Penco Sugar: Setting The Sugar Standard!

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When it comes to baking, one of the ingredients that can significantly affect the outcome of what you’re making is the powdered sugar you use. And, of course, few shine brighter than Penco Sugar, made by Penco Inc. If you haven’t been using their superior quality products, you’re missing out on many better bakes as a result!

Let’s look closer at this key player in the food industry specializing in sugar-based products.

What’s the history of Penco Inc.?

Penco Inc. started running back in April 1996. But it wasn’t just any other start-up. This company had a team of experts with over 40 years of experience making confectionery powdered sugar. This wealth of knowledge gave Penco Inc. a strong start.

Right from the beginning, Penco Inc. used the latest technology and industry insights, along with their team’s deep understanding of powdered sugar production. Their goal was simple: to make a big difference in the baking industry. And with their superior products, they quickly made a name for themselves.

Combining their team’s experience, advanced technology, and deep understanding of the needs of the baking world, Penco Inc. stood out. This set the stage for the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

Penco: Sugar Above The Rest

Penco Inc.’s star product is powdered sugar. And this isn’t similar to any run-of-the-mill powdered sugar that you buy off the shelves from any store. This is sugar that has been as perfected as possible with a smooth and consistent texture—this distinguishes their sugar from others!

Penco Sugar is made from pure cane sugar that they make sure to finely grind and sift. Using their powdered sugar will give you the best results, whether you’re making cakes, cookies, frosting, fondant, or any other sweet treat. The secret is in the consistency – it’s so fine and smooth that it easily incorporates into any recipe every time.

In fact, it’s comparable to C&H Sugar, a well-known American brand:

Who uses Penco Sugar?

Penco has been a partner of The Bailiwick Academy for many years already. For example, they sponsored a raffle giveaway of 20 pieces of 500g Penco powdered sugar for TBA’s anniversary back in 2021.

Penco was also one of the sponsors of our recent hybrid classes by Chef Joey Prats, Deconstructing Decadence: The Art and Science Behind Chef Joey Prats’ Best-Selling Artisan Ensaymadas.

That’s how much we believe in Penco’s game-changing powdered sugar!

But it’s not only us at TBA. Our resident master baker and bread maker, Chef Jimbo de Panadero is one of its many users:

penco sugar the bailiwick academy

And as seen in this post, TBA Instructor Sir Joey Muyargas Montanez also uses and supports Penco:

penco sugar the bailiwick academy

And recently, Sir Amir Langbay Valdez, another TBA instructor, won 1st runner up at the Baker’s Cup Wedding Cake Competition at the Bakery Fair in the World Trade Center last March 2023—using Penco Sugar!

penco sugar the bailiwick academy

That should tell you how good Penco really is!

What are the sizes I can get for Penco Sugar?

You can get Penco Sugar in different sizes. There’s the 500 Grams bag:

the bailiwick academy

454 Grams:

the bailiwick academy

5 pounds:

penco sugar the bailiwick academy

And even 2 kilos!

the bailiwick academy

Whether you’re starting out or you want to restock your baking pantry, Penco has a size that can meet your requirements.

More Than Just Powdered Sugar

While Penco Inc has carved a niche for itself with its top-notch powdered sugar, they also offer a range of other sugar-based products. These include caster sugar, glucose, and glycerine. Rest assured that each product meets the high-quality standards that Penco Inc. is known for, ensuring that you’ll only get the best.

How do I reach Penco Inc.?

Are you convinced that you need to give Penco Sugar a try? Well, one of the easiest ways to reach out to them is via their Facebook page:

Remember to follow and like them to get the latest news and announcements!

You can also reach out to them via the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

Landline: (+632) 8244-9999 or (+632) 8244-8924 to 25

Mobile/SMS/Viber: (+63922) 844-9999

Address: 474 Elcano St., San Nicolas, Manila, Philippines (also known as the Binondo area)

Their products are available in various stores, but I recommend contacting Penco Inc. to make sure before making any final purchases.

Final Thoughts

Penco Inc. continues to set the bar high in the sugar industry with its fine and smooth powdered sugar. They’re committed to delivering high-quality sugar-based products that cater to the discerning needs of their consumers. So, whether you’re a professional or a home baker, I highly recommend that you make Penco Inc. your preferred choice for all your sugar needs.

And, of course, for baking classes that are some of the best in the country, make sure to sign up at The Bailiwick Academy! You’ll be happy to use your Penco sugar in these courses, especially when you taste the results—that’s a guarantee from me!


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