12 Types of Burgers for your Burger Bucket List!

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Hello there! If you enjoyed our post about good sandwich ideas, then you’ll definitely enjoy today’s blog. We’ll be talking about the twelve types of burgers that you should add to your burger bucket list!

(Don’t forget to eat them with French fries for the full experience.)

And in case you’re wondering, “Is a burger a type of sandwich?” the answer is yes! After all, a sandwich is defined as “two or more slices of bread having a filling in between.” And a burger is essentially ground beef (shaped into beef patties) sandwiched between bread.

So yeah, a burger is a sandwich.

Going back to the actual topic, if you didn’t know that burgers can be more than just beef patties slathered with cheese and topped with lettuce and tomatoes, well… after reading this article, you’ll know! There are ground chicken patties (meaning chicken burgers), patties made from black beans, and many other burgers recipe variations!

What types of burgers are there, you ask? Well, let’s jump right into the different types you should definitely try when you get the chance!

So… what are these types of burgers I should try?

Well, to make things easier for you, we’ll classify the burgers according to different kinds: meat, veggie, any burger type of chicken or other bird, and finally, types of fish burgers!

(Surprised to know that there are so many? Don’t worry, we were too!)

Oh, and disclaimer: we’re just after the taste, not the nutritional value of the burger. Hey, it’s food that’s meant to be enjoyed and savored. Why bother with finding out if a juicy burger is healthy, right?

On to the list!

What types of veggie burgers should I try?

Why start with burgers made from vegetables, you ask? Well, they’re not beef, so they’re like the real opposite of traditional burgers.

But that doesn’t stop them from tasting good! After all, just because you don’t eat meat is not an excuse to indulge in a burger.

Some examples are:

Black bean burger

types of burgers black bean the bailiwick academy

Bean burgers are burger patties made from black beans, mixed with onions, garlic, and options of your choice of sauce, as well as vinegar, bread crumbs, eggs, and finally, salt and pepper. These ingredients are needed to make sure the patty holds its shape, and so that you taste more than just beans when you bite into it.

Also, apparently, they’re one of the healthiest veggie burgers out there, so hey, an added benefit is always good!

Portobello mushroom burgers

portobello mushroom burger the bailiwick academy

A portobello mushroom is a popular choice for a veggie burger ingredient because apparently, it has a texture that is meaty. Plus, it’s huge, so it’s a great substitute for the usual burger patty.

Oh, and the best thing is that eating it will make you feel like you’re eating an umami burger: you won’t have to cover it with condiments just to find it delicious.

Falafel burger

falafel the bailiwick academy

You’ve encountered falafel before in our post about Middle Eastern foods. But have you ever encountered it in burger form? Well, yes, it exists!

These particular patties have a nice texture and a delicious aroma, thanks to their ingredients of chickpeas, sesame seeds, garlic, onion, carrots, cilantro, various spices, flour, and salt and pepper.

If you love eating falafel solo, you’d definitely love it in burger form.

What are the different types of beef or meat burgers I should try?

Beef is the classic meat for the usual burger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add twists. Here are examples of those burgers.

Chili Burger

chili burger

Want something rich and indulgent? Go for a chili burger.

A chili burger is basically the usual burger, with chili on top. Some also add cheese, so it’s a cheeseburger that’s spicy and has an extra kick. Add bacon, and it’s a spicy bacon cheeseburger!

Well, you get the idea.

Buffalo burgers: more than just one of the types of beef burger

types of burgers buffalo burger

A buffalo burger is, well, a hamburger that has meat from the American Bison. It has less cholesterol, fat, and calories compared to the usual beef hamburgers. But don’t be disappointed: buffalo meat is extremely tasty.

Top this burger with cheese and caramelized onions and enjoy your meal!

(If you want another meat, you can also look for a lamb burger or an elk burger.)

Smash burger 

types of burgers smash burger the bailiwick academy

Smash burgers are two patties that have been literally flattened on a very hot grill. The idea there is that the fat and the juices go back up into your burger. You’ll basically get double the juiciness. 

That’s definitely worth something experiencing, wouldn’t you agree?

How about the bird meat burgers?

Burgers made from birds simply offer an alternative to people who don’t want to eat beef (again, religious reasons, like some Indians) but still want to experience a burger. Or maybe you don’t have time to eat rice with chicken – bread IS a good alternative.

Here are some popular burgers made with different birds. 

Fried chicken burger: the most popular type of bird meat burgers

types of  burgers fried chicken burger the bailiwick academy

Apparently, there are a lot of origins of fried chicken burgers, but one thing’s for sure: they’re good! Crispy, bursting with flavor, mouthwatering… we could go on describing them. 

Eat these sandwiches with barbecue sauce or any kind of sauce for added flavor and deliciousness.

Turkey burger 

turkey burger the bailiwick academy

Oh yeah, when they say turkey burger, they really mean actual turkey. As in the bird. 

And if you’re wondering about turkeys in the Philippines, well, there are some already. But it’s not likely you’re going to be seeing turkey burgers in restaurants anytime soon, which is a shame. After all, turkey burgers are pretty delicious.

Plus, they’re a good choice if you’re health-conscious. It has lower calories, meaning you can eat more to satisfy your burger cravings!

Ostrich burger

ostrich burger

The demand for ostrich meat is increasing here in the Philippines. So while chicken is still the most-eaten bird, who knows if ostrich can replace it one day? 

Besides, you may not know it but ostrich is also lower in calories, cholesterol, and fat than chicken. And that’s another reason to indulge.

As for the taste, well, it’s similar to beef – and we all love beef, right? So ostrich is definitely something we wouldn’t mind trying!

What types of fish burgers exist?

If you want to take a break from beef or simply just prefer or need seafood (or even for religious reasons like Lent), fish burgers are the way to go. They can be as juicy and as flavorful as classic burgers!

Here are some you should try:

Salmon burger

salmon burgers the bailiwick academy types of burgers

Salmon is a popular fish because of its health benefits. So yes, you don’t have to eat a veggie burger to be eating “healthy.”

Most salmon patties require binders like breadcrumbs or mayonnaise, but some don’t. Either way, these burgers are light, tender, and super moist. 

Tilapia burger: one of the types of fish burgers that Pinoys will likely love 

tilapia the bailiwick academy
This is obviously not a burger, but imagine this tilapia meat between two pieces of bread. Okay? Okay!

We Pinoys love us some tilapia, right? Maybe if you can’t get your kids to eat tilapia normally, the burger form would work!

The firmness of tilapia meat makes it ideal for burger patties. Eat it with some tartar sauce and lemon for a delightful fish sandwich!

Tuna burger

tuna burger types of burgers

Who doesn’t eat tuna, right? Plus, it’s a very common ingredient. Look for a restaurant that serves it with mustard and lemon, and enjoy chomping away!

This list made me hungry! What are the nearby burger places?

Has this list made you crave burgers? Well, you can Google “near me burgers” for example, or just look around for nearby burgers (we’re sure there are plenty).

But we’d like to present you with another option:

What if you could make not one, not two, but THREE different kinds of restaurant-quality burgers, all in the comfort of your own home?

It’s possible, with the latest class of The Bailiwick Academy by Sir Rodney Martinez: Burger Obsession!

Learn to make the following burgers:

– the irresistible SMASH BURGER, a double patty of crispy-edged burgers dripping in cheese, slathered with a special sauce in between fluffy sesame buns and served with twice-cooked fries

– the PINOY LONGGA BURGER, consisting of garlicky, slightly sweet longganisa patties with a unique Atsara sauce, placed in soft Pan De Sal buns and served with kamote fries

– the FRIED CHICKEN BURGER, a crispy and super flavorful fried chicken topped with a rich and tangy mayo-mustard sauce and sandwiched between light, tender home-made brioche buns (comes with potato chips made from scratch)

Three different burgers flavored with three different sauces, and served with three different breads and three different sides – what more could you ask for?

Don’t stop at drooling! Enroll now and level up your burger – sign up at The Bailiwick Academy today!

Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips, tricks, and much more!

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