How to Eat a French Baguette

how to eat a french baguette the bailiwick academy

Out of the many French breads out there, French baguettes are probably the most iconic. And if you’re wondering how to eat a French baguette exactly, well, there are many ways!

Let’s take a closer look at what a French baguette is, and how to eat it, shall we?

What is a baguette?

How to Eat a French Baguette the bailiwick academy

So, first things first. How do you define a baguette?

Well, a baguette is a long bread loaf closely connected to France. How does a standard baguette measure, you ask? Well, apparently its diameter is about 5 to 6 cm or about 2–2+1⁄2 inches, while the usual length is around 65 cm or 26 inches. 

However, there are also cases of a baguette measuring up to 1 meter or 39 inches long. Now that’s a baguette we would like to get our hands on!

Baguettes have crisp crusts and chewy textures inside. That’s what makes it distinct from other French breads (in case you’re wondering about French breads/French rolls VS baguettes).

According to Bakerpedia, no one is really sure where baguettes came from. However, the general explanation given is that it was first made in Vienna as an adaptation of another kind of bread. 

The baguette became popular when the French government instituted that bakers should not work before 4 in the morning. That meant bakers found it impossible to make the usual round bread loaves for breakfast and had to resort to baking baguettes since they baked faster.

And in case you’re wondering if we were exaggerating about the connection of this bread and France, well, you should know that France is seeking UNESCO heritage status for the baguette. It’s kind of like what Singapore did for hawker food. So yes, even France finds their own bread iconic and a good cultural representative. 

French baguette VS Vietnamese baguette: what’s the difference?

If you look closely at the baguette, you’ll see that it resembles the bread of the Vietnamese sandwich banh mi. Is the bread the same or not?

banh mi vs french baguette the bailiwick academy
Left: banh mi; Right: French baguette

Well, they may look the same, but there are subtle differences. According to Full of Plants, the banh mi is very light, with a candy floss-like inside. The crust is also super thin and crispy, as you can see from the cracks.

As mentioned above, the baguette has a crisp crust and a chewy texture, making it thicker and heavier than the banh mi. 

Another difference according to is how the breads are made. The methodology of making French baguettes involves gentleness, while Vietnamese baguettes are made with lots of speed, noise, and high energy.  

That makes these two breads very different from one another, despite similar appearances.

How to eat a French baguette: eight ways to try!

Now that we know what French baguette bread is, how to eat one is the next question. We’re not going to answer how do the French eat a baguette, though. Believe us, they have specific ways.

Instead, let’s focus on what you can do with this delicious bread, or more specifically, how to serve a French baguette.

1. By itself

the bailiwick academy how to eat french baguette

How do you eat a French baguette? Well, one of the best things you can do is just eat it as it is, especially if it’s freshly baked. That’s how to eat baguette like the French: bite into a piece and get some nutty, buttery, sweet and savory tastes all at once! 

A good baguette is one that is irresistible and makes it very hard for you to arrive home with either end in one piece.

2. With added flavoring

how to eat a french baguette the bailiwick academy

If you’re wondering how do French eat a baguette, let us tell you that a lot of them eat it plain. However, plenty of them also add additional flavoring to this bread! Some spread butter, jam, or Nutella before taking a bite for breakfast.

You might even find some French people dipping a piece of the bread into their coffee, just like what plenty of us do.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can also mix olive oil and balsamic vinegar to make a dip for your baguettes. It’s a delicious dip that goes very well with the flavor of the baguette.

3. As bruschetta

bruschetta the bailiwick academy

Bruschetta is a starter dish of Italian origin (ooh, like Italian 00 flour). To make it, you’ll get tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil, and place them all on top of a toasted piece of baguette. You’ll love all the flavors in your mouth – it’s like a party!

4. As garlic bread

garlic bread the bailiwick academy

Here’s another idea of what to eat French bread with. Garlic bread can serve as a delicious appetizer, but you can also use garlic bread to further enhance any meal, like eating garlic bread with spaghetti. Put cheese, garlic, and herbs on top of the baguette, toast, and eat! 

5. As a sandwich

baguette sandwich the bailiwick academy

Do you know what’s fun about making a sandwich? You’re in control of what to eat with a French baguette! Get your favorite toppings together, slice the baguette halfway open, and start making your delicious dream sandwich.

Get some sandwich ideas here.

6. As croutons (when you have a stale French baguette)

croutons the bailiwick academy

How long is a french baguette good for? Well, for a fresh one that’s not in the ref, 2 to 3 days. And if you have any leftover stale bread, why not make croutons? 

They’re about the easiest thing you can make. And since you’re making them at home, you can customize the size, texture, and seasoning.

If you have croutons, you already have one answer to the question of how to eat a French baguette with soup. Yes, we know it’s totally random. You can also use croutons to add texture and flavor to salads, or as snacks.

7. As bread pudding

baguette bread pudding the bailiwick academy

If you don’t want to make croutons with your stale French baguette, you can make bread pudding instead. It’s delicious, sweet, and an easy-to-make dessert with basic ingredients, so don’t waste your stale baguettes and make this instead!

8. As French toast

French toast the bailiwick academy

We can’t let this blog about a French bread end without a mention of French toast. Got it, got it?


Corny jokes aside, French toast consists of usually slice bread soaked in eggs, milk, and cream, then fried in a pan. If you plan to serve it as something sweet, you can add sugar, vanilla, or cinnamon. 

However, there’s also a French toast variant that’s savory. You can make this and serve with salt, pepper, and mayonnaise or ketchup.

Now, to answer the question “Can I make French toast with a baguette?”, the answer is a big yes.

How to make French toast with a French baguette, you ask? It’s simple. Just substitute the normal sliced bread with a French baguette, and you’re good to go!

This might even become your favorite breakfast food – we never know!

Where’s the best place to get a French baguette?

If you’re looking for the best French baguette in the Philippines, well, we have some bad news for you. There’s no authentic French baguette anywhere except in France. You’re really going to have to fly over there – and that can be pretty expensive just to satisfy your craving!

But if you really want to eat a baguette (and get the closest French taste possible), you don’t need to look far. We recently launched a class with Chef Joey Prats: Classic French Baguettes!

This class will give you the best recipe for French baguette you can possibly find here in the Philippines. You’ll be able to produce a baguette that’s very close to the classic French version. That means you’ll be able to get bread that has a deep, golden brown crust with its distinctive “ears”; a cream-colored interior with a soft, airy, and light crumb structure filled with irregularly shaped holes; and finally, one super delicious aroma!

With Chef Joey’s recipe, you’ll also get a bread with a more complex flavor, a stronger structure, and one of the most important things in any food: an extended shelf life!

And as you just read above, baguettes are very versatile! Our list is just a taste of what you can do with them. The possibilities are endless, and that means baguettes will be able to mesh well with your current food business menu.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up at The Bailiwick Academy and learn how to make a proper French baguette – or at least, the closest you can possibly get! 


Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips, tricks, and much more!

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