Online Class: How to Make Fudge Brownies

Brownies! What are these beautiful pieces of little squared heaven that a lot of people can’t seem to get enough of?

Brownies come in different forms. They come with different ingredients and toppings such as chocolate, chocolate chips, frosting, cream cheese, nuts among others. The batter usually mixed with chocolate which gives it that brown or sometimes with vanilla, but that turns it into a blondie. Its density may come as cakey or fudgy. Fudgy being the more popular one.

You can eat it during dessert or during tea time, partnered with hot coffee or tea. A brownie and a nice beverage plus warm conversation and you are done for the day!

No one knows the exact date and who invented the brownie. I looked at Wikipedia and it did not give out a definite answer but who cares where it came from as long as we are enjoying it this day and age.

If you love it why not make it?

As long as you have the ingredients, tools and the time why not make them at home? Sure it does need a little work but that makes it even sweeter right?

People love it so much, so why not try to sell them? You can turn this one you literally love into a business or for an existing business improve it by adding sure selling versions of the brownie.

We got the class which can help you. Recipes are fool proof and the techniques along with tips are explained thoroughly.

Fudge Brownie Extravaganza

Yes you read it right. Fudge Brownie Extravaganza! It is like the brownies put up a show to entertain us all but is like that. The brownies are all looking great and all worked up to satisfy all your senses!

Here is Chef Joey Prats with his Fudge Brownie Extravaganza online class. The ONLY brownie recipe you’ll ever need!

This online class was designed to equip the learner with the necessary knowledge and skill to make the ultimate chewy, fudgy, and insanely chocolatey brownies in 6 mouth-watering variants… cream cheese, dark chocolate chip, peanut butter, rocky road, walnut, and white chocolate chunk! Learn 2 mixing methods, professional techniques on swirling and cutting your brownies to produce amazing, picture-perfect brownies you will be proud to serve to your family and friends. Plus, tips on ingredients and equipment to give you an edge if you want to start a home-based brownie business. All these from the man who created what brownie connoisseurs are calling “THE BROWNIES TO END ALL BROWNIES”… Chef Joey Prats!

Here is what will be discussed:

1. Introduction to fudge brownies 
2. Ingredient identification 
3. Equipment identification 
4. Shelf life of fudge brownies 
5. Mixing brownies using the mixer method 
6. Mixing brownies using the one-bowl method 
7. Panning the batter 
8. Topping the brownies 
9. Swirling techniques 
10. Baking the brownies 
11. Cutting techniques

Do you have any excuse not to try it out? There is nothing to lose. You get to produce a great product and acquire knowledge and skill which you can use in your lifetime.

Check out some of the comments of those who took the class

For OFWs like me this platform has helped me a lot to enhance my skills in baking. Thank you to Bailiwick Academy, Chef Joey for sharing your knowledge to us. This Fudge Brownies recipe is insanely delicious and my friends love it. When I come home I know my family will love it too and they will be proud of me…


Love this class specially the swirling technique. I wish that chef would give tips on how to turn the brownies into chewy fudgy brownies instead of the soft fudgy one he showed in class. But all in all, great class from Chef!

Ann Caroline Tiu-Grundy

It was very yummy and instructions were clear and easy to follow… Chef Joey Prats is my favorite Chef.. cant wait for him to add more online classes.


Super Sarap po niya, di lang bata ang makakagusto pati mga oldies, favorite na daw siya ng anak ko!

Eve Carillo-Latigay 

Do you want to learn how to make these brownies and know what they’re talking about? Just click here to ENROLL in this online class.

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