Lechon and Paella Made Easy

Food is something we all associate to celebrate special occasions.

There are dishes that we partake on regular days and there are dishes reserved for fancier times.

However, a dish that is  present in almost every kind of occasion is surely a special one.

For us, Filipinos, this is no other dish that fits that bill except the lechon.

The Lechon is really a Filipino party staple. You will see its presence in birthday parties, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, fiestas and just about every celebration there is. Lechon is in attendance in the most sophisticated banquets in 5-star hotels to the simplest celebration in as far as the most remote barangay in our country.  It is a symbol for something prestigious, important, valuable and dear.  

Brief History of Lechon

The lechon with its omnipresence in the country, curiously, did not originate here. It is actually of Spanish origin. The Spanish word lechón means suckling pig.

There are different versions of lechon everywhere in the world. These are found mostly in countries colonized by Spain.

One thing common in all the version is the pig is roasted for several hours over a bed of red hot coals.  This in itself is a sight to see!


In the Philippines, each region claims that their lechon is the best in the country!

The most famous lechon, of course, is the Cebu lechon.

It is stuffed with fragrant local herbs such as Lemongrass or Sampaloc leaves and spices are then added to give it distinct “Visayan Lechon” flavour when you bite into its super juicy meat.

 Oh, and do I need to describe how crunchy and flavourful the crispy and smooth mahogany coloured skin is? 

The Luzon lechon is also delicious.

The belly stuffing is similar but it has fewer herb components. It is also roasted over wood fire instead of roasting the pig on a bed of hot coals. 

It has the same juicy meat and crispy skin but this time the lechon is dipped in this appetizing sweet and tangy liver based dipping sauce. 

Oooh-la-la! My mouth is watering just describing all of these to you, dear reader. 

Lechon At Home

There are times when there is no special occasion but we just crave for lechon. 

Or maybe we’re just a small group and having a whole roasted pig is just too much.  Thankfully, we can already buy lechon by the kilo in stores or restaurants.  

Or better yet, what if I tell you that you can cook your very own lechon at home? 

Weeeelllll, not the whole roasted pig, silly! But yes, you can replicate the lechon albeit in a smaller version at home.

Introducing the Bellychon!

Bellychon with Lemon Garlic Pepper Vinegar

Now, this is when everything gets more interesting! I know you’ve already seen this glorious log of mahogany colored skin but did you ever imagine that you can do this in your very own kitchen?

Sounds complicated? 

Let me share a secret.

Learning and Earning

I learned how to make the bellychon through The Bailiwick Academy’s The House of Lechon and Paella online class.  

Yup, you read it right! 

The mystery that surrounds Bellychon making at home will be simplified.  It won’t be as complicated as it is perceived to be. You will learn the simple process of making the most delicious  bellychon that you will ever taste! 

Juicy and flavorful meat with lechon skin that will stay crispy for 24 hours!  Yes, you read it right. The skin will stay crispy for 24 hours! 

As if that is not enough, you will also learn the perfect partner to the bellychon.  How about learning how to make the famous flavorful paella and a dozen different versions of it? 

Surely, these array of gastronomic delights will definitely without a doubt dazzle your family and friends.  And these…would also make a very good business!

Here’s a peek to illustrate what I am trying to say better:

Learning then earning. What a good deal, right?

This class gets even better! You know why?

Well…because…you will be learning all these in the comforts of your own home! Or wherever it is most convenient for you as you can access the class on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone!

If I say that this class can still get a notch better, would you still believe me?

Better believe it because teaching this class is no other than Chef RV Manabat!

Chef RV

Chef Rudolf Vincent Manabat or fondly known as Chef RV is the author of two bestselling and award winning cookbooks, Baking Secrets and More Baking Secrets.  He is one of the most popular chefs in the country with 252,000 subs and counting on YouTube.  He is also the owner of a boutique culinary and pastry school in his hometown in Binan, Laguna.  An avid traveller, he has trained in prestigious kitchens locally and internationally under well known personalities in the culinary world.  

Chef RV Manabat

Click here to know more about Chef RV.

Lechon and Paella

In this class, Chef RV will be teaching his tried, tested and perfected recipe of the lechon belly, also known as the bellychon.  The class will cover the proper sanitation and preparation of the pork, preparation of the ingredients and the technique on how to achieve that super flavorful juicy meat and crispy skin that will stay crispy for 24 hours!

Plus, a new twist on the beloved lechon dipping sauce!

You can’t wait to start, huh?  

From the lechon we will go to the paella.

Paella Mixta

The paella is arguably the most popular Spanish dish. Ever. 

It is composed of Bomba rice, spices and meat or seafood cooked in a flat shallow pan or what is popularly known as paellera.  The dish itself is very simple but oh-so-divine!

Chef RV will share a basic paella recipe that you can custom to fit your own liking. Keep it simple, jazz it up or make it as fancy  as you’d like, there truly is no limit at what you can create when you just put your mind into it!

Also included in this comprehensive class are guides on the proper cookware and its alternatives, tips and tricks on how to achieve that perfect paella bite and a little bit on costing. Doesn’t that just sound like a perfect deal?

The More The Merrier

I  know!

I know you can hardly wait to get started. Allow me to prolong your excitement for a wee bit more! You’ll like what I’ll be revealing…

So, what have we got so far? Bellychon and Paella.  

Hmmm… how about a fish dish? Does salmon sound good right now? I bet it does!  And yes, you got it right! One salmon recipe coming up!

Garlic Baked Salmon.

Garlic Baked Salmon

Just imagine…perfectly cooked, moist and flaky salmon with this garlicky and cheesy topping.  It doesn’t only taste spectacular but it looks so pretty as well. A perfect addition to any special occasion menu!

Well, what are you waiting for? Press that enrol button now!

Wait! There’s More!

Oh, wait! As cliche as it may sound but there’s still more! We can’t let you go without a sweet course after that fabulous meal, right?

Dessert is a must!

How about ending this delicious meal of lechon, salmon and paella with a slice of light, creamy, tangy and slightly sweetened Strawberry Shortcake? As good as this cake is, I won’t be surprised if you finish more than a single slice.  Maybe two slices? Three? The whole cake? Go for it!

The Strawberry Shortcake is such a perfect ending to an incredible meal!

Points To Ponder

Ok, real talk.

I’ve mentioned and described some really awesome dishes and I know you are excited to enrol.  But at the back of your mind, you might be thinking that it may not be necessary to enrol in an online class. 

After all, there are a lot of free recipes and online tutorials of the dishes  mentioned here on the internet. If I can get it for free why would I need to pay? You may ask. 

I’m not going to lie. I agree that there are a lot of free recipes on the internet. Free video tutorials are available on YouTube.

I am sure there will be a dozen if not hundreds of free recipes and tutorials that will pop up on your screen. So, why won’t I just try those readily available recipes online?

Value For Money

But let me ask  you this, how sure are you that these recipes are any good? Well, you wouldn’t know if you don’t try it out.  It’s a trial and error thing. Good for you if you chance upon a good recipe on your first try. But if not, ingredients and effort will just go down the drain. Waste of money, waste of effort and waste of time.  You wouldn’t want that, right?

If value for money is what you’re after, then I am strongly suggesting that you go for something that has a guarantee.

This is why I am encouraging you to on enrol in this class or any class at The Bailiwick Academy.  Here are a few good reasons why:

  • The online classes are of excellent quality.
  • The instructors are experts in their field with years of experience and exposure in the field of culinary arts.
  • Recipe handouts are comprehensive and available in printable PDF format.
  • Lifetime access to the classes. Plus, you can watch the videos as often as you like.
  • Recipes are fail-proof and very easy to understand.
  • Instructors give valuable tips and industry secrets.
  • A dedicated Facebook group is available for the student.
  • Chef Instructors are so approachable that they really take time to answer all your queries.

To make the long story short, enrolling in this class means you are steps ahead of the people depending on free recipes and video tutorials.  You have saved not only precious resources such as money, effort and time but you also gain a slew of knowledge from the best chefs in the country. 

Makes sense, right?

So, shall we press that enrol button? Go ahead. I know you want to.

You won’t regret it. I promise.

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