Burnt Basque Cheesecake: The Levelled-up Cheesecake You Never Knew You Wanted!

burnt basque cheesecake

Have you had your fill of cheesecakes? Well, we can’t blame you. Starting from the classic New York cheesecake, there is now a multitude of cheesecake recipes! But you have to try the latest one to come out: the burnt basque cheesecake (BBC for short)! It’s a unique take on the dessert loved by everyone. It is also difficult to ignore this dessert sensation as images of burnt basque cheesecake flood social media.

In fact, if you haven’t tasted one, you’re might just be living under a rock. It’s that prevalent nowadays!

But what is a BBC exactly? Where did it come from? Why does it look like that? And…

So many burning (hehe) questions, right? Well, don’t worry! We’ll do our best to answer your questions in this blog post. Let’s get to it!

What is burnt basque cheesecake?

Burnt basque cheesecake is the international version of the tarta de queso of the La Viña San Sebastian cheesecake. La Viña is a bar and restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. What makes this Spanish basque cheesecake different is the baking method. Usually, you bake regular cheesecakes slowly, using low heat. The burnt basque, on the other hand, requires high heat and a faster baking time.

In short, a BBC is basically still a cheesecake. You will just bake it quickly at a high temperature to get that singed look while keeping the insides soft and creamy.

Not only is it a unique cheesecake variation, but it’s also a baking technique! Cool, huh?

spain the bailiwick academy
All we can say is, thank you Spain!

What is the origin of burnt basque cheesecake?

As mentioned above, burnt basque cheesecake originated in Spain. Pastry Chef Santiago Jimenez Rivera of La Vina Bar and Restaurant is credited for having invented it. He invented it three decades ago. 

What he did was put together common pastry ingredients and cake baking ideas from various sources. The end result was a leveled-up dessert and a signature La Vina cheesecake. Of course, the process was a hit-and-miss one, but we’re glad he went through it. Otherwise, there would be no Spanish-style cheesecake that is toasted on all sides, right?

burnt basque cheesecake founder the bailiwick academy
Chef Santiago Jimenez Rivera. Photo taken from My Cheesecake Sister Facebook page.

Why is it called BBC?

If you take one look at it, you’d understand why it’s called burnt cheesecake. The scorching oven temperature is the reason for this cheesecake’s dark, toasted look

If you think about it, its exterior actually resembles an oven-baked pizza with uneven scorch marks. But of course, it’s not a pizza: it’s a burnt-baked cheesecake!

But did you know here in the Philippines, it’s also called basque burnt cheesecake. That term was coined by our very own TBA instructor, Chef Miko Aspiras.

Why that term? Chef Miko decided on this term to connote the origin (Basque region in Spain), its unique quality (burnt), and for what the dessert essentially is – a cheesecake.

Oh, and keep Chef Miko in mind. We’ll get back to him later, we promise. 

(Speaking of Chef Miko, have you enrolled in his classes yet?)

burnt basque cheesecake the bailiwick academy
Close-up. Look at that burn!

How is it different from other cheesecakes?

It is not just a burnt New York cheesecake. The BBC has soft, cream insides similar to a souffle or crème brulee. It is also lighter and airier than the classic cheesecake, which usually has a firmer, more solid texture.

And don’t forget, it is baked differently with high heat and faster cooking time instead of low speed and heat.

the bailiwick academy classic cheesecake
Example of a classic cheesecake. See the difference?

How does basque burnt cheesecake taste like?

The burnt basque cheesecake has all that yummy taste that a classic cheesecake has but leveled up. It does not have a crust like its American counterpart, though. However, it does have a toasty, crusty exterior with a creamy cheesecake filling. 

The burnt basque cheesecake taste is like heaven! It’s like eating a combo of your favorite desserts. It has the taste of cheese and the texture and creaminess of a souffle. And if you look closely, the exterior is similar to that of an egg pie or crème brulee. Are you asking yourself “is basque burnt cheesecake good?” Well, it only means one thing. It’s time to go get yourself a slice of dessert nirvana! It’s that good.

What makes BBC taste so good?

The combination of its burnt toasty exterior and soft, creamy and luscious interior makes the burnt basque cheesecake stand out in terms of taste and texture. It is not just the taste that makes it so good. It’s also how the dessert feels inside your mouth once you’ve taken a bite. It is creamy, light, and airy, much like a Japanese Hokkaido cheesecake.

How to keep burnt basque cheesecake? 

One question often asked is how to store burnt basque cheesecake. Serving burnt basque cheesecake at a party? Let it reach room temperature a few hours after baking. That will make this stand-out dessert ready for serving when your guests start arriving.

You can also make it ahead of time, then store it in the refrigerator. Be sure to remove the burnt basque cheesecake an hour before serving to reduce the chill from refrigerator storage.

How long can basque burnt cheesecake last?

Wondering about the burnt basque cheesecake shelf life? Well, it is best to consume burnt basque cheesecake kept at room temperature on the day that it is baked. Just make sure you have given it enough time to get to room temperature after taking it out from the oven rack.

But if you would like to prepare it beforehand, burnt basque cheesecake can be made the day before. Make sure to keep in the refrigerator 3 – 5 days prior to serving.

the bailiwick academy storage burnt basque cheesecake
Keep the shelf life in mind, especially if you plan to make these part of your baking lineup!

Can I freeze burnt basque cheesecake?

While the cheesecake will taste best if you consume it on the day you made it, the good news is that you can freeze burnt basque cheesecake from six to twelve weeks. Just make sure that the burnt basque cheesecake has cooled to room temperature before storing it in a freezer. And also, cover the whole cake with plastic wrap to directly seal the cake from other elements in the freezer.

Once you are ready to consume it, place the burnt basque cheesecake in the refrigerator the day before. That should give it enough time to thaw.

What are the ingredients of BBC?

The Spanish cheesecake recipe is actually very simple. If you are wondering what the recipe for burnt basque cheesecake is, wonder no more. They are just a few, commonly found ingredients. It’s even fewer than the ingredients you’ll find in a regular cheesecake recipe!

Ingredients for burnt basque cheesecake include cream cheese, cream, sugar, eggs, and flour. Of course, you can innovate and add more ingredients that will make your burnt basque cheesecake uniquely your own creation.

In case you’re wondering, you can even make a keto version of the BBC! Check out our keto cheesecake class here.

the bailiwick academy
Simple ingredients for a super delicious dessert. Isn’t that great?

Can I make other flavors?

While BBC has its core ingredients, you can definitely innovate the recipe! Add any ingredient that you feel matches well with the taste of cheesecake.

Some of the flavors in the market include chocolate, coffee, Oreo, lemon, and even green tea. 

You can even localize and personalize it by adding fruit toppings to create your own mango basque burnt cheesecake or strawberry basque burnt cheesecake. Or you can add that Japanese touch to come up with your own matcha basque burnt cheesecake. 

Of course, just make sure you have the process of baking right down pat before experimenting with other flavors.

chocolate bbc bailiwick academy burnt basque cheesecake
An example of a chocolate BBC.

What is the process for making one?

Want to know the general process for making the BBC? There are plenty of Youtube basque burnt cheesecake videos that can tell you what to do. But if you just want to read, you would need the basic ingredients, a cake pan, and parchment paper. Since BBC does not have a crust, you have to line the pan with parchment paper.

Making BBC is all about the ingredients, the baking technique, and cooking time. Because it does not have a crust nor does it require a water bath, preparation and baking time is much quicker.

The process is actually very simple. Prep time is about 5 minutes. Work time is another 10 minutes. Baking time takes about 50 minutes. You also need to preheat the oven an hour before baking. The total time from preparing to the cheesecake being ready is about 3 hours.

Combine the burnt basque cheesecake ingredients to make the cheesecake batter. You will then pour the well-mixed batter into the pan with parchment paper. Make sure that the parchment paper covers the whole pan and exceeds its edges by about 2-3 inches. This process is to make sure that the batter is kept in place while it bakes.

After that, you may now place the pan in the preheated oven for about 55 minutes. This is enough time for the exterior of the cheesecake to set while keeping the inside jiggly like jello. Make sure the cheesecake has that burnt look before removing the pan from the oven. You can also make a custom-sized one by using different sizes of say, a round cake pan. Just make sure to adjust the ingredients needed accordingly.

Burnt basque cheesecake Philippines = The Bailiwick Academy

Want to learn how to bake this burnt Spanish cheesecake? Well, we have a class available. It’s not burnt basque cheesecake by Chef RV Manabat (you know, just in case you were wondering, hehe). 

Remember that we told you to keep Chef Miko in mind? Guess what? You can learn how to make this cheesecake from the basque cheesecake masterchef himself! Check out the video below for our BBC class with Chef Miko.

Isn’t that great, Bailiwickers and home cooks? Not only does he teach you how to make La Vina basque burnt cheesecake, but he will also teach you his tips and tricks to making it even better. After this lesson, you might be well on your way for your food business to be known for making the best basque burnt cheesecake in Manila! 

Enroll in this class and you’ll learn his original, sought-after recipe for Basque Burnt Cheesecake. Plus, you’ll get to make three different flavors: Almond and Coffee, Matcha Black Sesame and Mixed Berries, and Ube and Coconut.

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the bailiwick academy burnt basque cheesecake

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the bailiwick academy

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