Kinds of Icing- Part 2

Hope you enjoyed the  last article of different kinds of icing and hungry for more types of Icing. We’re down to the last four so here are the different kinds of spreadable icing/s.

Whipped Cream

The simplest of the icings. This usually show up on most DIY and no bake cakes. All you need is some fresh cream and sugar and whisked until you make it as light as air. Store-bought pressurized whipped cream is also a good choice if your recipe calls for it and saves you more time.

Caramel Icing

caramel cake
Check Rose’s blog for the caramel icing recipe


Goes well with a lot of cakes but difficult to make since you need to heat up some sugar and butter until it darkens. You let the mixture cool and then slowly add powdered sugar while in a mixer until you reach a syrupy consistency. Goes well with pound cakes with not much flavor added since the caramel is the star of the show.

Poured Fondant

Sprinkle bakes petit fours poured fondant
Poured fondant Petit fours.Check out Sprinklebakes for the poured fondant recipe

It is commonly used as an icing and not as a filling. Making poured fondant is exactly like making the hard version but except for regular sugar, confectioners’ sugar is used, and more water is added to give it its runny consistency. It will dry leaving behind a satiny, smooth, and iced coating. Due to its ingredients it will dry to a semi-hard state and will become sticky under warm temperature.


Spiced orange and rum cake with mirror glaze check out baking fanatic for the recipe


Is a mixture of confectioners’ sugar together with a liquid, like milk, lemon juice or water.Glaze can be made in a variety of consistencies—from thick to thin—which dry to varying degrees of stiffness, but does not harden. What you will end up is a shiny and smooth icing that is the perfect topping for donuts, eclairs and brownies

That concludes our article on the different kinds of Icing.Leave us a comment or check out our blog if you want more articles like these or if you have any feedback to what we have just written.


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