Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is probably the most popular instrument around. Unlike the piano or the organ, it is easy to carry and keep in the house. Most people out there who wants to be cool would like to play the guitar.

Most of us has learned to play the guitar by reading from a chordbook or someone who knows how to play teaches us. Usually it is someone who learned by himself. It is good that there is someone to teach us but are we sure what he is teaching is correct or accurate?

It would be great if someone with great knowledge and expertise will be the one to teach you or at least not teach you the wrong information. A simple example but it does happen is tuning the guitar the right way. Better get a tuner for that than rather than relying on yourself or someone else’s ear to make sure you train yourself properly.

Music classes are great but a lot of people out there gets bored with learning how to play the notes or the class setting . I know! I have been there! I tried to soldier on but the struggle itself to keep going is hard. I really have to tell myself that I have paid a lot so I need to finish it.

I took up classical guitar, learned how to read notes and do fingerstyle. Fingerstyle is playing the guitar using the fingers to strike each string one by one or at the same time. No picks.

I am not musically inclined but I did train myself by getting these classes. I did not turn out to be the best guitarist either. I still have to read something to play something plus it took longer time for me to finish all 24 lessons. I cannot play by ear but if there are notes I can eventually play a song.

The objective for the classes was for me to train myself and to increase my dexterity on my fingers. This I was able to accomplish.

So now I learned how to play notes but I ended up playing just classical music. When I try to play other music, I still need to find music sheets. That is choosing a song from the book from the lesson or from the bookstore. The problem was that they were mostly classical. I had to look harder for music sheets for modern songs. I also wanted to be cool!

Back then there were no online classes which I could take. If there was one I would have taken it! Like I have said it took a while for me to finish these classes and if there was online material for me I can go back to it until I can get it right. I do not have to waste 3 or 4 sessions just for a certain topic to be mastered and not waste any money.

Chin Alcantara

Chin Alcantara is the founder and guitaist of the band MYMP. He is a hero to alot of those apsiring how to be great musician one day, specifically a great guitarist.

His does a lot of fingerstyle and acoustic guitar playing but he also does the electric and you should go to his shows and see him play fast guitar!

He did took a up a few piano and guitar lessons and found it boring. So, he tried to learn on his own and found a system that worked for him!

He learned faster when he tried to learn the guitar by playing one song at a time. It did made sense. Learn songs that you like or familiar with and you know if you still need work. At the end of learning it you feel fulfilled and eager to start on another one.

Chin’s Acoustic Guitar Lesson

If Chin has learned a lot and progressed so well by learning the way he did then it can help us mortals?

This is why an online class is the best alternative to conventional music lessons.

For those who want to learn but are not gifted with the ear for music, having it online is very valuable especially if you need to get back to the part you do not fully mastered over, and over and over again until your heart desires.

Chin cannot teach us one by one because of his busy gig schedule but this is the next best thing to having him as your personal instructor!

Learn two of his hits with his band MYMP! He also shares how he produces that sound you hear on stage.

Other than learning and mastering his two hits is another important objective of the class which is to gain CONFIDENCE. If you learned the two songs you have gained new or improved your current skills depending on the skill level you have upon enrollment.

Confidence is important because once you gain confidence you know that you can learn and you can improve. You can then tackle other songs or get to have regular music classes and save a few sessions!

That is a value you cannot beat!

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