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Hello readers! Today, I’ll be talking about Buji.Ph, the official and exclusive Philippine distributor of USA PAN. I’ve mentioned them before in my blog post about Mother’s Day gift ideas – were you able to read that?

Anyway, if you’ve read our blog about the basic rules of baking for beginners, you’d know that one of our rules involves having the right tools. And if you’re looking for the right tools, there’s none better than the ones Buji.Ph carries!

Join me as we take a deeper look at Buji.Ph and what you can buy from them. And read until the end, because The Bailiwick Academy and Buji.Ph have a special treat for you!

What is Buji.Ph?

Buji.Ph, as I mentioned earlier, is THE exclusive Philippine distributor of USA PAN. The word “buji” is Japanese, which can mean safety, security, peace, or quietness. Buji’s logo also carries the phrase “Cook and Bake with Love”.

This is just my own interpretation, but I’m guessing that when you buy from Buji.Ph, you can rest assured that your products will arrive safe and sound; that your products are original and of high quality; and you can cook and bake with love as a result.

I can definitely say I’m pretty happy with my tools from Buji.Ph!

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What products does Buji.Ph carry?

Buji.Ph gives you access to only THE BEST brands for baking and cooking, including:


According to their About Page, USA PAN was founded in 1959 by brothers John Sr. and Russell. Having been in the commercial baking industry for five decades, they decided to make bakeware even for home bakers with the same high-quality and heavy-duty features as that of commercial bakeware. 

And in 2009, the USA PAN brand was introduced. And they guarantee that whether you’re an avid baker or one who is just starting out, their bakeware can help you with kitchen success stories. They last a long time and are also very easy to clean.

How good are the products? Well, NYTimes tested a bunch of cake pans, and they found out that USA PANS came out on top. And that pretty much represents the rest of their products, wouldn’t you agree?

Buji.Ph carries the following items from USA PAN:


Cuisipro is a Canadian brand that was started in the late 1970s by Peter Browne (of Browne & Co). For Peter, his vision to revolutionize the food service industry was to craft the best cooking tools so that you get only the best possible cooking experience.

The brand promises innovation and products that will give you years of use and joy. I personally love this brand because not only do their tools look amazing and pleasing to the eye, they really work! Google reviews for this brand, and you’d be happy to see that all of them pretty positive.

Buji.Ph carries the following items from Cuisipro:


Thermopro is a home appliance company that claims to be the number 1 best-selling brand of affordable thermometers. Well, they also do have over 3 million users of their products, so that is definitely not something to look down on.

Of course, it also helps that the brand has already been featured on CNN, USA Today, and CNBC. You can take the guesswork out of grilling and cooking with one of their products!

Buji.Ph carries the following Thermopro products:


Aside from these three, Buji.Ph also carries the AccuWeight 201W Digital Kitchen Scale, various books, and homecare products. I bet more selections are added as time goes on!

Why should I buy from Buji.Ph?

Well, for one thing, if you want to buy from, say, USA Pan, you’ll see that they only ship to areas in the USA also. 


Same with Cuisipro, but this time, they ship only to Canada.


And sure you can buy from Amazon, but Amazon is more expensive! Check this comparison out. Buji.Ph sells the ThermoPro TP03B Digital Instant-Read Thermometer for only Php880 (as of this posting, at least).

thermopro Buji.Ph

Now compare that to the price of the same product on Amazon:


That’s a lot more expensive, especially with the Philippine peso currently weakening against the dollar. Plus, Amazon will also charge you for shipping, making what you’re paying for almost double!

So Buji.Ph is definitely a better choice! 

Another thing to consider is that Buji will give you free shipping for orders over Php5000. That’s an awesome discount! 

And speaking of shipping, Buji promises “Next Business Day Shipping” on their Instagram account. So at least you’ll know when your item is on the way.

buji.ph instagram

But wait, here’s the best part! Remember the gift I mentioned that The Bailiwick Academy and Buji.Ph have for you? It’s a coupon code that gives you a discount!

That’s right! The coupon code is BAILIWICK. Make sure you type it in all capital letters. Simply enter it at the checkout screen, where you’re asked to enter your code:

Buji.Ph code

Click the “CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR CODE” part and type in BAILIWICK.


Press APPLY COUPON and this should appear:


And if you scroll down, you’ll see the discount applied. It’s that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let 2022 pass by without upgrading your baking and cooking tools. Buy from Buji.Ph today!

Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips and tricks, and so much more!

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