Special Celebration Cakes

A party without a cake is just a meeting.

Julia Child

Isn’t this one of the most honest things you have read? I mean, the cake is really the star of the party, right? We have special celebration cakes for birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s and New Year’s. Sometimes we just make excuses to have cake!

Originally reserved for the extremely posh and wealthy, the use of cakes to celebrate momentous occasions has been a long-standing tradition. Some sources even link special celebration cakes all the way back to ancient Roman times. We Filipinos are no exception to this tradition. Our gatherings are never complete without this, perhaps, even impossible to exclude a delicious cake tucked in its ribbon-wrapped box when we think of planning any kind of celebration.

A Li’l Bit Of Cake Introduction

Cakes have evolved over time. The traditional cake we all came to know, eat, and love took its form in 17th century Europe. The process of baking cakes has changed as well. It has become more accessible to everyone and easier to bake on your own as well. Th ever-expanding range of tastes and flavors to satiate the appetites of the pickiest of eaters lead to more cake innovations. The presentation of these cakes is highly customizable as well, ensuring that there truly is an appropriate cake for any occasion, for everybody.

Cakes In The Time of COVID

Even amidst an ongoing pandemic, Filipinos, show no signs of stopping themselves from having a cake to go with their at-home celebrations. The influx of online sellers for baked goods have grown exponentially this past year. Many commercial bakeshops have embraced the new normal and opened themselves up for online orders and delivery. This means that we can safely satisfy our sweet and sinful cravings.

Being stuck at home does get boring fast, and I’m sure that a lot of you have spent the time picking up new skills and hobbies. Dusty aprons once tucked away inside shelves and drawers are now seeing the light of day once again. Many of us want to try out our hands at baking our own cakes and desserts at home. This is either to pass the time or to revisit an old skill that was hidden away due to the “busyness” of life.

True, it may be daunting at first. But many have taken up the challenge of home baking and came out winning, happy, and on top! Baking ingredients and tools have never been more accessible than they are now.

Commercial cakes may be but nothing truly beats the feeling of savoring homemade food made completely from scratch! They come complete with personal touches that allow you to fully own the baking experience. Whether you are a simple home baker wanting to try new skills, or a business person baking to sell and earn, we have the right class for you!

Life Is Short, Let’s Bake Three Cakes!

In this baking class, we will be learning how to make some cakes based on familiar and well-loved flavors.

“Some cakes?”, you ask.

Some is three impressively delicious chiffon cake recipes! All three of them are sure to add flavor and piquancy to our days at home. Each cake features its own special character and unique personality that will elevate the cake making (and cake eating!) experience for everyone!

Chiffon Cakery

A chiffon cake is basically made from stiffly beaten egg whites. This is commonly known as meringue. Its success mainly depends on how correctly you beat and fold your egg whites into the batter.

The batter is baked in an ungreased and unlined pan. It must be cooled upside down on a cooling rack right after baking. This is to retain its height. Wait for it to completely cool before piping on your frostings and other toppings.

Uhhh, did I lose you there? Anyway, don’t worry about it. All these will be discussed in full detail!

Learn how to confidently make Ube Macapuno, Mocha Praline, and Caramel Crunch Cake like a pro. These sure fire hits will surely become a staple in any celebration not only because it’s light and not too sweet, but because it also looks amazing on a cake stand. I simply can’t wait to tell you more about these delectable desserts!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Celebration Cakes class.


About The Chef

Before we go into further detail, allow me to introduce the chef instructor for this Special Celebration Cakes class.

Guiding us in our cake-creating journey will be Chef Joey Prats, a highly distinguished pastry chef who started baking when he was 12 years old. Through the years, this talented and highly skilled chef has worked in different food service establishments and academic institutions, as well as being the proud owner of his very own company. Chef Joey has several classes found here at The Bailiwick Academy.

Considering all that experience under his belt, Chef Joey will serve as a perfect guide on how to level up your chiffon cake game through this class. You will definitely learn top tricks and tips to ensure your baking success. With Chef Joey at the helm, you truly are in excellent hands. You will bake celebration cakes effortlessly in no time!

The Cakes

It’s time to start going in-depth about the delicious and sinful special celebration cakes we will be learning in this class! All the cakes featured in this class are chiffon cakes of different flavors.

Now, it may sound scary, but it’s totally worth it once you master the basics. The cakes will be softest and fluffiest chiffon cakes you will even taste! They are simply sublime! This melt-in-your-mouth cake eating experience will have us begging for more!

Ube Macapuno Cake

First up on our list of special cleebration cakes is the Ube Macapuno Cake. A very Filipino take on a classic chiffon cake.  For many, just hearing the word “ube” will bring back memorable Pinoy celebrations featuring the sweet and creamy purple cake at the center of the festivities.

Ube Macapuno Cake

This vibrantly purple chiffon cake features flavors that hit close to the Filipino home. Ube jam is nestled snuggly in the cake’s layers.

The cake is bathed in a subtly sweet Ube buttercream frosting. The cake is topped with strips of luscious macapuno to further enhance its flavor. And another Filipino favorite which adds a pleasant nutty flavor into the mix. Taking a bite out of this cake is sure to be a nostalgic experience for many!

(Incidentally, The Bailiwick Academy also offers a class featuring the heirloom ube jam recipe of Chef Joey. )

Mocha Praline Cake

Next up on our list is a deliciously creamy Mocha Praline chiffon cake.

Mocha-flavored desserts are also a staple in celebrations. The combination of milk’s richness combined with the warm, soothing cup of coffee produces a taste that appeals to most of us Filipinos. As such, it’s no wonder that many bakeshops have taken advantage of the versatility of mocha’s rich flavors.

Mocha Praline Cake

The chiffon cake layers are covered with luscious mocha buttercream and walnut praline. Both add a new depth to the familiar and classic taste on which this cake is based on. These walnut pralines compliment the taste and texture of this cake beautifully! It gives a delectable savory crunchiness which is a perfect contrast to the soft cloud-like chiffon. Don’t you just love the thought of that?

Now you can make your very own sinful and oh-so-luscious Mocha Praline Cake!

Caramel Crunch Cake

Lastly, but definitely not the least, we have a light and fluffy Caramel Crunch Cake. Its layers of the signature cloud-like chiffon cake is made unique with crunchy honeycomb.

Caramel Crunch Cake

From the honeycomb-infused filling to the whipped cream coating and honeycomb topping, this cake is sure to satisfy any craving. That extra crunch is sure to pack a punch to this otherwise light and creamy cake.

Quality Content

Just writing about these special celebration cakes makes my mouth water! I can’t wait to bake these beauties and share them with my family and friends. I’m sure you are also very excited to join the class.

If this class is any indication, you will surely see a glimpse of how we are at The Bailiwick Academy.

We are committed to bring you only quality online classes. They not only teach you to bake cakes but also present you with opportunities to earn. We have a bunch of successful Bailiwickers who have become their own bosses! These courses can be accessed from any device. Yup! Wherever you might be in the world!

Whether it be desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones, the convenience of learning online is a surefire way to pick up and learn some new skills!

The way the classes are setup also benefits those that are still busy at home. It is a great choice for busy people who don’t have the luxury of time in their hands. The courses can be paused and continued at any time.

Just like the rest of the courses from The Bailiwick Academy.

We have made life even easier for you! We devised a guide to help you navigate through our courses and even threw in some free ones for you to try. Check this: Your Success and The Bailiwick Academy.

Everything you’ll need for the recipes can also be easily seen in the included PDF file.

The Bailiwick Community

The students of The Bailiwick Academy are treated with the utmost care. A Facebook page is dedicated to answering the questions any Bailiwicker has after viewing the class. Instructors are very approachable.

The page also serves as an avenue where students and instructors alike can exchange baking tips and tricks. And proudly display their works as well. The community is active and supportive, no bad vibes here at all!

Sounds awesome? What are you waiting for?


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