“Why should I take cake baking lessons?”

cake baking lessons the bailiwick academy

If you like baking, the question “Why should I take cake baking lessons?” might be running through your mind. Well, you know one of the reasons why I took up baking classes? Well, one time, I was craving a particular cake flavor. I excitedly went to the bakeshop to purchase my sweet and delicious treat. Sadly, there was a long, LONG line. Also, I was in a rush, having to run so many errands. I had to settle for a cake from the nearby supermarket. And if you think you know what happened next, you’re right: I was very unhappy with the taste of the substitute cake! If only I had the time to wait… or if I had actually taken cake baking lessons, I wouldn’t have bothered going to the store. I would have just made my own!

Would you like to eat cake whenever you want to? Or would you like to be the one to do the baking and decorating cakes for your family’s special occasions? Thinking of taking up basic baking classes or a basic cake-making course because of that? Let me tell you this right now: Go for it. Even if you have no experience, there are plenty of cake baking classes for beginners! 

Without further ado, here are five reasons to take cake baking lessons. Spoiler: it’s definitely more than just making a fun cake to eat.

Reason 1: Cake baking lessons boost your self-esteem and make you healthier mentally.

Learning new things – such as cake baking, decorating techniques, and piping techniques – helps you feel good about yourself. It reminds you that you are more than just a mom taking care of the household. The process of baking a cake also feels therapeutic, much like a meditative process, and can help you get your thoughts together. You will feel all your cares and thoughts just melting away as you lose yourself in baking and cake decorating. I guarantee: you won’t be able to think of other things as you concentrate on, say piping a buttercream rose!

cake baking lessons the bailiwick academy
Baking helps you feel better and healthier mentally.

Reason 2: Cake baking can be a family bonding experience.

You can get your kids involved in the cake baking process to bond with them. As they help you out in the kitchen, they will learn to appreciate all the food you prepare for them because they will see all the steps in the meal-making process. You never know, your children might suddenly become interested in cake decorating classes for kids. You might have a future baker on your hands who will soon be searching for cake baking college courses. As a plus, you can even bring up chemistry/science terms and how science works in cake making. It might make them see how science is actually applicable in real life! 

As for your husband, get him involved too! Get him to go to the grocery to buy ingredients while you prepare the kitchen and clean up after you. Remind him that he will be the first person to eat what you make after your cake cooking classes. That should motivate him! And just like your kids, he might get interested in taking some cake-making classes. If that happens, then baking and cake making will be another way for you two to bond.

Baking family the bailiwick academy
Baking is a great way to bond with your family.

Reason 3: Cake baking lessons will allow you to soothe your sweet tooth cravings, your own way!

If you have suddenly craved for, say, a salted caramel cake, you don’t need to buy from the store anymore. Cake baking and decorating classes will allow you to make it your own way.  Choose one of the many cake recipes that you can find online, and you can get to baking. 

When you have more practice after studying many cake tutorials, you can start making different kinds of cakes too. Whether you suddenly crave for a pound cake or a three layer cake, one thing’s for sure: you can say good-bye to the use of a cake mix!

And of course, when your family members suddenly crave sweets, they will appreciate your cake making and decorating classes. Imagine how much they will love having delicious cakes within reach, especially during their special days.

caking baking lessons the bailiwick academy
Who says you can’t have a pink and chocolate cake with all those decors on top? That’s right, no one! Because you made the cake. You decide what goes.

Reason 4: You can earn extra income from making cakes.

Looking for a side hustle? As a start, you can check out the many free online cake baking lessons. For example, here at The Bailiwick Academy, we have a free video to make brownies. I know it’s not a cake, but the point is, it’s still a free video. So for sure, there are many cake baking classes on Youtube. 

You can also learn from various cake baking classes online, such as the many ones Bailiwick has. Learn all that you can, from cake design, to cake decorating, to fondant cake classes. When you feel like you are ready, you can start selling your cakes online. Do something you enjoy and help provide for your family at the same time. That was my personal thought process when I started exploring baking. This gives you a future alternative to your day job, in case you get burnt out eventually. You never know, your cake business might get so big, you can resign to focus on selling cakes full time.

the bailiwick academy
Cakes sell. Cakes make money. So maybe now, a side hustle, and in the future, a cake store! You never know.

Reason 5: It’s a great excuse to meet new people interested in the same thing.

When you take up cake-making lessons, you don’t have to make it a solo flight. Cake baking lessons are the perfect excuse to join baking groups online and connect with people with the same interest. This is important if you’re looking for a support system as you go through cake baking lessons for beginners. Also, it’s important to be able to ask anyone if what you’re doing is right. Build new connections and friendships and bond over your respective baking and cake decoration journeys. Share new techniques and knowledge, and help one another become better bakers!

friends the bailiwick academy
Online meetings now (especially with COVID-19), but who says you can’t meet in person in the future? And it might be through online groups where you will meet people who will be your closest friends one day!

Get started on baking cake classes today!

As you can see, there are many benefits to taking up cake baking lessons – not just satisfying your sweet tooth!  You will feel better, learn new things, bond with people, and even have the opportunity to earn more. Overall, cake learning classes will have a very positive impact on your life.

After reading this, you might be wondering, “Where can I learn to bake cakes?” Well, look no further than The Bailiwick Academy! We offer various online cake baking courses and I daresay some of the best cake baking classes online. That means you no longer have to search for “cake and pastry classes near me” or “classes for baking cakes near me” on Google. There’s no need to look for any private cake baking lessons either. You don’t even have to leave your house! All you need is the Internet and an Internet-connecting device and you’re ready to learn from your virtual class of choice. Enroll in any cake baking online classes we have and enjoy our comprehensive and very detailed instructional videos. You can also watch the lesson videos multiple times, and even get access to our very capable instructors to ask them anything – all when you sign up!

Click here to see some of our cake baking lessons online at The Bailiwick Academy. See you inside!

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  2. Actually I love to cook and bake on the side. I dont have any proper education when it comes to this skill but my outputs are ok. I just want to have something to be proud of … a paper to be called mine and experience to be boast of …

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