Kenwood Chef XL Titanium KVL8300S Review

I had the chance to use the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium KVL8300S for a couple of days. Kenwood Ph was kind enough to let us use it for the shoot we are doing for a program to be shown on cable. I have to say that I am curious to what their mixer can do. The only Kenwood I used was a car radio of our old car! Needless to say I am curious to what it can offer compared to the mixer I already have so I'm going to share to you this review.

Right off the bat it looks high end. The steel and the color makes it look stylish and well built. You know when you go to a professional kitchen or even a kitchen that had been professionally designed? You see those posh equipment. It looks like it belongs there. See how nice it looks on my counter! ?

 When you lift it up it is heavy. Heavier than my mixer. I guess that is expected because this is almost 7 liters. You will get a sense of stability when it does the mixing.

It does have the capacity to do breads. We know how tough it is to knead bread dough and we know it is hard to watch our kitchen mixers go through the punishment of kneading one that is why we do small batches or avoid them at all. The Kenwood was able to do it with ease. The strong 1700W motor really shined at this task.

Another feature that  I love is the halo illumination because you can  clearly see what you are mixing. The lighting in my kitchen is OK but not enough to get through the bowl of my mixer. With my other mixer, I use my phone's flashlight to see if I already have the right texture and consistency. With this Kenwood mixer, I am able to see the mix easily. So convenient.

When you're done using this equipment, you can safely tuck away the power cord in the built-in slot. With this feature, no more messy cord lying around!

What's in the box?

Stainless Steel K-beater - This is not your ordinary beater because this one can reach all areas of the bowl.

Power Whisk - This tool is great in whipping up egg whites for your meringue! If you're into boiled icing or Italian Meringue Buttercream (IMBC) you know what I mean.

Creaming beater - Excellent in creaming your buttercream and other types of icing because it can scrape everything on the sides! No need to stop the mixer to scrape the sides because it can do its job well.

Stainless steel dough hook - Great in mixing dough for breads like the spanish bread that I made.

Folding tool - I haven't personally tried this one but this could be great in handling delicate mixtures like chiffon cakes.

Splashguard - Don't you hate it when the flour or confectioners sugar go flying around your kitchen counter? This splashguard does its job well because the bowl is fully covered. Even if there's a slot for you to put your ingredients, you can just close it once done.


- It can mix dough for breads with it’s strong 1700W motor. 
- You can clearly see if you have the right color and mixture with its halo bowl illumination
- Create more batches of order with its large 6.7L capacity!
- Have several attachments depending on your needs (stainless steel K beater, power whisk, creaming beater, dough hook and even a folding tool!!
- It also comes with a splashguard to keep all of your ingredients inside the bowl and not flying around your kitchen.
- There’s a slot at the side of the mixer wherein you can hide the power plug.

      I love the fact that there’s a slot for the plug. But i wished they could have made it longer. ? But other than that, I'm sold!

???  I made these spanish bread for our merienda and

the cupcakes I made during our shoot.   ???

I was not able to test all of the features due to time constraints but I can say that it is a great companion in your kitchen. 

If you’re thinking of upgrading your small mixer, then this is a great choice.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. This is entirely based on my personal experience and just sharing it with our readers.

Credits:  Other photos courtesy of Kenwood

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