Learn The Art of Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers are more than food and decorations on cakes, they are edible art! Making one seems intimidating but following my technique, cost-saving tips and guidance using printable modules will surely elevate and transform your flowers and cake decorating skills


Edible flowers are making a mark in the cake decorating world. They have evolved from thick little meringue flowers attached to toothpicks with tiny green leaves to gorgeous life-like flowers. The craft is considered an art. The art of edible flowers.

Do you remember your first birthday cake? Did it have these tiny meringue flowers that adorn the center and sides of your cake? 

I am quite sure that it was just a straightforward  round or rectangle block of sponge cake. Simply decorated with swirls and swags of white or colored boiled icing. Am I right?

Or maybe, perhaps, a flowy white “Happy Birthday” calligraphy with your name on the center surrounded by more meringue flowers?

This would be the standard look of every cake in a birthday party or just about any occasion there is decades ago. 

The Rise of Edible Art

Fast forward to the present  and we see all sorts of creative interpretations of the simple birthday cake.  Or any cake for that matter.

Cakes now come in all shapes and sizes. They aren’t just “cakes” anymore. They look like works of art rather than something to be consumed.   

Celebration cakes are now multi-tiered wonders that mimic the skyscrapers of a bustling city. Others resemble a designer bag or shoe.  

More common ones are festooned with mermaids, unicorns, princesses, fairies and famous personalities. BTS cake, anyone?

Some would even go as far as creating whole cities on cakes! Oh and cakes can now resemble a person in the form of a bust or a “mini me”.

There are cakes that are so artistically crafted they look like tarnished metal.

Moreover, these metal cakes are adorned by realistic looking edible flowers which you can’t tell from the real ones. 

For instance, the details from the veins on the petals down to the minuscule pollen are so realistically made that any one who sees it won’t be able to help themselves but touch them and wonder if  these are real or not.

Most people may even take a bite off a petal just to see if these are really edible!

Jasmine Flowers

With the quality of cakes we see in the market right now, competition in the cake decorating world is really fierce.

How can my cake stand out among all these wonderful creations?

What can I do to attract more people to visit my social media pages? How can I get more cake orders? How can I improve my business?

Versatility Is Key

Edible flowers, for starters, can improve the look of cake. They are a favorite accessory by most cake designers or decorators.

This is because of how versatile they are. They can be as colorful as a fiesta celebration or as subtle as the color beige.

They can be bunched into a grand flower arrangement or simply stand alone as an accent to a design theme. A simple white cake can be transformed into an elegant statement by simply adding edible flowers.

They can even be used for a bride’s bouquet!

Edible flowers can truly elevate your cake to the next level. This would mean that your cakes will have the WOW factor that would make it stand out from the rest.

That means more people will take notice of your cake which will bring in more likes for your social media pages and eventually will bring in more orders for your business.

Now that I’ve convinced you how important these flowers are for your business it is time to take the next step. Learn how to make them!

Well, look no further as this class is designed specifically for that purpose right here at The Bailiwick Academy!

What’s even better is you will be learning in the comforts of your own home. Don’t we just love learning from home? No traffic. No hassle. Safe. We can watch the videos over and over again too. Isn’t that great?

To illustrate better on what I am talking about. Here is a sneak peak on what the class is going to be like.

Beginners are Welcome

I think I know what you’re going to ask next. 

I’m just new to cake decorating, can a beginner take this class?

Well, let me tell you honestly.  Hand crafting edible flowers petal by petal can be quite a challenge at the start. But with your willingness to learn, patience and the right guidance you will be a flower expert in no time.

So, the answer is a big resounding YES! A beginner can definitely take this class. The videos are professionally shot and very detailed. It also includes comprehensive printable PDF class materials. You can watch the class over and over again in your own convenient time and pace. No pressure!

Then you might ask. But there are numerous free video tutorials online, why would I need to pay for  a class?

This class is as detailed as you can get.

It is packed with valuable tips and industry secrets that you won’t be getting from free tutorials.  

Also, have you noticed that when following a free tutorial, your work doesn’t turn out quite like the ones in the video? 

Another question will be… I already know how to make edible flowers.  I’ve been making them for years.  Will I still learn something from this class?

Of course you will! There is always something for everyone.

Options are available for the intermediate and advanced students.

And did you know that Chef Marc Kevin Reyes is teaching this class? Yup, he is! (applause applause) 

Amazing, right?

Chef Marc has won numerous international awards and has been teaching both locally and internationally.  He is also the owner of Magara Sweets / Makerey Cakes and Pastries which specializes in uniquely textured cakes adorned with beautiful edible flowers. He has studied under the best local and international cake artists. I should say you are in very good hands.

Get to know him more here: Marc Kevin Reyes

Class Proper

Okay, so we have the class and our instructor.

Now, we proceed to what we will learn from this class.  Aside from the flowers, of course.

For starters,  you will be learning not only one but three flower pastes! Each has its own unique characteristic which makes them ideal to work with.  This means you  will have more options to choose from when making your edible flowers.

The Quick Dry Gumpaste is perfect for hot weather. The Flexi Bendy, which is one of Chef Marc’s original creations,  is flexible yet strong and durable at the same time. 

However, my personal favorite  is the Gluma Paste. It is an all weather paste that you can shape and mold into almost any shape you like. It can also be rolled so thin that it is almost transparent!

It’s so versatile you can even make cake toppers with it. And the best part? It dries fast and can handle humidity so well that you can refrigerate the flowers together with your cake! No more waiting or rushing! No more melty flowers!

Isn’t this exciting? Are you excited yet? I bet you are!


The class is so detailed it is near impossible that you will not learn how to make these edible wonders. Plus, Chef Marc’s teaching style is simple, clear and practical.

Petal cutters are usually needed to make edible flowers.  Lots of them. One for each kind of flower. Isn’t it a pain to collect all these cutters? 

For this class is we don’t need a lot of cutters!  We only need one.

Chef Marc uses only one set of cutters.  I was pleasantly  surprised that this is possible. And it is! 

Beginners are easily daunted by a lot of stuff such as petal cutters.

Plus, imagine the money that you will save from buying a different cutter for each kind of flower that you will make.  I swear this class is getting better and better and we aren’t even on the main subject yet!

Flower Power

Okay, let’s get to the most important part of  this class. The edible flowers!

I am happy to tell you that you will learn several flowers plus fillers and foliage. Yup, not one but several! 

Chef Marc will demystify the complicated process of making these edible flowers.  All the individual features you see on a flower will be taught in detail. You will be surprised that something so complex can be achieved in the simplest way.

The materials are also easy to find and widely available in groceries and supermarkets. No need to go to specialty stores.  

For all you know, these ingredients  might even be just sitting in your cupboards. No unnecessary complicated processes in this class. That I am sure of.

So, here are the flowers that you will be learning in class.

He will start with the ever charming Sunflower.  Big and beautiful with its numerous petals and distinct center.

The Cosmos flower, long stemmed with daisy-like leaves and a striking black center is next on the list.

Moving on to the very elegant David Austin Rose. A favorite among cake artists for wedding cakes.

Succeeding the David Austin Rose is the Stargazer Lily. Tall and proud with its lovely petals. It is an attractive addition to any flower arrangement.s.

Snowberries, Peony buds, Jasmine, Anemone, Cat’s Tail, blossoms and a lot more! Not to mention the different types of leaves and filler flowers.


Color is a very important component in flower making. After all, flowers are very colorful by nature.

Chef Marc will teach basic color theory.  He will simplify the often too complex affair of achieving the right color and shade of a certain flower.

He will guide you on how to bring out the vibrance and beauty of the flowers by shading and dusting using edible dusts and gel colors.

And if edible petals dusts aren’t available in your area, he will be sharing a DIY method. This is such a life saver as edible dusts or petal dust don’t come cheap. So, to be able to make some from scratch is very cost efficient and convenient.

Tips and Tricks

Let’s say you already made the flowers. Yay!

You’re now ready to put your flowers on the cake.

Wait up! Not just yet. 

You will need safety precautions before you can adorn the cake with your beautiful creation. 

That and how do we put all these flowers on the cake?

How do we arrange the flowers safely and tastefully on the cake?

Chef Marc will be doing a detailed demonstration on how to set up a beautiful bouquet on a cake that is both food safe and would earn the WOW from everyone!  

Takeaways From The Class

Nowadays, cakes are not just an afterthought. They aren’t just a decorated vessel to carry the candle that will be lit up during birthdays. Cakes came a long way from being just a dessert. 

As an aspiring cake decorator, this class will surely equip you with the knowledge and skill to become better at your craft.  It will  raise the caliber of your creations. Thus, giving you an edge over the competition which in turn will spell more business for you. 

What’s even better is all of these you will be learning at your own time and pace. At home or wherever you might be. 

However, creating edible flowers is not an instant skill that you just acquire overnight or by simply watching the videos and studying the class materials. 

It requires time, patience and practice.  A sprinkling of determination and dedication will certainly push you in the right direction.

As you progress, expect your flowers to  improve and you will develop a flair for coloring, dusting and arranging.  Before you know it,  you will have a distinct style that you can call your very own. 

The most important thing to remember is to have fun while you are journeying through the craftsmanship of edible flowers. Enjoy the process of creating something beautiful.  And edible.

Let’s start, shall we?

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