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Popular Sandwich Spreads the bailiwick academy

Are sandwiches popular in the Philippines? Well, why do you think Pinoy bakery products are popular? And of all the popular sandwich spreads here, you can bet that the Pinoy favorite is a toss-up between cheese spreads and mayonnaise.

But we Filipinos aren’t only limited to those two. And if you indeed are limiting yourself to a particular spread for sandwiches, then we invite you to discover more. You might surprise yourself as you find yourself having a new favorite in the course of trying different spreads for your sandwiches.

So what sandwich filling should you try, exactly? Well, that’s what this article is for. 

In no particular order, let’s take a look at some of the popular (making them the best) sandwich spreads you can try here in the Philippines – whether on bread or if you’re going to eat the spreads directly (you can!).

Oh and just to be clear, when we say sandwiches in this article, we just mean delicious bread and the spread, or the “palaman”. There will be no meats like roast beef or fried fish. If you’re looking for popular sandwich ideas, then check out our blog post on good sandwich ideas, okay?

On to the list!

Popular Sandwich Spread 1: Cheese Spread

cheese spread the bailiwick academy

The great thing about the cheese spread is that it quickly adds some contrast and flavor to whatever you’re eating, be it pandesal, sliced bread, or even crackers. It’s also cheap and accessible in either grocery or sari-sari stores, making it one o the most popular sandwich spreads ever.

Cheese spread is also pretty versatile – it’s not only for your favorite carbs! You can smear it on hot dogs, fruits, and pretty much whatever you eat with cheese.

And if you’re bored with the usual cheese spreads, you can find plenty of variations in the market to buy. Some examples are Queso de Bola spreads, pimento cheese spreads, and cream cheese spreads.

Popular Sandwich Spread 2: Mayonnaise

mayonnaise the bailiwick academy popular sandwich spreads

Technically for us, mayonnaise is not a spread by itself. When we eat mayonnaise, it’s usually within a particular sandwich, like an egg salad sandwich.

But some Pinoys do eat it by itself and just bread. Mayonnaise CAN be kind of thick and is definitely creamy. We guess that this combo can count as a complete meal for people who are rushing to eat.

Just like the cheese spread, mayonnaise is also pretty versatile. It serves as an ingredient for a lot of food like the spreads for chicken sandwiches and for macaroni salad, a Christmas favorite. It’s also a base for many sauces and dips and can add flavor to any popular sandwich of your choice.

Popular Sandwich Spread 3: Peanut Butter

peanut butter popular sandwich spreads

Peanut butter is another of the popular sandwich fillings here in the Philippines. And who wouldn’t like peanut butter? It’s made of roasted peanuts, giving it a caramel taste, and mixed in with sugar. 

And because it’s made of peanuts, there’s a delicious and powerful combination of sweet and salty, making for the flavor layer effect that’s just so good! Now imagine applying that to bread or crackers, another combo of sweet and salty. 

Yum, are we right?

There are now many variations of peanut butter, like almond butter (which incidentally, is one you can eat while on a keto diet, unlike a lot on this list) and cashew butter. To each his or her own nut, we guess?

Popular Sandwich Spread 4: Fruit Jam

fruit jam the bailiwick academy

Another thing that Pinoys love is fruit. Hey, we have plenty of fruits, why wouldn’t we love them, right? Of course, the only problem is that not all the fruits in the Philippines grow in the same area or island, so we’d have to either go to that place, or buy fruits.

Both options can get pretty expensive!

So we’re thankful that there’s such a thing as fruit jam or fruit marmalade. Flavors such as strawberry, mango, and orange are some popular spreads for bread. But lately, there have been more experiments such as calamansi, santol, and coconut, which make for more unique flavors.

The experiments didn’t just stop with fruit flavors. Spread producers are now filling the market with combinations of fruit and other ingredients like mango and cheese. There’s even bacon jam mixed with peach!

We can’t wait to see what the next fruit jam flavor will be, especially since we know whatever it is, us sandwich lovers will be the winners.

Popular Sandwich Spread 5: Chocolate Spread

chocolate spread popular sandwich spreads

Ah, chocolate. We bet that any most popular sandwich fillings list (oh, like this one!) would put chocolate at the top.

Think about it. Why is Chef Ely Salar’s restaurant always full of customers, right? And that’s also why our courses involving chocolate always get enrollees.

And when it comes to chocolate spreads here in the Philippines, we have plenty of options! There’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. You also have your choice of texture, whether crunchy or creamy, as well as the taste, whether you want it super sweet or just right.

These chocolate spreads are likely to be available only in convenience stores or in groceries. You know where to go when you’re craving chocolate on bread! Especially freshly-baked ones…


Popular Sandwich Spread 6: Liver Spread

liver spread the bailiwick academy

Liver spread is a savory spread. One particular brand has made this spread popular in the Philippines. It can be made from pureed pork, beef, or chicken liver mixed with cereal. 

Think of it as the Filipino equivalent to pâté. It’s also creamy and has tiny chunks of meat, which can make for a great meal when smeared on bread or an appetizer when put on crackers. It’s also highly flavorful, which means liver spread makes for a great sandwich spread overall! 

You also use liver spread on some Filipino dishes like caldereta, Filipino spaghetti, and lechon sauce. 

So if you want to experience Pinoy pâté, make sure to try out liver spread! But if you’re interested in making your own liver spread, check out our Chicken Liver Pate class.

Popular Sandwich Spread 7: Condensed Milk

condensed milk the bailiwick academy

Wait what? Condensed milk? Really?

Well, yes. We know you usually eat it with shaved ice desserts or fruits, so it probably won’t usually be the answer to “What is the most popular spread used on sandwiches?”, but hear us out. 

Or you know what, try it out.

Yup, go and buy a can of condensed milk. Pop it open, and smear some on your bread. Eat it.

Super good, right? That’s a reason why in some Indian restaurants, they offer condensed milk with their roti or naan. 

And here’s another way to make it better: go smear some condensed milk on the bread, then pop it into the toaster. You’ll thank us later!

Popular Sandwich Spread 8: Butter

butter popular sandwich spreads

Butter is definitely a sandwich spread that’s also pretty popular. Not only is it considered relatively healthy, but well… butter pretty much goes with everything, not just bread. It’s probably because butter is made mostly of fat.

This explains it more:

Or well, we could just also think that the saltiness of butter goes with the sweetness of bread… or even that any flavor is better than just plain old bread?

Let’s just go with that why butter is part of this list of popular sandwich spreads.

Want to add more to your sandwich spreads list?

If you’ve reached the end of this list and you’re still looking for a sandwich spread to try (maybe you’re not feeling those in the list), we have a suggestion. What’s that? You can always do some homemade sandwich spreads for yourself, especially if you don’t like the taste of these popular bread spreads.

To do this, check out Chef Miko Aspiras’ latest class: Sweet Spreads Deluxe!

That’s right! You’ll learn these four premium, luscious spread recipes:

  • Burnt Butter Salted Caramel Crunch – a spread that has a sweet and salty flavor profile with the deep taste of burnt butter.
  • Strawberry Calamansi Curd with Marshmallow – a spread made with strawberry curd, calamansi and fluffy homemade marshmallow.
  • Ensaymada Butter – inspired by ensaymada buttercream topping with bits of crunchy ensaymada and salty cheese; and
  • Chocnut Crunch Dark Chocolate Spread – influenced by the popular Pinoy candy bar, it’s a sweet and salty peanut croquantine in a smooth dark chocolate spread. 

After this class, you won’t have to wonder about which different sandwich spreads to get – you know you’re going to want these waiting for you when you open your ref! They’re that good, you won’t need bread to enjoy them!

Plus, not only will you have some of the best sandwich spreads ever, you can also use them for cakes, pancake toppings, and even as flavor enhancements to your buttercreams.

And since Christmas is coming up and people are looking for giveaways, just put these in some cute bottles and you’re good to go!  

Cater to the sandwich lovers in you and your family (and your customers too)! Sign up at The Bailiwick Academy today and enjoy spreading some deliciousness – literally!


Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips, tricks, and much more!

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