Unusual Food Combinations that Work!

unusual food combinations that work combining bacon and banana in one dish

So on a scale of 1-10, how adventurous are you when it comes to food? Would you be up to trying out these unusual food combinations that work? And no, we’re not just talking about salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, or any well-known flavor combination. We’re talking about possibly the weirdest food combinations you can imagine.

Fair warning: some may sound like weird food or just plain sound gross. But apparently, the combinations that are actually the most unusual food combinations? They’re the ones that taste amazing.

Well, at least, according to a lot of people.

Check out this list we compiled of weird food combinations that are surprisingly good. Some of these food pairings are a bit tame, and some just sound like random food combinations (that taste good). Who knows, you might be eating some of these already as comfort food.

Strange but Delicious Food Combo 1: Banana and bacon 

unusual food combinations that work banana bacon the bailiwick academy

Yup, you’re not reading it wrong. We really did type banana and bacon. Hey, we didn’t make up these food combinations. People really do put them together.

Anyway, this is one of the weird food combos on the list that sounds kinda… well, pretty gross. But apparently, the delicious, salty taste of bacon works really well with bananas. So we guess there’s nothing else to do but to try it. Wrap up your bananas with bacon, then fry them up.

Another version of this combo also includes peanut butter. If you’re thinking of Elvis Presley, you’re right. The Elvis Sandwich is composed of banana, peanut butter, and bacon. Talk about unusual food combinations that taste good. Again, that’s what people swear to, at least.

Unusual Food Combinations that Work 2: Flamin Hot Cheetos and cream cheese

Flamin Hot Cheetos the bailiwick academy cream cheese
Flamin Hot Cheetos photo taken from Calgary Reviews

We think this combo originated in the USA, but hey, who says we can’t do it in the Philippines? Flamin Hot Cheetos are available here, and so is cream cheese. Why is it considered one of the best unusual food combinations, though?

Well, you usually eat cream cheese fresh from the refrigerator, right? So because it’s cold, it’s a great contrast with the spiciness of the Hot Cheetos. Plus, the cheese and the chips have contrasting textures, too! It’s a great party in your mouth, in short. And for an additional delicious dimension, grab a flavored cream cheese!

Hey, it sounds weird, but it might end up being one of your staple comfort foods.

Unusual Food Combo that Work 3: Potato chips and chocolate

potato chips chocolate the bailiwick academy

There’s a reason potato chips coated with chocolate are being sold, and that’s because they’re delicious! You might not feel like sweet and salty go together in one bite, but they do! If you don’t have access to chocolate-covered potato chips, just buy any plain chips and chocolate spread. Start dipping and enjoy the flavor combination.

If you’re one of those people who dip their french fries into ice cream from Jollibee or Mcdonald’s… Well, this isn’t really any different. Admit it; the salty and sweet taste in your mouth is good, right?

Unusual Food Combinations that Work 4: Apple pie and cheddar cheese

apple pie cheddar cheese the bailiwick academy unusual food combinations that work

Now, you usually top apple pie with ice cream, right? But hey, apples and cheese slices are a common combination, so this isn’t the weirdest food mix. Also, this trend apparently originated in England a long time ago. So again, not anything new. 

So anyway, once you have hot apple pie, just cut a slice and place cheese on top. Think of the pie’s sweetness and the flaky crust. Now bite into it with the salty, savory taste of cheese. Delicious?

A variation you can do is add cheese to your pie crust instead. At least you won’t be pressured into eating one whole cheese with the pie.

Unusual Food Combinations that Work 5: Ice cream combined with olive oil/balsamic vinegar/hot sauce

So you have three ways of making ice cream feel weird but still taste super good.

ice cream olive oil the bailiwick academy

One, combine ice cream with olive oil. Get your vanilla ice cream or whatever flavor you feel like eating. Pour olive oil. Enjoy. Olive oils add a rich and creamy texture to your cool dessert. Plus, you get a subtle, refreshing, herby taste. It’s a nice contrast in your mouth. Add sea salt for even better flavors!

unusual food combinations that work ice cream balsamic vinegar

The second method is putting balsamic vinegar on your ice cream. Sounds crazy, right? But hey, it’s promised to be one of those weird food combinations that work. You see, balsamic vinegar is made from fermented grapes. Therefore, balsamic vinegar is sweet, which is why it’s a great dressing. And that’s also the reason it makes for a great ice cream topping. Add your fruits of choice for even more flavoring!

ice cream hot sauce the bailiwick academy

And lastly, if these two methods seem tame, use hot sauce on ice cream. It just adds an extra kick and gives a whole new flavor. Hey, that’s why people are making spicy ice cream, right? 

Weird Food Combos that Work 6: Pizza topped with bananas

pizza bananas the bailiwick academy

Oh, look, the banana makes another appearance on this list. Perfect for us Filipinos with plenty of bananas in our country!

Anyway… Bananas as a pizza topping? Really? The food combination of pineapple and pizza is already pissing a lot of people off. It’s gross food, they say. What more banana and pizza?

Fun fact: banana pizza is pretty common in Sweden. They have plenty of restaurants that offer that flavor. Swedish people actually buy it! We guess they really like the sweet and savory taste of banana pizza.

We can’t speak for the rest of the world, though. Our opinion is that bananas on pizza will forever be a divisive topic.

Unusual Food Combinations that Work 7: Strawberries, sugar, and sour cream

strawberries sour cream sugar the bailiwick academy

Chocolate and strawberries are delicious, sure. But have you tried dipping strawberries in sour cream and rolling them in sugar? If not, you should! It’s gluten-free, plus strawberries have plenty of health benefits. Eating strawberries will reduce the glycemic surge from sugar

And the best part? This dessert is easy to make and very inexpensive.

Unusual Food Combinations that Work 8: Cola Chicken

the bailiwick academy fried chicken coca-cola

We’re sure you’ve heard of fried chicken being cooked with soy sauce. But have you heard about frying chicken in Coca-Cola? Talk about literally enjoying fried chicken with a glass of Coke.

This actually does sound like one of the best unusual food combinations ever.

Apparently, there’s a unique effect since Coca-Cola is carbonated. Not only will it tenderize the meat, but it will also give a delicious and unique taste to your chicken. 

Unusual Food Combinations that Work 9: Popcorn and ketchup

popcorn ketchup the bailiwick academy unusual food combinations that work

No, it’s not ketchup-flavored popcorn. It’s literally ketchup being poured over popcorn. Apparently, it’s a favorite snack in Canada

All we can think about is how messy it’s going to be. All that tomato sauce poured over, then you picking up a piece… Or maybe you just dip the popcorn into a bowl of ketchup for less mess?

If that’s not one of the strangest food combinations ever, we don’t know what is.

Food Combination that Actually Works 10: Green apples and salsa

green apple salsa the bailiwick academy

In our opinion, this isn’t really too unusual. After all, we do put fruits in our salsa, right? But for this combo, you’re just going to combine green apples and salsa. Apparently, their tart taste is just right for any spicy recipe. You’ll offset the spiciness with some tang.

Food combinations that actually work: recipes by Chef Miko Aspiras

Feeling wary about some of these items on our weird food combinations list? Well, don’t worry. Check out this video about our new classes with Chef Miko Aspiras featuring yummy food combinations – guaranteed!

In his desire to take Filipino desserts to the next level, Chef Miko took bibingka, binatog, and kakanin and combined them with cheesecake, panna cotta, and salted caramel, respectively. Of course, he added his own signature style to these desserts, making them grand, modern, and edgy. 

The results are what you’ll learn in our Elevated Filipino Desserts class: Bibingka-Inspired Burnt Cheesecake, Binatog Corn Panna Cotta, and Salted Caramel Kakanin. Traditional Filipino desserts elevated to a whole new gastronomic level, indeed! And as a bonus, you’ll put these food combos in a beautifully crafted Filipiniana grazing box.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in The Bailiwick Academy today!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these weirdest food combinations. This reminded me of the time when I tried fruit salad with ketchup. It sounds funny to have fruit salad with ketchup, but the taste was very different. I’m sure that you are missing some other weird combinations of food.

    1. noel salazar

      Thanks for reading our blog! Fruit salad and ketchup does sound very weird… Definitely missing a lot of other weird combos.

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