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Keep It Clean If You Know What I Mean

By Steph Cueva / April 22, 2021

Congratulations! You learned how to bake (courtesy of The Bailiwick Academy, of course! *wink *wink*)You are now a budding home baker.  Your sales are skyrocketing and you have a waitlist for your best sellers… but is your workspace clean? If you know what I mean. As home bakers, food safety should really be our top […]


Transport Your Baked Goods…Safely!

By Steph Cueva / December 12, 2020

Have you ever experienced crying over a damaged cake? Or receiving an angry phone call from a client saying that his baked goods arrived in very bad shape? Or reading a bad review on your social media page? This has everything to do with how you transport your baked goods…safely! Well, to tell you honestly, […]


Packaging Tips and Ideas

By Rambo Sinfuego / July 6, 2020

Think Outside the Box So, right after you’ve perfected your product, what would be the next step? Did you say packaging? That is correct! You’ve won.. free tips! Product packaging is a big factor when it comes to product marketing. The final look of your product can actually make it or break it. Other than […]

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