Rollin’ With Cake Rolls

In any occasion, celebration or even for no reason at all cakes are one of the many baking products out there ever-present on the table.

Almost everybody loves them! They come in different shapes, sizes and flavors. They are also easy to get as bakeshops are sure to have them in stock.


One popular cake is in the form of a roll. It is a type of sponge cake. It is known by different names: Swiss roll, jelly roll, roll cake/cake roll or cream rolls.

These rolls that we see today are cylindrical in shape since the sponge cake has been rolled and a spiral made from different filling running from the outside to the center when you cut into it.

It may be known as Swiss roll however its origins are unclear. Although may believe that it may have come from Central Europe. It made its way to Asia through the colonies and different styles emerged.

Sponge Cake

Sponge cakes are familiar and are common in celebrations, rolls easily made its way into our dinner tables.

Sponge cakes are made with flour, eggs, and sugar and sometimes with baking powder.

The sponge cake itself has many forms thanks to the different cultures that it has met. It has also been called by many names: Asian, Chiffon, Angel food cake, Boston cream pie, Trifle, and Victoria Sponge among others.

Making Rolls

Rolls can be tricky to make but once you have mastered it, it is very rewarding.

The sponge cake, which is light and can be delicate takes the extra cake to make. Being a delicate cake it can collapse once it rises. Novice bakers may need time to practice to get the cake right.

Once you get the sponge cake right, you then need to take on the challenge of rolling it. This is another technique that needs to get done right to prevent the cake from breaking up.

The traditional way of making roll is to roll it up after baking. This way the cake will not easily break. However, it is not a guarantee as the cake may still break up.

The filling can be made from any cream you may want. Buttercream is a popular filling and can also be used to cover up the cake. Although you can leave the cake “naked” as the usual practice in many regions.

The filling and icing can be as varied as the flavors of the sponge cake. There is vanilla, butter, and chocolate which are common but when the sponge reached different regions came coffee, pandan, and even our very own ube.

Finally Got It Right

I did have trouble with chiffon when I was starting baking. I have made several cakes that collapsed before I finally made it right. Then a few more before I got it perfect.

Then there is the roll. Don’t get me started on the roll! I have broken cakes which took time for me to perfect just to break when doing the roll.

I got my recipe from the internet when I started out. Unfortunately, not all cover the intricacies. There are also recipes out there that are either not tested or can be difficult.

Timeless Cake Rolls

Let me save you the trouble of wasting your ingredient and your time. Focus instead of your efforts in perfecting and doing variations on your craft.

Chef James Magos really thought of how it would make it easier for first-time bakers to do cake rolls. From making the fool-proof chiffon cake to rolling your cakes with ease. Do not forget about the flavors and some design which really can take your products to a different level!

What you will learn:

For making the chiffon, you will learn how to make these delicious cakes:

  • Classic Vanilla cake roll
  • Ube Royale cake roll
  • Chocolate fudge cake roll
  • Coffee Caramel cake roll
  • Buko Pandan cake roll

The technique in getting the roll right and making the icing and fillings.

The class covers these icing and fillings:

  • Vanilla Whipped Cream icing
  • Ube halaya filling
  • Ube whipped cream icing
  • Chocolate fudge icing
  • Coffee Caramel filling
  • Mocha buttercream icing
  • Buko Pandan buttercream icing

A class that is thought of and done with love. A great value if you think of it. Not only will it teach you the knowledge and the techniques in making the best cake rolls but it can also save you time and money from the trial and errors. It can also be your source of income in the future.

You too can learn. Enroll here or click the button below.

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