It’s Our Third Anniversary!

The Bailiwick Academy is turning another year old! It’s going to be our third anniversary on January 17! It is amazing how a vision by a dreamer is now a thriving community of thousands!  And guess what? We will be celebrating The Bailiwick Academy’s third anniversary with a very loud bang! 

Image by : Joseph Chan

However, before the success, did you know that this vision of Ms. Marie Grace Parazo stemmed out from the need to have more quality time with her daughter?  With an untimely circumstance involving family, she resigned from her high-paying BPO job and dedicated her time to family most especially her daughter.  

Ms. Grace And Her Dream

Ms. Grace, as she is fondly called by the community,  juggled life with helping her husband by selling baked goods, exclusively breastfeeding their daughter and attended workshops to better her craft.  It was the transit from home to workshops and back that exhausted her.  Manila is notoriously known for its traffic. I am sure most of you can relate to the exhaustion it brings when you’re stuck in traffic for 2-4 hours! 

Image By: J Torres

So, she tried learning from free recipes and tutorials on YouTube and Google. It didn’t quite suit her as it was still trial and error. A lot of ingredients were wasted and there were so many recipes of one dish on the internet that it was too overwhelming.  She didn’t know what or who to follow anymore.

She tried enrolling in paid workshops based abroad.  Ms. Grace learned some new techniques but it wasn’t the right fit.  The methods and ingredients were not adaptable to a tropical country like ours.

Ms. Grace also noticed that some students attending the workshops would come from the provinces or from abroad.  She thought, what if there is a more convenient way to learn?

You can’t get back the time you wasted in traffic, time away from the family or your loved ones and not to mention the preparation and hassle that you have to go through in arranging your schedule just to attend a class.

The idea is for everyone to get as much time doing what they want or what they need anywhere!

Imagine going through a workshop at home then your child calls out for you. You just pause the class and come back anytime you are ready!

No more going through traffic and wasting 2 hrs or more! You will still learn while being where you are needed to be! “

Marie Grace Parazo

With this thought, she founded The Bailiwick Academy from the ground up with practically just her and her husband Mr. Nico Parazo.  And the rest, they say, is history!

TBA’s Gems

Speaking of history, let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce The Bailiwick Academy’s second anniversary!

Moving on, The Bailiwick Academy won’t be what it is today without the support of our incredible chefs and instructors… and of course, YOU, our dear Bailiwickers! We can’t thank you enough for all the support and love. Indeed, we have grown not only in numbers but in achievements as well.  Each and every success you gain is also a success for our community.  

January will be a very busy month. It will filled with lots of activities and gimmicks! Aaaaand an anniversary will not be complete without PRIZES!

Sooooo, are you ready, Bailiwickers? 

Chef Joey’s Raffle

First up is Chef Joey Prats’ Raffle!

Chef Joey is known to use only the most premium ingredients. It shows in his products and he encourages his students to follow his lead. So, it comes to no surprise that this online raffle only has premium prizes to give away!

Here’s how to be part of Chef Joey’s raffle:

  1. Enroll in any of Chef Joey Prats’ online classes from Dec. 12-15, 2020.
  2. Each enrolled online class is equivalent to 1 slot.
  3. The more slots you have, the more chances of winning…of course! This means you can win every week!
  4. TBA will shoulder the local shipping of the prizes.  Winners from abroad should have a representative in the Philippines. 

Okay, so what are the prizes at stake? Check out The Bailiwick Academy Student Lounge for a peek!

TBA’s 3rd Anniversary Extravaganza

Yup, more fun and prizes for YOU! TBA didn’t hold back on its third spin around the sun (YES! Third anniversary!) We will be having a weekly extravaganza in January 2021 and I know you will be just amazed by the prizes!  It’s also easy to join. If you are social media savvy then this will be a breeze for you! If you’re not, it is still easy peasy!

January 4-8, 2021 “Instagram It!”

Prize: 8 QT Mixer

  1. One should be enrolled in at least 1 class from The Bailiwick Academy. 
  2. Follow our IG account @thebailiwikacademy.
  3. Come up with a creative and original TBA official hashtag.
  4. Post any of your output from your enrolled classes on Instagram and Instagram stories with your original hashtag for TBA and mention TBA.
  5. Post a screenshot of the requirements on the TBA Facebook Page official thread of the week.
  • Following The Bailiwick Academy Instagram page
  • Instagram post
  • Instagram story

January 11-15, 2021 “ Post Mo Na ‘Yan!”

Image by: Solenn Feyissa

Prize: Cuisinart Immersion Blender

Raffle Draw: January 18, 2020

  1. One should be enrolled in at least 1 class from The Bailiwick Academy.
  2. Like our Facebook page:
  3. Post a testimonial on Facebook Recommendation on how TBA has helped you.
  4. Invite friends to like and share the page.
  5. One entry =  one slot per person
  6. Comment the screenshot of your entry in our Facebook official thread of the week.

January 18-22, 2021 “Don’t Forget to Subscribe!”

Prize: Kitchen Aid 7-cup Food Processor 

Raffle Draw: January 25, 2020

  1. Enoll in at least (1) paid class at The Bailiwick Academy.
  2. Message us in our FB page with your email for validation.
  3. Subscribe to The Bailiwick Academy’s YouTube Channel and click the bell icon for notifications.
  1. Watch and comment on any of our videos.
  2. One entry = One slot per person
  3. Post a screenshot of the requirements on the TBA Facebook Page official thread of the week.

January 25 – 29, 2021 “ Share Your Story and Win!”

Prize: 2 – deck Gas Oven worth Php 98,000

  1. Like The Bailiwick Academy’s Facebook page.
  2. Post a one to three minute video testimonial about TBA on your timeline and tag TBA’s page.
  3. Make the post public.
  4. Tag 3 friends.
  5. Comment your Facebook post  link of your entry in our Facebook official thread of the week.

Plus, There’s More, More, More!

The prizes to be given away on our anniversary are unbelievable! Simply spectacular, right? Don’t miss this chance to win one of those great prizes!

As cliche as this may sound but there’s really so much in store for you, our dear Bailiwicker! 

If you are an active Facebook fan of TBA then you might just be in for some prizes! Top fans here’s your chance!

 When you share your work or output in the TBA Student Lounge, you don’t only inspire others to do better and engage in a supportive chat with fellow students  but you are up for some prizes too! 

They say that the best advertisement is through word-of-mouth. Well, we have something great for those who are diligently getting the word out about The Bailiwick Academy. They are the ones that have invited and convinced family, friends, friends of friends of friends and so on … to enroll in the classes and join our ever growing community.

Thank you for staying with us through these years. We could never have done it without you, our dear students!

As we celebrate our third anniversary, we remain hopeful that together we can still discover exciting opportunities! TBA has still so many big and exciting plans for YOU! We are excited to start our 4th year and we can’t wait to share these awesome projects and hear more of your success stories!

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