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As we write this, Christmas is fast approaching. While the usual Christmas menu involves ham, why not make it even more special with some beef dishes? In fact, you should keep on reading as we talk about The Bailiwick Academy’s different beef recipes – ideas that are available to take as classes!

Get ready for some beef cooking ideas to try out for every occasion possible!

Why is beef so popular, anyway?

So why, indeed, are beef holiday recipes (and even non-holiday ones) so popular? We’re not sure why in other countries, but here in the Philippines, we definitely consider beef as a special delicacy. Pork is pretty common here, with popular dishes like sisig, inihiaw na liempo, and of course, the world-famous lechon baboy. 

In fact, according to Pilmico, the Philippines is the 10th largest consumer, 8th largest producer, and 7th largest importer of pork worldwide. Pinoys consume around 25 kilograms of meat yearly, including 15 kgs of pork. That’s a lot of pork, right?

Beef, on the other hand, isn’t as consumed as much. That makes it pretty special, like only being able to consume certain foods at certain times. Add to the fact that beef is more expensive than pork – lechon baka is definitely higher in price than lechon baboy – and that really adds value to beef! 

And on the topic of values, beef recipes for special occasions are popular because beef is high in protein as well as many other important vitamins and minerals. If you want to stay healthy over the holidays, protein is important for repairing and rebuilding your body tissues, as well as building strong muscles. Plus, eating beef can make you feel fuller and more satisfied faster, making any beef recipe a satisfying and nourishing meal.

Oh, and the simplest reason why beef recipes are a favorite? Whether you have a juicy steak or a succulent roast, as long as you cook it well, it’s freaking delicious! 

Beef recipe ideas in The Bailiwick Academy

So now we get to the meat (get the pun?) of the matter. In no particular order, check out the available beef-based dinner ideas (or other meals, actually) that you can enroll in! There are not going to be any canned beef recipe ideas here – all are world-class recipes that are made from scratch!

Let’s get to how to cook beef in different ways, shall we?

Beef Bourbon Meatloaf 

This is one of the best beef recipes ideas ever, conceptualized by Chefs Miguel and Angel Prats! Imagine the all-time favorite meatloaf that’s made of lean ground beef, bacon, green peppers, and onions… then made even more delicious with a barbecue basting sauce consisting of Jack Daniel’s Bourbon Whiskey! Yum! 

Serve this unique beef idea with mashed potatoes, rice, or even as a sandwich. It’s guaranteed to please meat lovers everywhere!

Enroll in the Beef Bourbon Meatloaf class here.


You know why Filipinos love Chinese food? Well, according to Yoorekka, it’s because Chinese culture has been part of our culture for over hundreds of years. Think since the 11th century!

And while Chinese food is known for their use of pork, there are also beef recipes. An example of this are popular dim sum which you can order from various Chinese restaurants, such as siopao and beef balls.

And thanks to our Dimsum 101 class taught by Chef Allan Mertola, you no longer have to go to a restaurant to make your favorite Chinese food with beef. You can learn the necessary techniques and enjoy dim sum right at the comfort of your home simply by signing up for this class!

Enroll in Dimsum 101 here and experience international cuisine that’s made for the Pinoy taste!

Beef Tacos

Speaking of beef recipes from around the world, tacos are one of them. They are an iconic Mexican food composed of tortillas and hearty fillings. And if you guessed that one of the fillings is beef, you’ve got that right! 

Birria tacos are particularly a favorite of people. Hey, who would say no to pan fried broth soaked tortillas with a flavorful braised beef filling served with a side of beef consomè, right?

And if you’re crazy about this particular taco, then click here to enroll in Terrific Tacos by Chef Max Nadin and start making tacos at home!

Beef Tapa

Beef tapa is breakfast food here in the Philippines. Yes, it’s known as breakfast food, but who says you can’t eat it for lunch or dinner, right? It’s so popular, all sorts of restaurants have it on their menu.

The great thing about tapa is that it’s very versatile – you can have it sweet, spicy, sour, or salty, depending on how you like your flavoring. 

And if you want some of the best-tasting tapa you can make, enroll in the All Natural Meat Processing class by Chef RV Manabat!

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to make not only delicious beef, but also a healthier version that will definitely impress your family, friends, and even customers!

Smash Burgers

A smash burger is a type of burger that consists of two patties that have been literally smashed on a very hot grill. Why do you do this? So that the fat and the juices go back up into your burger, doubling up your burger’s juiciness.

Isn’t the description alone making you drool already? Want to experience it?

Enroll in our Burger Obsession class by Rodney Martinez today! You’ll learn how to make delicious bread and sides too!

Gyudon Donburi

Donburi means “bowl” in Japanese, and it refers to the dish that’s a bowl of rice with fish, meat, or vegetables on top. And since we’re talking about beef recipes, of course there’s going to be a donburi version with beef: gyudon!

Gyu-don or beef donburi is one of the most popular forms of donburi in Japan, with thin-sliced beef and onion boiled in a sweet-and-salty soy-based sauce. You usually order this at restaurants, but if you’re a fan of this Japanese beef dish, you can enroll in our Donburi class by Chef Max Nadin


Kebab is a common Middle Eastern food. But just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. You can eat it with rice or in a wrap – think shawarma. 

And if you think it will be hard to make them, then you haven’t seen our Easy Persian Style Kebabs class yet by Sir Rodney Martinez!

Sign up for this class and you’ll learn to make mouthwatering Persian-style beef kebab the easy way! No need for any special equipment – that’s a guarantee!

Enroll in Easy Persian Style Kebabs here! 


What Pinoy doesn’t like caldereta, right? And while the Pinoy-style caldereta is already a local favorite, once you taste this version by Chefs Miguel and Angel Prats, you might not want the usual kind of caldereta anymore!

This class focuses on the cooking of the Spanish version of the classic beef stew. And unlike the Pinoy version, you’ll be using different ingredients.

Want to know what these ingredients are and how to make this unique caldereta version that has a balanced taste of sweet and sour elements? Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Calderetta De Vaca here!

Braised beef with pappardelle pasta

Beef in ground form has always been a favorite of us Pinoys especially if it’s in pasta with sweet and savory tomato sauce, right? Well, this particular pasta isn’t a ground beef recipe. Instead, with this beef recipe idea, you’ll be eating these delicious pasta noodles with tender and succulent chunks of beef!

Looks good, doesn’t it? You have to taste the sauce too! Chefs Miguel and Angel Prats made sure this dish will leave you wanting more with each bite!

Enroll in Braised Beef with Pappardelle Pasta here!

Oven Barbecue Brisket

If you’re looking for beef recipes in the oven, why not try the Oven Barbecue Brisket, one of the beef recipes ideas of Chefs Miguel and Angel Prats? The beef brisket is relatively inexpensive which makes it great for feeding a lot of people. And when you oven barbecue it, you’ll get a tender and juicy slab of beef!

It’s a guaranteed crowd favorite, especially when you plan to serve it during the holidays! Check out the video to see why it’s so!

Ribeye Steak

A ribeye steak is a cut of beef that comes from the rib section of the cow, known for its tenderness and rich, beefy flavor. The ribeye is one of the most popular cuts of steak because of its marbling, which is the flecks of fat that run throughout the meat. This fat helps to keep the steak moist and flavorful when it is cooked. 

And with the cooking method of Chefs Miguel and Angel Prats, it’s guaranteed you’ll be able to satisfy the palate of anyone looking for steak recipes for two, three, or more people!

You’ll learn their idea for making a classic ribeye steak even better, such as rubbing the meat with a unique rosemary-salt rub and glazing it with a French Bordelaise sauce. Top it with some crispy mini-fries and enjoy mouthwatering juiciness! 

Experience it now! Enroll in Ribeye Steak with Mini Fries and Bordelaise Sauce here!

Final word about these delicious beef recipes ideas

And there you have it – different delicious beef recipes. Ideas that don’t have to stay as ideas – as long as you sign up at The Bailiwick Academy right away and get to practicing those recipes! And with this many ideas, you’re sure to never run out of what to make, whether for Christmas, New Year, or other special occasions.

We’re just thankful that beef is a very versatile dish – you can make so many things with it. And with that, anything with beef will never be boring!

That’s something to be thankful for, wouldn’t you agree?

In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up at one of our juicy, meaty classes. See you inside!


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