Mother’s Day Gift Delivered: 9 Ideas to Give to Moms!

mother's day gift delivered

It’s Saturday as I type this, but I just want to greet all moms in advance right now. Happy Mother’s Day to all of us tomorrow! So, was your Mother’s Day gift delivered yet?

If not, it just means two things. One, you’re the mother, so you’re waiting for your gift (aren’t we all? Haha!)

Or two, you have no idea what to give to your mother.

Well, if you’re in the second situation, don’t worry! Because I don’t want Mother’s Day ruined for your mother or wife, I wrote this gift guide. It’s specifically for you! 

Once you’re done reading, you’ll have a better idea for what to get for tomorrow. And you won’t be worrying about any cheap Mother’s Day gifts delivered, too!

(And if you’re in the first situation, you can use this guide as a hint for the people who will be giving you gifts. Nudge them in the right direction for the things to get delivered for Mother’s Day, if you will).

Keep on reading for some fun Mother’s Day gift ideas you can deliver for the occasion!

An idea for a Mother’s Day gift: Quality time

With how busy we all are nowadays, mothers like me would appreciate plenty of quality time. We don’t just need that from our partners, but from our children and other family members as well. Think of it as spending time as a family to catch up.

Since there’s an occasion, gift us time for us. Have a Mother’s Day brunch, then consume a gift basket together. Even simple family walks or talks will do! 

And I’m sure since COVID-19 is less of a threat nowadays, we’ve all been wanting to see our loved ones!

In short, the important thing for us moms is to be able to spend time with people we love.

Deliver some alone time for Mother’s Day!

solitude alone time the bailiwick academy

Okay, this may sound weird, but hear me out. Seriously, one of the best gifts for mom is some alone time. Why?

Well, I’ll just base it on myself. I run The Bailiwick Academy, which entails a lot of things. I also homeschool my kids and do household chores.

Sometimes, I just want a day to relax. And I’m sure plenty of moms feel the same way.

So seriously, one of the fun deliveries for Mother’s Day (fun for us moms, hehe) is some alone time. It’s not that we don’t love our families – it’s just one day after all. Just give us some time to not worry about anything except enjoying ourselves.

We promise we’ll be back. 

Aside from giving us alone time, it would also help if you gave us accompanying gifts! Like, say, some Mother’s Day wine, popcorn tins, tea, a spa certificate… anything that you know we consider a treat!

Appreciation Week: A Mother’s Day gift, when delivered, is super appreciated!

Mother's Day Gift Delivered the bailiwick academy

Want a Mother’s Day delivery of a gift that’s not flowers or anything conventional? Well, why not try throwing your mom an appreciation week? 

Yup, instead of Mother’s Day, make it Mother’s Week! But what do you do to honor her for one whole week?

Well, the beauty about this is that it’s completely up to you! Maybe to start, get your mom care packages every day. You can also accompany her to her chosen activity for the day. 

And if you can, compile messages from people who love her. Her heart will be overflowing with joy!

Side note: this particular gift idea is for people who always do last-minute Mother’s Day delivery of gifts. You won’t be able to do this on Sunday, but you can always remind yourself to start early next year. Make up for your tendency to do last-minute things (hint, hint!).

Deliver some Mother’s Day flowers as a fragrant gift.

Mother's Day Gift Delivered the bailiwick academy flowers

Kennedy Floral states that it was during the Victorian era that the tradition of giving flowers began. Back then, people were getting into gardening and flower care.

Also, a related fact: Victorian people thought that stating how you feel was tasteless. So they turned the flowers into a form of communication. 

And as we all know, the practice of flower giving became popular for special occasions. And of course, I’m sure all women like flowers! Well, I like them, haha!

But trust me: your mother will appreciate receiving fresh flowers. Whether it’s just one Mother’s Day rose, or a bunch of Mother’s Day roses, it’s up to you. What’s important is that you communicate how much you appreciate your mom!

Of course, you might be wondering how much are Mother’s Day flowers. Well, if you’re only reading this now, you might wince because the price will be more expensive than usual. Take it as a sign to order flowers earlier for next year.

But you know what’s a bigger question you should ask yourself? It’s “Can I still get flowers delivered for Mother’s Day?” 

That I’m not sure. But you can still try with my trusted flower supplier, Unwrapped – Flowers, Hampers and Gifts. Maybe they still have an available Mother’s Day flowers gift set.

But if you have time (or well, next year), you can give your mom a different kind of bouquet. Check out our Art of Edible Flowers class by Chef Marc Kevin Reyes!

Mother’s Day chocolate delivery

chocolates the bailiwick academy

According to FloraQueen, the tradition of giving a chocolate box or a chocolates gift basket started back in 1853.  That year, the Cadbury company took advantage of falling import costs and created the first box of chocolates. Also, chocolates started to become popular during Valentine’s Day.

And that’s when Cadbury started selling chocolate in attractive patterned boxes.

And I guess from then on, chocolate gifts started to be associated with special occasions. That includes Mother’s Day.

You might find that giving Mother’s Day chocolates is cliche, but you know something else? 

I have yet to meet a mother who doesn’t love chocolate!

And the great thing about chocolate is that there are many variations. You can give Belgian chocolates, chocolate-dipped or chocolate-covered fruit such as strawberries, or a mix of both!

But of course, the best chocolate for me is any chocolate from our class, The Art of Chocolate. If you have time to make chocolate for tomorrow, then enroll in it today!

Cookie delivery for Mother’s Day

chocolate chip cookies the bailiwick academy

Does your mom have a sweet tooth? She would probably appreciate some sweets. Gift her some Mother’s Day cookies!

It would be an awesome surprise for her to receive some delicious treats on this special day, wouldn’t you agree?

My personal favorite is chocolate chip cookies, but maybe your mom’s is different.

The great thing about cookies is that they come in plenty of flavors and choices. If you want to really spoil your mom, order a bunch and make her a cookie bouquet or buffet!

(Side note: I may be biased in this statement, but I’ll say it anyway! For me, the best cookies will still be found in our Gourmet Cookies class by Chef Bam Piencenaves. If you still have time to bake cookies before tomorrow, enroll now!)

Mother’s Day Gift Delivered: your mom’s favorite cake!

cake Mother's Day Gift Delivered the bailiwick academy

Here’s another idea for a Mother’s Day sweets delivery. Like we said in our blog post about celebrating your wins, cakes have always been associated with celebrations. So why not give your mom a cake?

Just like cookies, cakes come in different flavors. You have burnt basque cheesecake, Korean buttercream cake, different flavored cake rolls, strawberry cheesecake, and so much more. You can even have cake pops as a sweets gift if your mom doesn’t want anything too big to eat.

Speaking of cakes, Celebration Cakes by Chef Joey may be what you need for the occasion. Or maybe it’s our latest class, Tres Leches Cake also by Chef Joey. Who knows, you might have enough time to make any of these before your mom wakes up on Sunday.

Enroll now!

A cookware set? Mother’s Day gift delivered, indeed! the bailiwick academy

We recently asked our students at The Bailiwick Academy Student Lounge what they would like to get on Mother’s Day. A lot of them actually replied with cookware.

If your mother or wife is in the group or loves cooking, they might reply with the same thing. So why not deliver to them a gift box of cooking items?

I recommend you check out the selection at Buji.Ph. Their inventory is full of top-rated world-class products! I am sure moms would appreciate brands such as USA Pan, Cuisipro, and Thermopro!

Plus, if you use the coupon code: BAILIWICK upon checking out, you’ll get an awesome price reduction! Your mom gets an awesome Mother’s Day gift delivered, and you save money. Everyone wins!

The Bailiwick Academy classes

mother's day gift delivered the bailiwick academy

I’ve saved the best for last! This gift is perfect for any mom or grandma who wants to start a food business or just cook or bake. And the best part is that this doesn’t need any physical delivery.

Yup, that’s right! All of our classes are online, so your mother doesn’t have to go anywhere. She can stay in the comfort of the home, as long as she has Internet access.

Check out our list of courses. They’ll have plenty to choose from, and even a free brownies class by Chef Jimbo Panadero to try!

And think about it: when they start cooking, you’ll be one of the first to try what they made! Isn’t that a great benefit?

So what are you waiting for? Enroll them in The Bailiwick Academy today as your Mother’s Day gift to them! I’m sure they’ll be happy!

Last thought: The perfect gift is one that is truly meant!

The items we listed above are just some ideas for Mother’s Day tomorrow (or, well, for next year). But you know a gift that is truly perfect for Mother’s Day? And one that should be considered Mother’s Day gift delivered, indeed?

Whether it’s a gift for your mom, your grandma, your wife, or any mother? 

No, it’s not a 19-pc chocolate box or expensive gourmet food. It’s not also how many gift baskets were delivered.

It’s anything that shows how much you appreciate her and all her hard work and sacrifices.

(It would also help if it’s not a last-minute Mother’s Day gift delivery, but I digress.)

Again, to all the mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day! Have a good one!

Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips and tricks, and so much more!

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