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What if I told you that ANYONE can Play the Guitar?

Have you encountered any of these?

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    Trying to learn the guitar but end up quitting or frustrated?
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    Waste fees on guitar lessons
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    I still could not play a song properly
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    I am practicing but I am still getting nowhere!
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    I think I am tone deaf

Let me introduce you to Chin Alcantara. He is the guitarist and founder of  the band Make Your Momma Proud or MYMP. 

Like you, I too had my frustration in learning the guitar but he made me believe that anyone can play it!

The Guitarist: Chin Alcantara

Chin Alcantara is the guitarist and founding member of the band Make Your Momma Proud or more popularly known as MYMP.

He has been playing the guitar for over 20 years. He and his band has been on tours here and abroad and their albums had hit platinum status. Among their many hits are, A Little Bit,  their version of Tell Me Where It Hurts and Especially For You.

Since he was young, he loved music. He loved singing and performing. Like a lot of people he took lessons on how to play the guitar but did not help as much. He ended up  studying on his own and found a method that suits him and helped him learn and improve to the guitar virtuoso he is today.

Yes, anyone can play the guitar!

Like most of you he also felt that he was getting nowhere with his lessons.

Like many of us Chin was enrolled by his parents to learn an instrument. He initially studied the piano. Like all typical classes he learned how to read notes and play pieces. He got bored with that. He eventually discovered the guitar. He too, took some classical guitar lessons but like the piano lessons which were note reading he eventually got bored. Both lessons he and even his parents felt that he was going nowhere.

Everyone goes through this phase. Who would have thought that even Chin had this slump!

It is during this initial time that you started to play and discover the instrument is where your direction in learning will take you. Will you learn and improve. Learn but not improve afterwards. Or end up quitting? 

Have you ever given up on learning something because you got frustrated?

How many of you after several lessons had given up learning to play an instrument after being stuck on your classes? Tired of doing exercises and bored with the typical lessons?

I took guitar lessons but I had never gone far!

Have you taken guitar lessons? Classical or electric guitar perhaps?

You might have experienced attended classes. Enjoyed the first 3 to 4 lessons. Practicing reading notes and improving on your finger style or picking and reading notes or tabs.

Sooner or later you get to do almost the same thing over and over. You are having a hard time getting through the lessons and some of your sessions end up the same because you have not mastered it yet!

I keep on playing the wrong notes and sometimes could not tell if what I am playing is the wrong one!

Nakakainis hindi ba? Yung tipong paulit uilt na lang kayo ng teacher mo, kahit na puro practice ka naman!

Nag aral ka mag gitara pero parang sayang lang ang binayad mo dahil parang karamihan ng sessions mo ay pare pareho dahil nahihirapan ka makasunod!

I even switched to electric guitar lessons to boost my interest.

Ok siya for awhile. It did boosted my interest and learned more but I always hit a plateau. 

For some reason. Meron lagi akong point na di na ako nag improve. Hanggang doon lang. Sayang lang ang ibang lesson.

What I have learned through this is that it is not our fault. We are not exposed enough to music that our ears are not trained or the methods of teaching does not suit us.

Not all of us are gifted musicians but anyone can learn how to play the guitar!

Chin has made me believe that anyone can play the guitar. I wish I had known this much earlier and could have saved time and money!

There are information available everywhere about the chords and songs. With chords however every person has his or her own learning curve. Not all will understand the song after seeing the chords or after listening to it. However, with proper guidance and practice, learning will be much easier.

Ang chord chart kasama ng song hits ang kadalasan na gamit ng mga gusto matuto. Ang problema minsan laluna't kung mag-isa ka lang nag-aaral ay walang nagpapaliwanag ng tama ang mga laman nito! Kadalasan pa na di tama ang mga chords or notes na nakasulat. Minsan nakaka-frustrate dahil sa di tama sa pandinig yung tinutugtog mo.

Minsan naman sa pag strum ng mga kanta ay OK na. Pero di ba gusto natin mag improve pa? Di ba gusto din natin na mag Finger picking para mag-improve pa?

Not all can pick up a lesson early and plays almost instantly. Each person has a different learning curve. Some may take awhile and some even longer. If you are enrolled in a group class. Your class most like will not wait for you. If it is a one on one class, you have a limited time to pick up on a lesson.

Naranasan ko na umabot ako ng 4 sessions para maka tapos ng isang maiksi na piyesa sa classical! Di ko pa na-perfect! Nagkakamali pa paminsan minsan. Nakaka frustrate kasi di naman siya ganoon ka-advanced. Nakikita ko ibang mga estudyante na kuha na nila ang parehong piyesa sa 1 o 2 lessons lang! Mas na maximize nila ang lessons nila!

Practice! Practice Practice! That is true. Practice does help you improve but if what you are practicing is wrong or incomplete it can become a bad habit or you are training your ear incorrectly.

Practice should be accompanied by proper guidance so that your practice can be more effective and therefore improve your playing.

Meron ako ilang kanta na tinutugtog. Nakuha ko sa internet. Ilang buwan ako nagpractice at mga ilang taon ko rin tinutugtog. Minsan nagkita kami ng kaibigan ko na mahusay mag gitara at tinugtug niya ang parehong mga kanta. Doon ko napansin na mas maganda kung siya ang tumugtog. May kaunting notes na naiba sa aking ginagawa pero ang laki ng deperensya kung pakikinggan! Mas na realize ko ang pagkakaiba dahil sa kaibahan ng pag fret niya at pag play ng notes. All the while akala ko tama na ako!

Practice also can get tedious at times. You also need to fuel that drive to keep you from going.

To each his own. Not everyone learns at the same pace. It is true that practice makes perfect, however if you have limited time for a course you may not get your money's worth.

Who does not want to become the next Jimi Hendrix?

A lot of people would like to play like Chin and through what he can teach you you can! But after that who do you want to follow?

You can be the next Jimi Hendrix, Eddie van Halen, Paul Gilbert who whoever you like if you want to. If only need to set your mind to it!

Some of the best guitarists in the world did not get any formal guitar training. They learned on their own but they have their own influences which they incorporate in their style through watching and listening. They also find other musicians to play with and improve.


For us mortals we would need a little help just to point us to the right direction or to speed up the process. An inspiration.

Sometimes all we need are the basic information and skills plus guidance which we can build on as our foundation.


Some say Jimi pretended to play the guitar with a broom before picking up an actual guitar! It is said that the first thing he learned to play was a TV theme song.


Eddie van Halen studied Cream (former band of Eric Clapton) songs, note for note when he started. 


Paul Gilbert formulated his own fast paced techniques but started because we was inspired by his uncle Jimi.

How should you learn the guitar then?

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    Learning should be fun!
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    There are many times where I could have quit because I was bored with my classes. As a result I was going no where with my lessons. If you like what you are doing the more eager you are in completing your task.
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    A lot of us took guitar lessons so we can play the guitar however a lot are disenchanted because we spend more time on studying instead of playing.
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    Set your goals! Set your pace!
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    Most of the students who enrolled in guitar classes end up being disappointed because their expectations are not met. Everybody expects that he can play the guitar at the end of the lesson. Why not try to learn how to play a song! After learning one, move on to the next.
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    For every difficult song to play, break them down into sections. Master them one at a time.
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    Learning something on your own pace and time is very important. You get to absorb what you learn better and you avoid being frustrated. Not all guitar classes however would have this luxury without spending additional hours in class.
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    If you encounter a difficult song, other than breaking it down by section, slow down the tempo until you get to a speed you can do it correctly. Once mastered pick up the pace.
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    I learned the guitar mostly by myself but a good mentor would speed up the process of learning by sharing of ideas and experiences.
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    How much learning a student can learn is up to the student but a teacher who can motivate and is patient can boost the student's learning.
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    Yes it is still important. But it is important that when we practice we receive proper guidance.
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    Play with other musicians. You learn how to play and improve on your timing.
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    Build confidence
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    Confidence is very important in one's progression
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    The amount of confidence will dictate your progress.

Let me provide you with the Answer You're looking for...

I wished I had met Chin many years ago! I could have saved time and money from all those lessons!

It was really good to know that Chin also started almost the same way. It is good to know because people like us has the potential to learn.

I am not saying that guitar lessons we are taking are not important, not at all. But we should be getting more out of them. I also given up on guitar lessons but had I known Chin and learned from him, I may have enjoyed my guitar experience. I may have still taken the calls after and gone further!

I do believe that learning the guitar should not be boring and should be fun. Simplifying things to make things easier to understand while flexible enough for everyone to follow. The most important thing is that you will have a great sense of accomplishment, confidence and ready learn more!

A better and fun way of learning the guitar!

Lets do away with the traditional learning of guitar. Save your time and your money!

All techniques and skills presented in a practical manner. We simplify things for you!

Let Chin guide you in every step if the way! Repeat each step if needed!

Like he is there every time you practice!

Play along with him!

Get a great sense of accomplishment every end of your lesson!

I am proud to present an ONLINE TUTORIAL:

Chin Alcantara: 

He has been doing instructional videos in the past but this is the first time that he will share what he can in detail and in High Definition!

At the end of each course, get a great sense of accomplishment when you to learn a song.

  • 1
    Online Guitar Course: As long as you have internet you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge anytime any place! HD quality videos with visual aides to supplement your learning. 
  • 2
    Value for your money: No more trips to your classes. Learn at your own pace! Go to the part you are having problems with, slow it down or repeat it. It is as close as you can get to having Chin guide you every time you practice!
  • 3
    Lifetime Access: You do not have to worry about counting how much lessons you have left. Watch the video over while you practice until you  have mastered it! One time payment for each course gives you access to a wealth of information over and over again!

Bonus #1: Chin's Acoustic Sound

Bonus #2: How to Play - Especially For You

One of the most requested songs at our team's gigs, "Especially For You" was originally written and performed by Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan and is a beautiful song to learn. Even if you haven't played guitar before, your instructor will guide you through each chord, and you'll be playing this song with ease in no time! Give it a try, and we guarantee that you'll love playing the song as much as your friends enjoy hearing you play it.

What People Are Saying About Chin's Instructional Videos

“Here's what the perfect testimonial looks like..."

“ I am not really good at playing the guitar. I only know how to play it generally and basically. While i was browsing the net one time I learned about The Bailiwick Academy and further browse their site. Suddenly I found myself stuck on it as they have an artist who teaches to further the skill in playing the guitar! The lessons were easy to follow. I was able to play the song at the end of each class! Can’t wait for the next one! I would defintely recommend Chin’s classes for beginners who wants to move forward! More power,  Bailiwick!!!"

Neil Hernandez
- HR Supervisor

The one thing left is that you TAKE ACTION!

What are you waiting for?

Let us start now on your journey on learning how to play the guitar!

Impress your friends but most especially yourself!

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What is the difference between Chin's lesson and the guitar lessons out there?

First and foremost, a lot of people has been asking Chin to do a tutorial. This is an opportunity you could not get from other guitar lessons. What he will teach came from years of experience learning, playing and performing. What prevented from a lot of people from learning and improving on their playing will be addressed though his method.

This is a great alternative to traditional lessons out there. The lesson Chin will be doing will serve as stepping stone for those enthusiasts, those who started learning or even those who are discovering the guitar. 

At the end of the class you will get a feeling of accomplishment. This will be the start of your journey in playing. 

How about the price?

The price of the lesson can be a little over than one session with a tutor. However think about the sessions you can save by doing your practice anytime along with the video. If you are having difficulties at a section you can always go back, free of charge! You cannot do that with traditional guitar lessons.

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The Bailiwick Academy - 

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    Learn Anytime
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    Learn Anywhere
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    You only need an Internet connection
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    Learn at your own pace
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    Go through the lesson over and over again
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    Learn and get inspired by Chin Alcantara of MYMP

Typical guitar Lesson

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    You need to make time for the lesson or adjust to the instructor
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    Consider the distance and traffic
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    Consider the number of sessions available for you to learn.
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    Consider the school and the instructors you will get.
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    Duis accumsan, dui et semper

Here's What You will Get

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