Online Class: How to Make Cakes in Can

What? Cake in Cans??

Love that line….

I borrowed that one but I will tell you later where I got if from. Who would have thought to put cake in cans right?

Cakes come in various shapes, sizes, colors, designs and yes packaging. Usually, cakes come in boxes when they are bought from the store or when delivered to our doorstep. A little protection for the cake from dirt as well as hide the design in some cases to surprise a celebrant. It is also part of the aesthetics. Cake boxes may come in different forms and shapes to compliment the cake design.

We all have heard about cake in cans which has been a buzzword over the internet. These are cakes which are baked and put in a tin can.

This 2018 saw the emergence of cakes in can. The Dream Cake as it was called was caught in social media for the first time and became a trend. It is made up of layers of chocolate, heaven for chocolate lovers. Initially because of the innovative way to package the cake but became even popular because of its taste. People were raving on how decadent it is. I have seen pictures of cakes in cans being posted and shared on line. Actors and models are also in these. Showing them opening up the can and getting a spoonful showing the layers.

The Dreamcake

Cover Photo taken from Le Sucré Lab Chocolates Facebook page.

This cake in can trend was started by Le Sucré Lab Chocolates  and their “Dreamcake”. By the way, they had the name Dreamcake registered which means no one can name their cake: Dreamcake.

Chef Marvin Bagube is the brainchild of this enterprise. Le Sucré Lab Chocolates is not only a real chocolate factory but a studio where people can learn.

The Dreamcake as their Facebook page states: The cake has five layers. The bottom layer is ultra-moist chocolate cake, followed by a layer of fudgy 62% dark chocolate ganache. The third layer is a smooth and creamy but light custard followed by crisp chocolate and dusting of cocoa powder. The cocoa powder compliments the sweetness from the different chocolate layers.

Their popularity skyrocketed when Masarapba did a review on the cake. Of course they found it delicious, then the rest is history.

Image taken from Le Sucré Lab Chocolates Facebook page.

Is this something new?

Is cake in cans something new?

The dream cake is somewhat of an original concept however cake cannery is nothing new. People have been cooking in cans for a long time. Remember in the days where people would cook pork and beans in cans out on a campfire?

I am yet to see a date when this actually started however you can bake a number of pastries on tin cans from cakes to muffins. It is still practice to day since it makes the cake look and feel rustic.

Why Cake Cannery?

Why go to all the trouble of baking your cakes in cans?

For one it is a novel way of packaging your cake. It does make your cake more elegant, a little more high end.

For those who are experienced bakers, you know well how hard it is to transport your cakes on boxes. You get the fear of it toppling over ruining the cake.

With the cake in cans, your cakes are more secure and you can carry more because you can stack them up and transport them in bags at the back of a bike!

You can hire bike delivery services to deliver your cakes for your convenience.

The Cans

The rustic cakes that you may see online where either baked on the can or transferred to the can after baking to get that rustic effect. Usually these cans are the one similar to cans used to contain fruit preserves, tomato and even fish.

One has to be careful in using them, making sure that there are no metal shards or particles, cans are cleaned out, enamel (the coating inside the can) is still in tact and of course no rust!

Nowadays you can buy new cans if you wish to try out cake cannery. They may come in different sizes, colors and materials. The can may be made from stainless steel, aluminum or tin.

One thing you should look at is if they are food grade and if you will attemp to bake with them is that they should be oven safe. Make sure you check these first to ensure safety.

If you can have a great cake inside a tin can imagine the experience of eating it! From guessing what it would look like to the surprises from each spoonful of bites!

I for one love the entire experience of eating. That is from opening the cake from the package to seeing the cake and slicing a piece. In this case it can be scooping. Seeing all that different layers and when I take a bite I taste the different layers, the textures and all of them combining.

Can I do Cake Cannery?


The Dreamcake is a tough act to follow but cake cannery can be a rewarding and fun way to learn or improve your baking skills.

With the hype surrounding cake in cans, cake cannery is a great way to boost your baking business.

What do I need? Let us start with proper information. What I have put in this blog is the basic information before you get started. You can find various cake recipe out there but you need to have the cake recipes that can boost your confidence but as will be great with cans. What do I mean? When you are to experience eating cakes in can, it starts with the visual appeal. It should feel like opening a gift, the excitement of opening the can and seeing its contents. The taste and the texture should match the build up.

If you are serious enough to tackle cake cannery then let me guide you to where you can learn it.

The Cake Cannery by Chef Joey Prats

Chef Joey Prats, has formulated not one but three cake recipes that would be great in cans in his Cake Cannery online class.

Cake in Cans? I had to repeat that again, because that line came from Chef Joey. Just like what a lot of people are asking, why cake in cans?

His class is specifically designed to equip anyone with the necessary knowledge and skill to make cakes in tin cans. His recipes, Chocolate Caramel, Peach Cobbler Cheesecake and Creme Brulee Cake in Cans will help you gain the confidence so you can impress your friends and family!

The techniques you will learn does not only apply in cake cannery but you can apply them in baking. The techniques you will learn in making those cakes especially the intricate layers will definitely improve your baking game!

Through this class, you will gain the knowledge and skill but more importantly the confidence to get you going on your baking journey!

Don’t take my word for it. Check out a few of the reviews below!

This class helps a lot especially for home bakers like me. I like the way Chef Joey teaches and the tips he gave. 

Eve Latigay

The lesson is very thorough and I love the tips that Chef Joey shared.

Chatt de la Torre

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