Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings: Global Brews With Filipino Delights!

best coffee and pastry pairings the bailiwick academy

If there’s one thing we know about us Pinoys, it’s that we always need coffee in the morning, instant coffee or otherwise. And if there’s one thing we know about coffee, it’s always better with a delicious local pastry—or two! Keep reading for some best coffee and pastry pairings you should definitely try.

What makes drinking coffee great, anyway?

Well, morning coffee is great in that it wakes us up. After all, the caffeine in coffee is a stimulant. It helps make us alert and gives us better concentration and focus.

It also helps that studies show the different benefits of consuming coffee, such as reducing the risk of diseases like Parkinson’s and Type 2 Diabetes.

People who love indulging in a cup of coffee or two often debate what makes it taste the best. Good coffee has a nice smell, the right amount of sourness, a good feel in the mouth, and a great taste. Making the best coffee starts with picking the right coffee beans and ends with making it just right for your taste buds.

How do you do that? 

Well, coffee can be roasted in different ways. For example, light roast coffee has a sharp taste and might remind you of flowers. Medium roast coffee is well-rounded, and dark roast coffee has a strong, smoky taste. 

Simply put, you choose the roast level you like best. The right pick can make your coffee taste even better.

So why are coffees and pastries great together?

There’s a special kind of magic when you drink coffee while consuming a fresh pastry—ask any coffee drinker! It’s not known to be an unusual food combination that works; it just is. But why DO coffees pair well with them?

Well, here are a few reasons:

  • Contrast of flavors: The bitterness of the coffee balances out the sweetness of many pastries, making each sip and bite a delightful play of taste.
  • Texture play: The smoothness of coffee perfectly contrasts the flaky, crumbly, or chewy textures of different pastries.
  • Temperature balance: A hot cup of coffee with a room temperature or even a cold pastry creates a pleasant temperature contrast in your mouth. It can also be cold brew coffee paired with a freshly baked pastry.
  • Boosting tastes: Coffee can enhance certain flavors in pastries, like chocolate or nuts, making them taste even richer—and make for richer desserts!
  • Satiety: The caffeine in coffee combined with the carbs and fats in pastries can give a satisfying feeling of fullness.

There can be more, but in short, coffee and pastries just feel right together!

But as we all know, there are different kinds of coffees and different kinds of pastries. So, what are some good pairings? Let’s get to the heart of this article, shall we?

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings: Espresso and Chocolate Croissant

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings the bailiwick academy

While the croissant has its roots in France—like the opera cake and the baguette—it’s a popular pastry option in many bakeries across the Philippines. And while plain croissants taste great, what would make them even better?

Giving them a chocolate flavor and drinking them with an espresso! The robustness of an espresso contrasts beautifully with the sweet, buttery layers interlaced with chocolate. You’re in for a good time with this dessert pairing.

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings: Latte and Ensaymada

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings the bailiwick academy

The fluffy and cheesy ensaymada—especially the one made by Chef Joey Prats—offers a sweet contrast to the creamy latte, whether it’s a hot or an iced latte. With this pair’s complementary flavors, you’ll enjoy a creamy delight in every bite.

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings: Cappuccino and Butter Cake

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings the bailiwick academy

Love the frothy and mild bitterness of a cappuccino? It will be made even better with a butter cake’s moist buttery goodness. The cappuccino’s fluffy top will cut right through the butter cake’s sweetness, making every sip and bite just right—a simple and enjoyable pairing.

Make sure to enroll in Chef Joey Prats’ Amazing Butter Cakes Master Class for the best butter cakes you can experience—make them in different flavors, too!

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings: Americano and Spanish Bread

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings the bailiwick academy

Fun fact: an Americano is simply black coffee that has been watered down. Why? Well, the Americans stationed in Italy back in World War II found that the Italian version of black coffee was too strong.

They requested their particular coffee to be weaker, which the Italians did, calling this version “Americano” to distinguish it from the Italian coffee. Cool, huh?

Anyway, the Americano is still pretty strong and is a great counterpart to the sweet butter and sugar filling of a Pinoy bakery favorite, the Spanish bread. Incidentally, it’s called Spanish bread, which is not Spanish at all—another fun fact! 

You know what else is fun? Making Spanish bread using Chef Jimbo de Panadero’s recipe. Try it for yourself—you won’t regret it!

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings: Cold Brew and Banana Loaf

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings the bailiwick academy

Cold brew coffee stands out for its silky smoothness, thanks to a brewing process that extracts the gentle coffee bean flavors and leaves out the typical coffee bitterness. The coffee becomes light and refreshing.

This also makes it a good pair with a banana loaf, a soft and sweet bread that gives a comforting and slightly sweet taste. Try it out; you’ll appreciate the cold brew’s mellow notes seamlessly going with the banana loaf’s sweetness. 

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings: Flat White and Pandesal with Cheese

the bailiwick academy

The pandesal is one of the most iconic breads in the Philippines. Heck, entire franchises have been built selling nothing but this bread! It’s also a favorite during breakfast and merienda, especially when eaten with cheese slices.

Want to make the experience even better? Do a food pairing: pandesal with cheese and a hot flat white! This drink’s creamy texture and subtle coffee notes enhance the taste of the pandesal, and its richness complements the saltiness of the cheese, creating a perfect balance.

Best Coffee and Pastry Pairings: Macchiato & Egg Pie

the bailiwick academy

The macchiato is one of the most beloved coffee drinks, probably because of its hints of caramel. It’s strong but has a sweet side because of these caramel flavors. On the other hand, the Filipino egg pie is a soft dessert filled with creamy custard with a gentle sweetness.

And when you pair them, the caramel coffee flavoring makes the egg pie’s sweetness stand out more. At the same time, the creamy pie balances the strong coffee. In other words, the caramel undertones of a macchiato beautifully enhance the creamy custard filling of the traditional Filipino egg pie.

And, of course, for the best egg pie you can make and eat, check out Chef Jimbo’s Classic Filipino Egg Pie class!

Want to learn more about pastry and coffee pairings?

These are just some coffee pairings with Filipino food. Want to learn about pairing coffee with other desserts? Or get better at making coffee?

Well, you’re in luck with Chef Ely Salar’s newest online class: Artisanal Coffee and Pastry Pairing!

With this class, you can explore making artisanal coffee with an in-depth look at espresso-making, coffee fundamentals, and even machine calibration! You’ll be able to make all coffee cups a work of art.

Not only that; you’ll be able to make flavorful coffee, too, such as:

  • Cappuccino
  • Flat White
  • Hot and Iced Americano
  • Hot and Iced Lattè
  • Hot and Iced Tablea Cafè Mocha
  • Hot and Iced Matcha Specialty Drink
  • Hot and Iced Spanish Lattè

You’ll also get a recipe for various irresistible mini-pound cakes for some irresistible coffee and dessert pairing. Whether you’re looking to start a food business, want to know more about coffee, or just indulge in better coffee, this class is for you!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up at The Bailiwick Academy and make leveled-up coffee and dessert pairings today!


Isn’t it great to know that our favorite Filipino treats and different kinds of coffees are a match made in heaven? From our loved pandesal to the sweet egg pie, there are different kinds of coffee out there that make them taste even better! 

Of course, this list is far from conclusive. We encourage you to try new coffee and pastry pairings and find your favorite match. There are more out there—and not just with Filipino treats!

And if you’re curious to learn more and make your own great coffee at home, don’t forget to enroll in Chef Ely Salar’s class here at The Bailiwick Academy. Cheers to more delicious mornings and afternoons ahead, and see you in class!


Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen and baking tips, tricks, and much more!

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