How to Build a Website for your Online Business Without Coding

I was in search for the best tool to help me in my online business. I have done many blog posts a few years ago on various subjects and interests of mine but stopped to pursue other interests but until recently since starting The Bailiwick Academy have returned to blogging. Like many users I have been using WordPress when I started doing blogs. I have been contented in using their built in content editor. 

The blog that I was making back then were simple. Paragraphs with whatever thought I want to type and get out of my head. Since then blogs has been more than that. It has improved visually.

If you would have the chance to look at all of my blog posts you would notice that even with the pictures or other media uploaded they would look bland. They would look bland compared to several blogs out there that looks professionally done.

Vanilla, you might call it. Pertaining to the plainest of all of flavors. Not everyone hates vanilla. Anyone who loves a Toyota Corolla knows what I mean. Boring compared to some of the car models out there but it was reliable. My blogs sure had their messages  sent across to the readers clearly.

I was able to express myself through word and some pictures and able to interact with some of the readers. I have also been reading posts of different people and through the years I have seen posts that are eye candies. I mean looking at them and not reading through the words makes you want to read them more. Sure there were a lot of blogs that after reading did not stir your thoughts but you may forgive them due to the effort that they have put out in making the design of the post.

I have little skills in building a webpage. My focus really is on the content. The material being read by the readers. I do not claim to be an expert in making blogs and in designing or making a good looking post. My objective in making a blog is that the contents has the message I want to convey clearly and some visual aids to enhance the reader's experience. It may be a form of image or video and even the layout to make it much easier to read.

I Need To Up My Game.

WordPress is a popular platform in blogging since way back and now different users utilize it for more than just blogging. It has become a powerful online tool to showcase yourself or even your brand.

Nowadays it is more than the content that matters. It is the whole experience when you get to a site. In a shortening attention span you need to capture your audience quickly as possible.

When I started the blog for The Bailiwick Academy, I knew I need to improve on the design of the blogs that I have been doing to get more readers. Like what most people do, I was on Google trying to figure out what I need to improve my blogs with little need for web design skills.

I have been following several people who do coaching and mentoring for online Marketing.  Part of what they teach is setting up a great page and blogs. I dug deeper into these tools and did some comparison. Some of them are expensive and some complex. They do make good web pages and blog posts but you have to consider the cost and the ease of use. I do not have much time in learning them and I have several projects related to my platform that are more important for funding. 

Then I came across Thrive Content Builder.  I was expecting that this will be like the rest.

Thrive Themes are Conversion Focused WordPress Themes. I tried the 30 day trial period to see what they can offer. I was pleasantly surprised. The interface was simple and clean. All what I needed to for my posts are there. The various fonts and placement of objects, headers, media, etc are there. I can customize each element to achieve the effect that I need.

You might have noticed in this blog post and my recent other blogs that I have been using columns. For example, the last two picture above where I have the Thrive Themes logo and some words on its right as well as the picture of a laptop and words on its left. I cannot do that on WordPress alone. There might be a way but for my level of knowledge but with ThriveThemes you do not need to do much research.

It has been much easier ever since...

Here is a preview of this blog as I am composing it on Thrive Themes. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and clean interface. You can see all what you need to help you bring that message across to your readers. 

Edit each part of the blog by just selecting it and your options on the left pane will adjust accordingly. No need to switch views or page and loose sight of the page you are working on.

There is more to just building pages

Thrive Themes is more than just a blog builder. It can be used to build your business. They have tools for you to build your business, do marketing and maintain a strong relationship with your customers through the internet.

Below are their products with their description of each. Check which one is the right tool for your needs.

Now called Thrive Architect is the visual page builder that is built from the ground up for business and conversion focused websites."

- is the list building solution that's created by a team of people who are obsessed with conversion optimization."

Testimonials are important elements in boosting your sales. Gathering and managing testimonials is made easier using Thrive Ovation

Create the sense of urgency in your site. Making the "fear of missing out" a powerful marketing tool

"Using the Clever Widgets plugin, you can easily show highly relevant content in your widget areas. Instead of a generic offering that barely raises an eyebrow, you can show your visitors the kind of thing that makes them say "this is exactly what I've been looking for!""

As of this writing the version 2 is still in the works.

"It will be a completely new product that replaces your WordPress theme. "

Make quizzes that will engage different users and help you funnel them to add to your list.

"Thrive Optimize is the A/B testing plugin for WordPress that is defined by what it doesn't do as much as what it does.

Here's what it does do: simple, fast, highly effective A/B testing, directly on your WordPress website."

Thrive makes commenting fun. It has various tools which helps users engage with your website more.

Get all of the tools Thrive has to offer.

Try the 30 day trial period first so you can see for yourself what I am trying to say. It takes a little time for you to get accustomed to its interface. Before you know it you are already designing your pages and adding content! OR Register for FREE in the Thrive University!

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