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19 Recipes to Create Healthy Breakfast Meals and Baon Menus For Your Family

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In this nine-part online course, Chef Him Uy de Baron will guide you through the process of creating stunning, nutritious meals your family will LOVE...

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Each day, Chef Him will demonstrate two new recipes - one breakfast and one lunchbox snack - that are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat.

Break Free From Boring Meals and Start Preparing Menus Filled with Exciting Flavors and Innovative Recipes...

The 5 Master Recipes


Flat Bread

Yogurt Sauce


Chicken Breast

Using the 5 Master Recipes, you can create 14 delicious and nutritious breakfast and baon meals for your family...

Day #1


Mango Yoghurt Crepe with Chia

A luscious mix of tangy yogurt, maple syrup and fresh mango bits inside a soft crepe, adorned with nutrient-packed chia seeds, more fresh mango bits with a drizzle of maple syrup


Chorizo Rice Burrito with Avocado

A flavorful blend of spicy chorizo, seasoned brown rice, and creamy avocado, wrapped in a homemade flat bread

Day #2


Green Shakshouka with Flatbread

A vibrant twist on the traditional Shakshouka, a Middle Eastern dish of poached eggs in a savory tomato sauce with homemade flat bread


Tuna and Zucchini Pancakes with Yoghurt Sauce

Delectable savory pancakes made with tuna and zucchini, served alongside a creamy and tangy yogurt sauce

Day #3


Crepe with Roasted chicken and mushroom sauce

Thin, delicate crepes filled with tender roasted chicken and a savory mushroom sauce


Omurice with roasted chicken

A flavorful Japanese-inspired dish featuring seasoned fried brown rice wrapped in a fluffy omelette, accompanied by earthy mushrooms and succulent roasted chicken

Day #4


Kimchi Fried Rice with Tapa and Egg

An enticing fusion of spicy kimchi fried rice, homemade savory tapa, and a perfectly cooked egg on top


Cauliflower Crunch with Garlic Yoghurt

Crispy and flavorful cauliflower bites served with a creamy and aromatic garlic-infused yogurt dip

Day #5


Yoghurt with Fresh Fruit Cup and Homemade Granola

A wholesome and delightful combination of creamy yogurt, a medley of fresh fruits, and crunchy homemade granola


Edamame Hummus with Tortilla Crisps

A delicious variation on traditional hummus, made with edamame, and served with crispy tortilla chips

Day #6


Breakfast Egg Skillet

A hearty and savory breakfast featuring a medley of chorizo, sunny side-up eggs, and fresh salsa cooked together in one pan.


Chori Burger Sliders with Grilled Pineapples

Irresistibly delicious mini chorizo burgers topped with grilled sweet pineapple slices.

Day #7


Japanese Oatmeal with Mushrooms, Poached Eggs, and Edamame

A savory and nutritious Japanese flavored fusion breakfast bowl featuring oatmeal, mushrooms, poached eggs, and edamame


Onigiri with Tuna and Wakame

Traditional Japanese rice balls filled with flavorful tuna and Nori, perfect for a tasty and convenient snack

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How much would you pay for a renowned chef to teach you his 19 recipes? 

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When you join this online class, you can create a variety of tasty, delicious and nutritious breakfast and school baon menus that are interchangeable. 

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Who is Chef Him Uy De Baron?

Hailed as one of the biggest names in the culinary world, Chef Him Uy de Baron graduated with a Le Cordon Bleu Diplome de Cuisine from the Le Cordon Bleu Sydney Culinary Arts Institute in Australia.

Upon returning to the Philippines, he delved into consulting with top corporations and has opened several restaurants with different cuisines.

He has been featured in different major media publications proclaiming him as one of the best in the industry.

Like a chameleon, Chef Him exudes versatility and diversity with different types of cuisine: from Filipino, to Thai, Japanese, Korean, Peruvian and even street-style hawker fare that is always stamped with his signature touch.

Teaching came accidentally to Chef Him after being invited to try it out at a culinary school, but it is in this field that he realized that he finds fulfillment in nurturing students and sharing his wisdom and ability.

If you want to get a taste of Chef Him' culinary genius and learn how he prepares healthy, delicious food for his family...

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