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Tired of Having These Annoying Problems?

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    My bread was soft out from the oven but becomes hard after a few days.
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    My bread tastes sour or tastes like liquor.
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    My bread always shrinks and doesn't maintain it's shape.
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    The filling always comes out of the bread after baking. 

Hi! I'm James Magos, also known as Jimbo de Panadero. 

I've been teaching baking with the top food brands in the country with over 20 years of experience in the baking industry.

My Baking Journey

You might be surprised to know that I am a 3rd year undergrad of B.S. Industrial Technology from EARIST.  I may have not come from a culinary school but my skills were developed greatly through years of experience and proven track record.

I started out as part of the production crew in Dunkin Donuts and former crew to Baker Trainor at The French Baker. Eventually I became a Technical Baking Consultant, Business Development Manager and Head Chef of the Baking and Pastry Department of one of the largest food and beverage company in the Philippines. I also do consultancy work and formulating recipes for various clients.  

I have been doing hundreds of baking classes over the years and teaching a lot of students all over the country but this is my first time sharing my knowledge ONLINE!

"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."

                                                                                                                               - Julia Child

This is a quote that I personally like and live by. Your course doesn't define you. If you are really passionate about something then go ahead, take the plunge and don't look back.

"Every Master was ONCE a BEGINNER"

Like you, I started out with zero knowledge in baking.


Not even in my wildest dreams that I thought of myself, making breads or cakes because I am a graduate of 2 years technical course major in ref and aircon (RAC).

My very first job was a camera man at Haze Photo Engraving earning P35/day. After severals months I decided to go back to school to finish BS Industrial Technology with the same major and continuing course to BS Industrial Education but i just ended up to 3rd year because I didn't attended my 4th year OJT program due to finacial difficulties. I gave way for my brother and sister to finish their courses (HRM and Accountancy). 

Medyo hirap na kasi ang tatay ko i-finance ang schooling namin sabay sabay so i decided na tulungan na lang ang tatay ko to earn money.

I was looking for a job na mag fit sa 2 years technical course ko pero walang tumanggap sa akin due to lack of experience.

One day may kaibigan ako na nag bigay sa akin ng recommendation sa Dunkin Donuts as maintenance technician. 

Sa kasamaang palad may nauna sa akin bago ako dumating.

I was desperate then, so I talked to training manager to give me any job because I am tired of walking around to look for a job. 

And that's how it all  started...

(1989) I was hired as a production crew assigned in donut finishing. For more than a year, I was with Dunkin Donuts, but due to endo, I left and looked for another job. There's no way for me to practice my course but that's ok because I enjoyed working in a food chain.

(1991) I was hired at French Baker as all around crew until ONE DAY, they assigned me as baker helper...nag o-oven ako, at the same time reliever sa pastry man doing all the cake finishing and pastries.

From then on, naging buhay ko na ang pagiging baker!

Palipat-lipat na ako ng bakeshop. Nagkaron na ako ng interest na matuto ng husto pero walang gustong magturo sa akin.

Every Bakery Should Have...

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    An accurate recipe.
    Baking is an exact science so you need to have the exact measurements and procedure.
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    Delectable baked goods.
    Every great recipe will always yield great tasting outcome!
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    Various offering.
    Offer a wide variety of breads so that your customers will not get tired of buying from you.

What if I Told You that You can too?

Like you, I started out with zero knowledge in baking...

Naging tambay ako ng mga bookstore para magbasa ng baking books at makakuha ng mga recipe. Wala akong pambili, kasi mahal ang book that time. Wala din akong camera at wala pang cellphone that time. Kailangan kong i-memorize ang recipe kasi pag nakita kang kumokopya, papalabasin ka.

 Self study lang ang ginawa ko. Doing trial and error. Hirap din akong gumawa ng cakes noon kasi walang nagtuturo sa akin. Sariling sikap lahat! Paminsan-minsan nakaka attend ako ng libreng baking demo ng mga baking ingredients supplier. Tinandaan ko lahat ng mga tips at procedure at ginamit ko lahat un hanggang sa tuluyan ko na magawa ng tama.

"Baking is not just a matter of recipe but of process, timing, consistency and technique."

1997 when I was hired by a Taiwanese company, " Top Food System Inc." a distributor of high quality bakery equipment, machinery and ingredients. Naging baking demonstrator ako and at same time my training ground as technical sales.

Marami ako natutunan sa pagiging demonstrator ko. I was able to see different bakery set up from small scale to industrial set up. Ibat-ibang recipe at problema sa mga bakery. Dito ako nahasa and later on naging baking consultant na. Every baker is dreaming of having their own bakery set up. Problema lang walang pera. Haha!


Year 2000 our company closed down for some reason but our boss decided to keep me. We set up our demo center into training center where I started conducting full hands on workshop and that's the start of my teaching career sa baking.

Talagang kapag gusto, maraming paraan. Kapag ayaw, maraming dahilan! So huwag mawalan ng pag-asa, kaya mo yan! :)

Sana may SHORT - CUT!

How I wished na mayroong nagturo sa akin dati noong nagsisimula palang ako para naka save ako ng oras at mga ingredients! 

Yung tipong magpapakita talaga sa akin ng step by step procedure kung paano sya gawin at ig-guide ako kung ano yung tama.

Kasama ba yan sa wish list mo?

Well, You don't have to go through all that anymore

because we have the perfect SOLUTION for you!

Ultimate Guide in Baking 
Commercial Breads ONLINE CLASS

We don't want you to get frustrated so we're going to make this easy for you by making a step by step video tutorial on how to bake different types of bread. I'm going to share with you my fool-proof recipes that made me into a great baker that I am today!

Here's what you're going to get in this class...

  • 1
    8 Different Types of Bread. You will learn how to bake the following: Native and Malunggay pan de sal, ensaymada, spanish bread, pan de coco, pan de monggo, loaf bread and hamburger buns. 
  • 2
    Lifetime Access: Videos are pre-recorded so you can go back and watch the video over and over.
  • 3
    Discussion board: If something is not clear to you or you just want to comment on the class, you can do so through our discussion board.

We really want to help YOU!

So aside from teaching you eight (8) types of bread, we will add six (6) more lessons to help JUMP START your business!

Bonus Class #1:


Step - by - step procedure on how to make moist and fudgy brownies.

Bonus Class #2:

Bread Rolls   -  valued at Php1500

Step - by - step procedure plus tips and tricks on how to make cheese rolls, dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls.

Bonus Class #3:

Making the perfect Eclairs and Cream Puffs

valued at  Php999

TIPS and TRICKS on how to make the perfect choux pastry which is the base for multiple famous desserts like profiteroles, croquembouches, craquelins, and churros!

Total Savings: Php 2499

Ultimate Guide in Baking
Commercial Breads

Learn how to bake 8 types of bread that you and your neighbors will surely love!

Native and Malunggay pan de sal, ensaymada, spanish bread, pan de coco,

pan de monggo, loaf bread and hamburger buns.

PLUS (+)

Bonus Class#1: Moist and Fudgy Brownies

Bonus Class #2: Bread Rolls

Bonus Class #3: Eclairs and Cream puffs

You'll get all of these for ONLY Php4500!

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Jimbo de Panadero


About the Instructor

James Magos is much known as "Jimbo de Panadero" because of his skills in bread making. His skills were developed by working with the top food brands in the country for more than 20 years of experience in the baking industry. He started teaching in the year 1997 as a technical baking demonstrator and a technical baking consultant from year 2000 up to present. Always wanting to share his knowledge and expertise, his classes are often sought after by those who wants to learn how to bake or to set up their own business.

Masyado namang mahal yan! Marami namang libre sa Internet!

Oo, tama ka, sobrang dami ng libre ngayon pag naghanap ka sa Internet. Pero sa sobrang dami, nakakalito na! Na experience mo na ba yung nood ka nalang ng nood tapos nalito ka na kung ano yung susundin mo at hindi mo pa alam kung talaga bang expert siya sa topic na yun?

Maraming ingredients din ang masasayang mo dahil sa kaka try ng mga libreng recipes na hindi naman talagang tried and tested.

Maraming trial and error ka rin na gagawin sa libreng recipes kasi hindi mo makuha yung gusto mong timpla.

With that price, I will just attend an actual Workshop!

Let me ask you this, saan location mo?

Kung sobrang layo ka naman, saan ka mags-stay para maka abot ka sa workshop ng maaga considering the traffic?

How much ang magagastos mo sa transportation papunta / pabalik?

Sinong maiiwan sa anak mo habang nasa workshop ka?

Nag take down notes ka ba? After mong umattend ng workshop,  paano na kung may tanong ka?

Mare-recall mo pa ba exactly lahat ng nagawa nyo during the workshop?

If you're really going to think about it. Mas makakamura ka dito dahil wala ng extra transportation expense. 

Hindi mo na problema kung sino maiiwan sa anak mo habang nasa workshop ka dahil pwede kang mag take ng class kahit nasa bahay ka as long as meron kang internet connection. Take the class ANYTIME kung kailan ka available and most likely, magagawa mo yan habang tulog ang baby mo!

Pwede mo ring panoorin ng paulit - ulit yung video at sabayan habang gumagawa ka with the help of the downloadable class materials. Kung may nalimutan ka namang part, pwede mo pang balikan click mo lang yung mga chapter na gusto mo. Hindi mo ito magagawa sa actual class!

Kapag may tanong ka naman tungkol sa class, pwede kang magtanong sa comments section at maaaring sumagot mismo ang instructor or kapwa student sa mga tanong mo.

Online Classes vs Actual Workshop

If you're still having doubts, here's a quick comparison between taking online classes with The Bailiwick Academy and attending an actual workshop. 

The Bailiwick Academy Online Classes

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    Take classes ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
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    Downloadable class materials.
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    Questions and answers can be posted on the comment section and can be back read.
  • angle-right
    Unlimited views of the video.
  • angle-right
    LIFETIME Access.
  • angle-right
    Videos are in High Definition (you can scale down depending on your internet connection)
  • angle-right
    Can be paused or go to the part you need until you understands.
  • angle-right
    No advertisements.

Actual Workshop

  • angle-right
    Needs to adjust to traffic, time and location.
  • angle-right
    Hard copy of the class materials. If it gets lost, it's gone.
  • angle-right
    You can ask questions real time. Sorry if you forgot the answer.
  • angle-right
    Work on the the items myself provided that it's a hands-on workshop.
  • angle-right
    Once the workshop is done, you can no longer go back and view the steps. 

Here's  What You are Going to Get

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    Commercial breads Online Class (Native and Malunggay Pan de Sal, ensaymada, spanish bread, pan de coco, pan de monggo, loaf bread and hamburger buns.
  • angle-right
    BONUS Class #1: Moist and Fudgy Brownies Online Class
  • angle-right
    BONUS Class #2: Bread Rolls (Cheese Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls and Dinner rolls) Online Class
  • angle-right
    ​BONUS Class #3: Making the Perfect Eclairs and Cream puffs Online Class

You'll get all of these for ONLY Php4500!

Again, here's what I need you to do next...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for FREE?

How much does the Commercial breads online class cost?

What are the payment options?

How long will I be able to view the videos?

​Is the video downloadable?

To whom should I ask if I have questions regarding the class?

P.S. Stop trying all the recipes in the internet! This class will save you a lot of your precious time and effort because what we are offering is fool-proof and already been tested! 

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