, the slots for his classes are limited. The demand for his class are high. People from the provinces and even around the globe are requesting him to bring this online.

Your requests has been answered as Chef Joey finally produced his Artisan Ensaymada online class, sharing as much knowledge and information. It is almost like you have him as your teacher in your own home!

You may learn more by visiting the class page here.

​​​It is not just a class which teaches skills on making the pastry but he will help you make it into a business. Imagine the return of investment for this popular pastry.

By the way signing up in our website is free! You just pay for the class that you want. Get to see other classes that The Bailiwick Academy has to offer.

Student Feedback

Do not take my word for it. Read some of the feedback of those students who took his class. Some of them has already started selling them! Why wait? Upgrade your skills, enroll now!

I’ve tried 2x to make the Ensaymada but failed. I told myself, If I would do it for the 3rd time it would be a good recipe until I enrolled to Chef Joey Prats Artisan Ensaymada class.... and yes it was a success and now I am receiving orders. Btw, the class is so detailed and tips are very helpful Thank you Chef Joey Prats and Ms Grace

Maribeth Mojica

Pretty long overdue review. A fantastic class indeed! The procedure is very easy to understand and easy to execute. . A perfect course for all level of baking expertise. I highly recommend his classes and looking forward to taking more in the future.


Made it twice already and very much satisfied with the result  soft and fluffy ensaymada. Thanks  sir Joey best ensaymada i made. Super love it!!!

Maria Dizon

I already bake the Artisan Ensaymada that I learned from Chef Joey Prats online Class. It is really soft, fluffy and yummy. I started selling it to my friends and my sister officemates. I highly recommend to take this class because the instructions are easy to follow plus tips on how to make it as business. 

Beth Sajines

I purchased Artisan Ensaymada by Chef Joey Prats 3 weeks ago and I am very happy with the results. I am selling it right now following Chef advice and all my customers are very satisfied. So fluffy and the buttercream is perfect. Not so sweet. By the way I am residing here in the US. Thank you Chef Joey I am highly satisfied.

Jeanette Manlangit Butts

I purchased the ensaymada class by chef joey prats. I am happy and contented with the result of my ensaymada bread. It was really soft and delicious bun..Super thank you for this online class.

Where to buy the ingredients and supplies? 

All ingredients and equipment are straight forward  and you probably have it already in your kitchen. But just in case you're missing something, you can order it from us through our Lazada shop.

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