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Hello, everyone! Hope your Lenten season is peaceful and is allowing you the chance to catch up on rest and on family time. But you know one thing I used to dread about this season? It’s thinking about food recipes for Lent every single year! Meal planning is so hard on the days when you can’t eat meat. And it gets so tiresome if you eat nothing but fish.

That’s why I’m so thankful I started (and despite a lot of hurdles, continued) The Bailiwick Academy. Why? Because I was able to meet a lot of amazing chefs and got exposed to plenty of recipes, including ones I can use as ideas for Lent food!

Speaking of which, here are some delicious Lenten meals you can make for you and your family! And not to worry: this list won’t just be all about fish recipes consisting of fish sandwiches or fish filets. I promise.

Let’s get to it!

Lent food suggestion: Salmon

salmon the bailiwick academy food recipes for lent

I know, I know, I said that this list isn’t going to be only fish recipes for Lent. But I didn’t say that there wouldn’t be any fish recipes! Besides, in my opinion, salmon is one of the best fishes I have ever tasted. Also, salmon has plenty of health benefits. And since it’s not the cheapest fish on the market, I think that it would be a great meal to prepare for the season, even if you only buy it once. Wouldn’t you agree?

And if you want to make your salmon even more special, why not learn the recipe for Garlic Baked Salmon by Chef RV Manabat? You can get it as a bonus when you enroll in our class with him, The House of Lechon and Paella. You can use the Lechon recipes for Easter Sunday, too!

Lent food recipe suggestion: Dim sum

dimsum the bailiwick academy food recipes for lent

According to Yauatcha, the term dim sum means ‘touch the heart’ in Chinese. In other words, the small portions were designed as snacks, and not to fully appease hunger. Of course, dim sum has evolved over time, and we can now eat dim sum as full meals. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has tried eating pork siomai with rice!

Of course, you might now be thinking how dim sum can be considered in recipes for Lent, especially if the usual dim sum has chicken or pork. But don’t worry, not all dim sum have meat. For example, in our Dimsum 101 class with Chef Allan Mertola, you’ll learn one of the recipes there, Japanese siomai. Instead of using pork, you can just use shrimp!

(Oh, and if you enroll in Dimsum 101, you’ll get bonus recipes of shrimp balls, crab balls, and fishballs.)

And in Dimsum 102, also taught by Chef Allan Mertola, you’ll learn to make Mango Shrimp Roll, Hakao (a personal favorite because shrimp), Kutchay dumplings (Chinese chives) and Polonchay Dumplings (Chinese Spinach)!

See? That’s plenty of meatless recipes!

Lent food recipe suggestion: Cheese dip

the bailiwick academy cheese dip

Who loves cheese? I definitely do! And I don’t mean just the regular cheese that we put on bread – I mean everything cheese! And while I love food with cheese like a grilled cheese sandwich, one of my true cheese favorites is a cheese dip. Why? Because it’s so versatile! 

For example, if for Lent you made fish and chips, instead of the usual sour cream dip, try using cheese. It will change your life, LOL. You can also use the cheese dip for chips, biscuits, crackers, fruits, or even just consume it for yourself. 

And speaking of cheese dips, there’s nothing better than the one you can make in our Quattro Formaggi Spread class by Chefs Miguel and Angel Prats. It’s one of their trademark recipes consisting of four kinds of cheese as well as nuts and fruits. It’s definitely a spread fit for royalty, bursting with creaminess and flavors!

Lent food recipe suggestion: Ramen

ramen the bailiwick academy food recipes for lent

When fast food ideas for Lent are talked about, we usually think about those two big fast food brands. But don’t limit yourself to just them, when you can have the Japanese version: ramen!

According to Kikkoman, this delicious Japanese noodle soup is actually considered fast food in Japan. It’s a combination of rich flavored broth, a type of noodle, and a selection of meats or vegetables. It is also often offered with a boiled egg.

Yup, you read it right: meats. But there’s also seafood ramen, which you’ll learn to make in another of our classes with Chef Allan, Ramen Made Easy. I bet that after you learn this, this will always be one of the most in-demand seafood ideas for Lent in your household!

Oh, and if you enroll in our ramen class, you’ll also learn to make cereal prawn balls – another worthy food to make for Lent!

Lent food recipe suggestion: Seafood rolls

seafood rolls the bailiwick academy

Seafood rolls are another non-boring way to eat during Lent. They’re crunchy, satisfying, flavorful… what more could one ask for? 

And if you’re looking for one of the best seafood rolls ever, they can be found in another of our classes with Chef RV Manabat, the All Natural Meat Processing class. The seafood rolls in this class come with a delicious sweet and sour sauce.

Lent food recipe suggestion: Calamari

calamari food recipes for lent the bailiwick academy

Looking for some meatless entrees for Lent? Well, one idea I have for you is a favorite among practically everybody: calamari! And who wouldn’t like some fried and breaded squid? I certainly wouldn’t say no to that. 
This is why I’m so happy we have the Calamari with Saffron Aioli Dip class by Chefs Miguel and Angel Prats. This recipe of theirs guarantees a dish to be the talk of any gathering – or simply something you and your family will enjoy for Lent!

Lent food recipe suggestion: Sushi and Maki

sushi and maki the bailiwick academy

Sushi and maki are used interchangeably, but you can be sure that generally, they’re Japanese food that involves fish, vegetables, and other ingredients. And I’m sure that of all ideas for meals during Lent, this is going to be one of the more popular ones, especially if you learn how to make restaurant-level sushi and maki.

And yes, it’s possible with our Modern Sushi and Maki class with Chef Allan! You’ll learn to make tempura, unagi sushi, tamago sushi, kani sushi, ebi sushi, Alaskan maki, unagi maki, mango kani maki, spicy salmon maki, and crazy roll maki!

Lent food recipe suggestion: Seafood paella

seafood paella paella negra the bailiwick academy

If you’re looking for seafood dishes for Lent, one of the best ones you can find is a recipe for seafood paella. And one of the more known versions of this is paella negra, a dish that is generally composed of rice, squid, and lots of squid or cuttlefish ink.

You can also add shrimp and other things you think would be appropriate and would further enhance the taste. And this dish is great for a party or a large gathering, or if your family just likes eating a lot of rice!

Want one of the tastiest versions of this meatless meal? Find paella negra made with Chef RV’s cooking style also in our The House of Lechon and Paella class!

Final thoughts on the best meals during Lent

See? Like I said, you’re not limited to looking for the best fish recipes for Lent. There are many more meatless recipes than just putting a fish in the frying pan. Each recipe generally also comes with different cooking styles, so I suggest you do some more research on what style would suit you best before taking up a class.

After that, make sure to enroll in The Bailiwick Academy to not only learn the recipes for some of the best meals for Lent but to also change your life for the better – especially if you’re thinking about opening up a food business. Our classes will make this easier for you, and that’s something I can guarantee. Check out the testimonials of Bailiwickers how TBA has changed their lives!

Again, hope you’re having a good Holy Week, and I’ll see you in one of our classes!

P.S. If you’re looking forward to Easter Sunday so you can indulge in your favorite meat recipes again, I suggest taking up Chef Joey Prats’ You Have Died and Gone to Heaven Barbecue Baby Back Ribs to start!

Keep coming back to The Bailiwick Academy blog for more kitchen tips and tricks, and so much more!

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