Christmas Dinner Menu with Ham – 9 Must-Haves!

christmas dinner menu with ham

Since this is the Philippines, one thing we’re sure of is that when it comes to Christmas party food ideas, your Christmas dinner menu has ham in it. It’s kind of like because it’s Christmas, there should be a Christmas tree or a Santa figure in the vicinity.

So the next question is, aside from ham, what else should you serve for Christmas dinner? Well, if you want to be ahead of time and prep early, keep on reading for some Christmas meal ideas with ham!

Why does Christmas ham mean so much in the Philippines, anyway?

You might be wondering why Pinoys love Christmas ham so much, or why the typical Pinoy Christmas dinner menu comes with ham. Well, there are two possible reasons.

Ham is a Spanish influence

One possible reason is that Filipinos were just imitating the Spaniards, as this post from Quora details:

In short, like arroz con pollo and basque burnt cheesecake, we have the Spaniards to thank for bringing one of the most delicious dinner ideas to the Philippines.

Ham makes Christmas dinner menu special

Here’s another reason, also from Quora:

Admit it: we Pinoys use Christmas as an excuse to splurge, right? And because ham isn’t exactly cheap, Christmas is a good occasion to spend more than the usual. Besides, plenty of us get Christmas bonuses anyway.

Might as well use it on something delicious, right?

Okay, cool. So… what are some Christmas dinner menu ideas with ham I can do?

As much as ham is delicious, you’re going to want to do a palate cleanser for you and your family and friends. You can’t just be eating ham all the time! 

So whether you’re looking for Christmas dinner side dishes with ham or anything else that can fill up your menu with ham, we’ve got you!

Check it out!

​​Christmas dinner menu with ham – possible appetizers or side dishes

Christmas dinner menu with ham mashed potato the bailiwick academy

1. Mashed potatoes – Mashed potatoes are already originally paired with lots of meat, so why not with Christmas ham? Make sure to incorporate the gravy for some really great taste! You can also add cheese, because cheesy potato? Why not?

bread the bailiwick academy

2. Bread – What we love about bread is that it’s versatile. You can eat it as an appetizer or it can serve as the accompanying food of the ham. You also have the freedom to choose what kind of bread you want – sliced, pandesal, dinner rolls, and so on!

And if you want one of the best bread recipes you can ever find, check out our Crusty European-Style Whole Wheat Bread class. You can pair the bread with either chicken liver pate or some quatro formaggi.

Christmas dinner menu with ham the bailiwick academy

3. Mixed vegetables or any salad recipe – Just because ham is your main course doesn’t mean you should avoid vegetables, right? And the great thing about vegetables is that you can get any, mix them together, roast or grill, and you’re good to go! Choose from broccoli, brussel sprouts, squash and so on. Veggies will definitely freshen up your palate since they’re contrasting to the sweet and salty taste of the Christmas ham.

​​Christmas dinner menu with ham – additional main courses

Nope, we’re not talking about other kinds of ham that are brown sugar glazed or something. We’re talking about actual other main courses. That’s especially if you have guests who (GASP!) don’t like ham.

Hey, it’s the holiday season. Let’s make them feel welcome, yes? Even if you have to think of Christmas dinner ideas that aren’t ham.

Christmas dinner menu with ham paella the bailiwick academy

1. Paella – This rice dish will be a big hit for your Christmas dinner menu. Rice is life, after all! You can even use the rice to eat with your ham as a bonus. 

And if you’re going to look for a paella recipe, look no further than our House of Lechon and Paella class by Chef RV Manabat. Yes, not only will you get to learn his recipe for paella, but you’ll also get recipes for lechon and a garlic-baked salmon. 

ribeye steak the bailiwick academy

2. Ribeye Steak  – If you have guests who are not ham lovers, maybe they’re steak lovers? And the great thing about this is that you can easily pop it in the air fryer and it will cook quickly. That’s in case you need some fast-cooking food for your guests.

But if you’re looking for one of the best recipes to please any steak lover, check out our Ribeye Steak with Mini Fries and Bordelaise Sauce class by Chefs Miguel and Angel Prats!

baby back ribs the bailiwick academy

3. Baby Back Ribs – If you want your Christmas dinner to really feel like a feast, add this item! You’ll get a smoky, sweet, and savory meat that your guests will really enjoy. Who’s going to say no to tender and juicy meat?

And if you really want your guests to have a delicious time, enroll in our You have Died and Gone to Heaven Barbecue Baby Back Ribs class by Chef Joey Prats!

​​Christmas dinner menu with ham – desserts

No Christmas dinner menu is complete without dessert, even if you have ham! Here are some ideas:

Christmas dinner menu with ham christmas cookies the bailiwick academy

1. Christmas cookies – Why not include or make some Christmas-themed cookies for your dessert menu? They can be chocolate chips, peanut butter, and so on. Make a batch then decorate them with Christmas-themed colors.

If you’re looking for a great base for cookies, check out our Gourmet Cookies class by Chef Bam Piencenaves!

christmas cake the bailiwick academy

2. Christmas cake – Like we said, this isn’t the traditional Christmas menu, so Christmas cake can be anything! But may we make a suggestion?

We suggest a Tres Leches cake. It’s light and simple, making it a good contrast to the heavy ham you would have consumed for dinner. It’s refreshing and again, will cleanse your palette.

You don’t have to buy a Tres Leches cake either – just enroll in the Tres Leches Cake class by Chef Joey Prats and you’d be good to go!

Christmas dinner menu with ham

3. A whole bunch of desserts – If you can’t decide on one dessert, why not just make a lot? Fruitcake, fruit tarts, and chocolate mousse are just a few options for your menu. And if you’re up for this idea, enroll in Christmas Holiday Bestsellers with Chef Chona Laureta. You’ll get all these and more!

The biggest question: where can I get the best glazed ham for Christmas?

Now that you have ideas on what to serve with the Christmas ham, all that’s left is acquiring some ham in the first place. Of course, you should schedule a pickup or purchase way ahead of time. Remember, you won’t be the only one hunting for some Christmas ham this holiday season!

The worst thing that could happen is that your order cannot be accommodated. That could ruin your Christmas dinner!

Unless… you just make your own Christmas glazed ham!

Okay, but what’s the best Christmas glazed ham recipe for my dinner menu?

The term “best” is subjective, but what we can offer for one of the best Christmas lunch ham recipes ever is inside The Bailiwick Academy. It’s one of our newest classes.

Presenting: Delicious Glazed Hams by Sir Rodney Martinez!

That’s right! You’ll no longer have to order and line up to complete your Christmas day menu with ham. Enroll in this class and you’ll learn to make two glazed ham recipes: Pineapple Glazed and Honey Glazed Belly Ham!

Just in time for the holiday season, wouldn’t you agree? 

Sir Rodney will show you various kitchen tips and tricks like properly choosing, curing, and cooking the meat. He’ll even talk about proper storage, and how to reheat it when you have leftovers. This class is easy to follow and comes with step-by-step instructions, so you won’t be left confused.

Ham will definitely be a great addition to your food business menu – for example, you never know who will be looking for honey-baked ham for their company Christmas dinner!

And the best part? You won’t just be stuck with so-called “holiday ham.” After this class, you can make honey-glazed ham any time! Ham is very versatile, after all.

You can eat it sliced, as filling for sandwiches (i.e. put it between French baguettes), as meat for soups, and so much more! Who says honey-baked ham is only for Christmas meals?

You never know, this might be your next bestseller!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up at The Bailiwick Academy and start making some ham-azing, delicious hams!


Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips, tricks, and much more!

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