How to Serve Fruits: 10 Creative Ways!

how to serve fruits the bailiwick academy

Hello, The Bailiwick Academy blog readers! Do you love fruits? We do too! And with so many to choose from, you might find yourself wondering how to serve fruits in a more interesting way. You know, for variety or for a change.

Well, not to worry. Read on for a few ideas on how to serve fruits!

Serve fruits cut up.

how to serve fruits fruit kabob the bailiwick academy

Well, yes, you might be annoyed with this first choice. After all, putting fruits on a cutting board, chopping them up, and serving them on plates is the most basic thing you can do. 

Guess what? 

It’s still one of the best things you can do! If you just want to eat fruit or serve fruits to guests, there’s nothing wrong with cutting them up, putting them on plates, and serving them to guests. They can enjoy the fruit using their hands (if for example, you’re serving apples or oranges), or using spoons (if you’re serving mangoes).

Of course, you might feel like you want to add a little oomph to your presentation. For example, you’re wondering how to serve fruit for a party, or you want to make an epic fruit platter or pretty fruit bowls.

Well, you can Google “how to cut fruit properly” or “how to cut up fruit” and check out some fancy cuts. You can also search for fruit platter ideas and copy what you like to make a nice presentation of your delicious fruit selections.

Or you can just buy a bunch of sticks and make fruit kabobs!

In short, there are plenty of things you can do with the basics, from a basic snack to instant party foods.

How to serve fruits: as a fruit punch

fruit punch the bailiwick academy

So when we say fruit punch, it’s not related to boxing in any way. What we are referring to are the drinks at parties that are made of fruits. How to serve fruit punch, you ask? Well, punch is usually placed in a big bowl and scooped into cups, but we’re sure you can also place them in glass pitchers.

The best part? Some fruit punches are made with alcohol. That’s right, feel free to mix the fruits of your choice (apples, oranges, grapefruits, pineapples, etc.) with your favorite alcoholic drink, like vodka, gin, or red wine. Experiment and find a combination that works (even if it sounds weird!).

How to serve fruits: as jams

fruit jams the bailiwick academy

Can you eat fruit first thing in the morning? Is it okay to have fruits for breakfast? 

Well, there’s this thing our mothers used to always tell us about fruits. You know, the “never eat fruit on an empty stomach” thing. We’re not sure if that really applies, but we digress.

Anyway, if you want fruits first thing in the morning but don’t want to risk a stomachache, we suggest this method on how to serve fruits for breakfast: fruit jams! 

If you’re wondering how to serve fruit jam, well, they usually come in bottles (whether store-bought or if you made them) so you can eat them out of the bottle (if you’re the only one eating) or spread them on bread. 

What fruits make the best jam? Well, there are plenty of fruit jams: orange, strawberry, mango, and more. Find the one which tastes the best!

How to serve fruits: in bread

how to serve fruits raisin bread the bailiwick academy

Have you heard of raisin bread? If yes, then that’s an example of fruits in bread! Warm raisin bread is one of the best comfort foods you can ever eat.

Of course, fruit in bread is not limited to just raisins. For your bread recipe, you can use other dried fruits like mangoes, cranberries, currants, oranges, and cherries. Make your own comfort food if you will.

Dip fruits in chocolate!

chocolate dips the bailiwick academy

Who needs complicated dessert recipes when all you need to do is get your favorite fruit, some chocolate dip, and, well, dip the fruit into the chocolate? Chocolate-dipped fruit is pretty much party food! And whether you use dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or a chocolate fruit dip (meaning the fruit is already incorporated into the dip), you can be sure the end result is delish!

Incorporate fruits in cake!

cake fruit the bailiwick academy

There are plenty of cake recipes out there that incorporate your favorite fruits into cakes. You have strawberry cakes, mango cakes, and even fruit cakes, which are bestsellers, especially during Christmas.

We guess this section answers “How to serve fruit for dessert?”, wouldn’t you agree?

Serve fruits in a soup.

the bailiwick academy soup fruits

You might be used to the usual soup recipes being savory. So a soup recipe that involves fruits sounds kind of weird, right? 

Well, not in other countries. According to Wikipedia, there’s fruit soup in China and Europe. 

But what’s fruit soup anyway? Well, it’s a soup using fruit as the primary ingredient, and can be served hot, cold, and alcoholic or not. And some soup recipes involve milk, cream, dumplings, and the aforementioned alcoholic dumplings.

Speaking of soup and fruits, there’s actually a sinigang variant here in the Philippines that involves strawberries. We’re not kidding, and it’s actually pretty delicious. So fruits in soup might actually be worth exploring, eh?

Serve fruits as a fruit salad.

fruit salad the bailiwick academy

Ahh, fruit salad. Yet another Filipino dessert favorite for Christmas. Basically, you take fruits (summer fruit, tropical fruit, whichever fruit), mix them with condensed milk, put the mixture in the refrigerator, and eat it hours later. That’s how simple fruit salads are in the Philippines.

Of course, there are also fruit salad recipes where fruits get heated on a pan just to get their juices flowing. You then mix the various fruits and then eat them for a juicy, sweet, delicious treat.

How to serve fruit salad? Well, they’re usually in bowls, but a variant for Filipino fruit salads is the mixed fruits served inside half of a coconut. The coconut serves as the bowl, plus additional fruit with the coconut meat.

Whichever recipe you like, add some whipped cream after for additional flavor!

Serve fruit as a salsa.

how to serve fruits the bailiwick academy fruit salsa

Let’s say you want to eat fruits, but don’t want them to comprise your whole meal. Well, you can always eat something savory but still incorporate your fruit into it. For example, why not eat a burrito with fruit salsa? It’s your fruit dip if you will. 

You can use fruits such as avocados, mangoes, and tomatoes (yes, tomato is a fruit) and mix them with vegetables for a nice, tangy dip.

How to serve fruits? Frozen!

frozen fruits the bailiwick academy

Did we say frozen treats in the form of frozen fruits? Yes, we did. Think of it as a healthier alternative to ice cream. Experiment with all the fruits that you can get your hands on to find out which one you like best frozen. Some taste great frozen, while others are better thawed. 

We recommend trying out bananas, papaya, oranges, and even seedless grapes! And don’t worry: all kinds of fruits can be frozen safely and will last up to a year.

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