Online Class: Contemporary Boiled Icing

It’s Nice to be Back

Hey dear readers and Bailiwickers! It’s nice to be back with this boiled icing class but before that, is everything fine with all you guys? I sure hope so.

So, the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) was recently lifted, and we’re back once again to the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) and Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) for some.

How are you guys holding up?

Well I know life was hard and it’s even harder given our situation and with the pandemic still a threat, we have to stay stronger and keep living.

Now more than ever we have to remain sane and keep our composure in order to survive this crisis.

Businesses closing down, people losing jobs. Yes, 2020 wasn’t all that good to us but let’s hope for better months ahead of us.

My brother lost his job today, he works for a huge company that owns malls. We’ll he’s not the only one, right?

If it happened to you or someone you know, tell ‘em they have to keep their heads up and not to lose faith.

What’s important is that family is there to support and be strong for each other.

There will be better days ahead. All this will end, and in a good way.

Trust the process.

Jack of All Trade

It is at times like these when you realize having an alternative source of income is essential.

An extra skill or two would definitely make wonders in times of crises.

Whether it be woodworking, cooking or baking, it just might be the skill that will save you.

Even those who love plants are now making profit! Who would have known plants would trend and suddenly be in demand, right?

So, whenever you have the opportunity to learn, a chance to grow, grab it.

Investment in skills and knowledge is vital.

As they say, “it’s better to know a little of everything than be a master of one thing.”

The more skills we acquire, the easier it is for us to maneuver to another life venture whenever situations get salty.

Just like in our situation today.


How do we decide on which business venture to start or in invest in?

Do we go straight and talk about profit? Some people probably do.

Most entrepreneurs on the other hand start off with which sparks their interest or passion.

Seeing potential and profitability in whatever they do, weighing possibilities and then eventually investing.

Just like in baking.

You didn’t think of starting a bakeshop without having an interest in baking first, right?

One wouldn’t come up with this business without first loving or at least wanting to bake.

We may not be a master baker or a pastry chef but dreams are for everyone.

So how do you keep up with competition?

How do you compete with renowned bakers and chefs when you didn’t have formal culinary background?

Well first, you don’t have to worry about that because there’s plenty of clients around.

They can’t cater to everyone, and each client has a different taste.

If you’ve started a business, how do you stay in the game with upcoming bakers who has an abundance of resources?

You train, learn and develop your skills. You upgrade your techniques.

Once you’re in a business, you don’t stop learning. You go with new styles and modern technics.

Classic is always good but the key is versatility and dedication.

Keeping up with modern demands is what you need.

Like what I said in my last article, people are not contented with plain and dull looking cakes anymore.

Aside from the taste, they want something that looks fancy. Something that’s “Instagrammable,” if that isn’t a word already.

“For the ‘gram,” kids say nowadays.

People want something new; they want it eye-catching, thanks to social media.

This is where you have to be versatile.

When fondant doesn’t cut it anymore, you have to look for what the trend is.

You have to know how to make what people are looking for, otherwise, you get left behind.

Dedication into your passion, dedication into your business.


Just like in theaters, you can’t show people the same old stuff, otherwise, you lose your patrons.

Same when you sell cakes for a business.

You can’t stick to one type of icing because then you wouldn’t have much of a choice when it comes to design.

Remember that cake designing is an art and the cake is your canvass, and some bakeshops tend to become famous because of how well they design their cake. Fact.

As someone trying to get through the industry, you have to give it your best.

More are expected from you when you’re a newbie in the scene. You have to prove yourself in the market and you should be willing to adjust and cope with demands.

The cake is a versatile product itself, from the type of cake, flavor, filling and design.

Now add the baker’s skills and imagination, and this is what will set your cake apart from others.

Imagine you being able to answer all the queries positively. Being capable of creating different kind of cake finishes because you have the knowledge and skills to do so.

This will give you the edge and a bigger potential in earning more clients and various markets.

Rather than giving your clients limited choices, impress them with being able to make what they want, and exceed their expectations.

The Real Deal

Now let’s focus on the real topic. Cake designing and the perks of knowing how to deal with it.

I’ve mention before that there are different types of cake icing and that one differs from each other when it comes to purpose and handling.

In the last article, I solely discussed the Korean buttercream and the class that you can enroll in.

Buttercream have long been around and different versions have come up mainly because of varying purpose. Probably region and location are another factor, but basically, one is created for a specific purpose or goal.

Just as Korean buttercream was superb when used creating realistic floral designs with intricate details.

Now I’m going to discuss the contemporary boiled icing or more popularly known as Italian Meringue.

This is also a classic like the buttercream as this is the type of icing we;re used to growing up. Let’s just say this version is an innovation.

The Bailiwick Academy is offering a class on Contemporary Boiled Icing.

No, this is not just you paying and us giving you the recipe

This is a class. An online class.

You can probably Google “boiled icing recipe” and hundreds of options will come up, right?

Well, you can try that, do a trial and error, waste some ingredients, and try another one.

Not practical.

Let me take a quick page break and let’s talk about what we have to offer.

What Am I Talking About?

And I’m back.

So, what am I talking about?

Contemporary Boiled Icing.

What is it?

Well, this is how we describe it:

“Boiled Icing is an icing in its own right. It is a smooth, glossy, fluffy icing that tastes like marshmallows. The term “Boiled Icing” is actually a general term for frostings that requires cooking (boiling) before whipping.”

Sounds enticing? Yeah.

So why and when do you need to use this?

Some design requires a denser consistency and some require more stability.

Boiled Icing is a little bit of both, fluffy, thick, and airy.

It also depends on where the cake is going to be presented, is it an airconditioned venue or somewhere open, like a garden?

Temperature can highly affect the stability of your icing and design, not with the boiled icing.

Your design might have melted down even before the program have begun, so you may want to ask your clients on where the cake would be set up to get an idea on which kind of icing to use.

Boiled icing is definitely one of the icings that you would want to consider when creating a cake for a client, because it holds its design regardless of temperature or weather..

It’s very manageable. You don’t want clients taking a picture of your masterpiece which has already melted down, do you?

Nope. That could be negative marketing for you.

Like a PRO

When it comes to design, Boiled Icing is a very flexible one. You can create designs that other types of icing can. Not every type of course, but there’s a lot you can do with it.

You can make a finish that looks like a fondant. What? Yes, you can.

Once you get a hang of piping? You can definitely make masterpieces with this icing.

If you’re not yet good at piping, we’ve got tips and tricks for you in this class as well! If you already are, chances are, you might learn something new.

When it comes to color? If you’re familiar with boiled icing, you know it would be hard to produce vivid colored icing, not with Amir’s technique!

He will show you how to create boiled icing with deep and striking color!

This technique you wouldn’t just learn anywhere, and this is one of the things that makes this class unique.

It’s basically limitless. So, why should you avail of this class?

Why Should I Avail This Class?

Like I said, it’s not just about the recipe.

The Bailiwick Academy doesn’t roll like that. (read with swag)

So, what’s in it?

Quick run-through:

“The Contemporary Boiled Icing Class is designed to allow cake decorators to create a modern and fondant looking cake at a lower cost for budget conscious clients thus having a win-win situation for the baker and the client. Join Amir in this Contemporary Boiled Icing class and learn his techniques in creating a modern cake using his Boiled icing recipe. He is being generous in this class as he will be sharing to you everything he teaches on a regular full day workshop and more.”

Just who the heck is Amir and why should I trust him?!

“Amir Langbay Valdez is one of the owners and cake decorators of Cake Buddies by Buboy and Yang located in Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur. He is known for his stable Boiled Icing (Italian Meringue) recipe and techniques. His interest in baking started in 2013 when his family decided to rebuild their bakery business. He has then improved his craft through continuous research and development and by attending cake decorating and baking workshops by well-known instructors. He has been teaching his recipe and techniques to passionate bakers around the country and is now one of the admins of the baking group Northern Bakers Club.”

You haven’t heard of him?

That’s okay.

The Bailiwick Academy only chooses instructors which are proven as one of the best in their industry.

Sure, not everyone in our roster of instructors are famous, but they definitely have proven themselves in the industry they passionately love.

Cool Stuff

Now aside from the fool-proof recipe, here’s what you will expect.

The course outline:

  • Properly make a stable Italian Meringue aka Boiled Icing;
  • Make smooth fondant-looking finish using Boiled Icing;
  • Stack and assemble the layers of each tier (chiffon cake recipe included)
  • Marbled effect on boiled icing;
  • Brush stroke effect;
  • Ombre effect without using an airbrush;
  • Color boiled icing cakes with dark and bright colors without using an airbrush;
  • Basic hand-piped rose using boiled icing and how to assemble hand-piped flowers on a boiled icing cake
  • Mix colors to create beautiful hues for a more sophisticated look;
  • Enhance cake design with fondant details, luster dusts, and airbrush;
  • Properly stack each tier of the cake that is safe for transport;
  • Plus more tips, hacks, and techniques that are also applicable to other mediums.

If that didn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!

Maybe testimonies from our students? Feel free to check them out!

I told you it’s not just the recipe.

It’s like an online tutorial wherein you can ask questions.

It’s like a class.

Wait, it is an online class.

And just in case I haven’t yet convinced you to enroll in this class, here’s a preview of what you will witness in class:

So, what are you waiting for? Click that enroll button below, stay safe and I’ll see you in class!


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